• Offering to Help but Not Wanting to..!
    At the wedding of one my daughter's many friends and relatives offered to help, “Bob, if there’s any help you need, just ask!”Being in a naughty mood I asked her, “In what way can you help?”“Any way
  • Be Still and Get Things Done..!
    Something that all religious leaders, prophets and spiritual people always did and do, is to retire to places where they are alone and where they can be still. We see this with Buddha, with Christ and I doubt t
  • Teach Your Children Well..!
    Today is Children's Day! We’re still in the middle of Diwali and as I hear the sound of crackers burst mostly by children and their parents, at timings which the High Courts and other courts have said no to,
  • Demanding a Better Place..!
    When I go to hear a friend or colleague speak, or attend a service, I love sitting in as inconspicuous a place as possible. There are many reasons for doing so, one, because I’ve come for the specific purpose
  • The Moments Between...!
    Even as I see most of us jumping from one activity to another, I wonder what ever happened to the moments in between. When I teach students how to write a play, I remind them that it is not just dialogue that m
  • The Girl on the Cover..!
    Robert Clements It was a sad picture I saw on the cover of a magazine lying on my table; it showed a little girl crying because she was hungry! Can you imagine how she must have been feeling when the photo
  • THE HARD PROBLEM OF CONSCIOUSNESS: The Crossroads of Neuroscience and Neurophilosophy
    “My body is created as a three-dimensional character to dim the light of the spiritual consciousness inside me…” –JaneenTisha BhavsarGenesis During a summer visit to the Vatican City, I found mysel
  • There’s Music In the Boos..!
    Robert ClementsYes, there’s music in the booing of a crowd. A music that lies within us and will only start playing when hardship or challenges or the booing of friends and enemies stirs us to try even harder
  • There’s Peace in Books..!
    Robert ClementsAnd as my next book, which is short stories from all over India, gets ready to be published and appear in stores and bookshops, I wonder what sort of world it would be without books.Years ago, as
  • Poetry in the Prose of Life...!
    Robert Clements‘...When we share—that is poetry in the prose of life...’                                     
  • Pretty Boys Without Makeup...!
    Robert ClementsThe bearded village chief and his bald deputy walked to the edge of the village for their weekly conference. This way they kept away from prying eyes and snooping ears. His bald deputy was a litt
  • Insuring My Assets..!
    Robert ClementsI was surprised to see a friend’s wife grinning at me this morning. My friend, a retired colonel, was a friendly sort of fellow, but his wife acted as if I were a foot soldier, too junior to co
  • Pigeons, Humans, and Imbalance...!
    The initial reaction over the bomb blast in Kerala, was that it was either a Muslim or Hindu group targeting Christians, and there was a lot of furore around why they would do so. Luckily it was not a member of
  • Stretch Out and Touch..!
    One day while walking in the park I accidentally brushed past a man. "Sorry!" I said."Thank you!" he replied.I walked on a little puzzled, wondering whether I'd heard right, and then slowed down waiting for him
  • Silenced reality
    Monalisa ChangkijaRecently, an individual filed an RTI query with the Nagaland State Rural Development Department about some schemes/funding of the Department in relation to his village. It is doubtful whether
  • Be Still, Before the Kill..!
    Many years ago I found that the best way to conduct a meeting was to remain calm when harsh words were thrown at you, and I learned a lot from trying to feed my dog who was not too interested in eating "Eat!" I
  • Ban Vehicles from Using Roads..!
    Being driven around Bhopal and watching pedestrians on the road, off the road and nearly on top of the cars and other vehicles, my imagination started working overtime:The two men walking right in the middle of
  • Human action pushing the world closer to environmental tipping points, UN University Warns
    Alison KentishInter Press ServiceMelting mountain glaciers. Unbearable heat. An uninsurable future. Space debris. Groundwater depletion. Accelerating extinctions. The United Nations University Institute for Env
  • The Most Beautiful Women..!
    They were the most beautiful women I had ever seen together!Oh yes, I have stared unashamedly at calendar collections of beauty queens gathering at some resort, with some famous photographer cunningly revealing
  • WHO’s move for regulation of AI in healthcare highlights risks: Report
    IANSThe World Health Organization's (WHO) recent considerations for the regulation of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare, highlights the potential challenges associated with using AI tools in the sector