• The human cost of a green energy transition without safeguards
    Olivier Ndoole BahemukeInter Press ServiceThe world is moving away from fossil fuels towards so-called “green” energies as a solution to the climate crisis, which has increased the demand for strategic mine
  • The Mahatma’s Cleanliness Drive...!
    “Our greatest ability as humans is not to change the world, but change ourselves,” …… Mahatma Gandhi.And as the nation went on a cleaning spree yesterday, with most everyone taking a broom and sweeping
  • A Joker and His Jokes..!
    There’s not a day going by when we are not bombarded with jokes through Facebook, WhatsApp or other social media outlets. Billions of such gags, funny yarns and wise cracks travel cyber space tirelessly round
  • The Mouse in Your House..!
    Spent some time this morning listening to a podcast, “Shut Up!”Now that’s not a nice way to start a day, but quite often that’s what we need to do, to have a successful day and lead a good life, simply,
  • Citizen journalism and social responsibility
    Sentinaro LongkumerEditor, Heritage Publishing House, DimapurIn this era of new media, anyone can be a citizen journalist but the question of social responsibility lies in stack. Citizen Journalism, also known
  • Waste Management & Energy Reconversion
    Kit K ChishiModel village, ChümoukedimaMicro Mini metros like Dimapur and Kohima town should have waste disposal plants, period! As our cities and town grows, there is a need to incubate waste products to a sa
  • My 2030 Vision for a sustainable, equitable and green Nagaland
    Otsungbong JamirMokokchung I am thirteen years old and when I heard about an essay competition being organized where young children like were invited to write on the topic “My 2030 vision for a sustainab
  • Rabies: All for 1, One Health for All
    Veterinary Hospital KohimaSeptember 28 is World Rabies DayWorld Rabies Day, the 28th of September is observed globally every year to create awareness among the pet owners and the general public about the import
  • Absolute Surrender...!
    Read the headlines this morning; that one of those who had masterminded the 26/11 terrorist attack in Mumbai, and who is now in a prison in the US, has had a charge sheet filed against him by the Indian governm
  • The Priest and the Pianist..!
    A couple of years ago, I was asked to conduct a wedding. Now I’m no priest, but since the couple had already had a registered wedding, I was asked to give a blessing. So I did. I stood in front as the couple
  • Boredom, the Wise Man..!
    The wise man who could easily have been a preacher said to me, “The best part of your day is when you are bored!”“I’m never bored,” I told him happily, “I’ve my phone, filled with stuff to keep me
  • Parliamentary Banter..!
    T’was friendly banter taking place twixt the new Parliament building and the old one, as they stood opposite each other, one empty and about to be converted into a museum and the other spilling with elected m
  • Bartering with the Divine..!
    Very often I pass church, temple or mosque and see crowds outside. Initially I used to think that God must be so pleased to have so many worshipping him, till I realized very few came to worship, most came to b
  • Policing the Left Side Only..!
    After most cases of rape, assaults, kidnapping, or any crime, what one hears so often is the police station refusing to register a complaint because it is not in their area!“Police! Police! Quick, run after t
  • An Earnest Appeal to NPSC
    Michael R Y KhuvungNew Secretariat, Kohima The recent advertisement of NBSE CESE dated 15th September (Advertisement No. NPSC-4 CESE-2023) has got my attention and has brought mixed feelings as an aspirant
  • The True Meaning Of Peace..!
    At present in the city of Mumbai, a long flyover or viaduct nearly four and a half kilometers in length runs along the length of Mohammed Ali Road. The drive is smooth and swift, but many years ago before the f
  • Saldana..!
    That night a watchman was asleep!I remember that night many years ago! I woke him up harshly; he stumbled to his feet, a seventy year old, who should have been resting at home with his feet up, but now still wo
  • The signs that the EU has completely changed its perspective on adding new members since Russia invaded Ukraine
    Nora Siklodi, University of Portsmouth and Nándor Révész, University of PortsmouthIn her annual address on the state of the European Union, Commission president Ursula von der Leyen has given her strongest s
  • Owners and Tenants..!
    “Come over to my house Bob,” my friend said over the phone, “and bring the family too! I want you to see my new home!”We went over along with another couple he’d invited. The watchmen were polite and
  • 30 years after Arafat-Rabin handshake, clear flaws in Oslo Accords doomed peace talks to failure
    A historic handshake. MPI/Getty ImagesMaha Nassar, University of ArizonaOn Sept. 13, 1993, the world watched as Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and Palestine Liberation Organization Chairman Yasser Arafat