• The Shark’s Mouth..!
    As I hear with sadness about more and more of our youth getting addicted to drugs and alcohol, I remember the story of two fish moving along the water together and who come across what looks like a huge cave.
  • Sweet Voices from the Lie School..!
    With the internet reigning supreme and the media slowly moving into petrified silence, leaders the world over, find that telling a lie convincingly, makes it believable. “People don’t know what to believe a
  • Your Four Wives..!
    As I hear about a guru, who mesmerized the youth with his clever words, and now lies in hospital, and as I remember scenes of the billionaire wedding, I’m reminded about the story of a king with four wives.He
  • Handling Harsh Criticism...!
    She stood shaking hands with the mourners who had come for her husband’s funeral at the Parsi Tower of Silence.  I stood in line and watched as she solemnly held each person’s hand, tears glistening in
  • Double Your Positive Energy..!
    Aunty Toto was not her real name, though strangely we all called her that! She had every kind of problem that you could think of, resting on her shoulders. Her husband had left her, her children had married wro
  • Truckers strike - a blessing in diguise?
    Kaka D IraluCan a nation’s determined fight to defend its independence be finally brought to its knees by a truckers strike refusing to supply essential commodities to the people? After all however determined
  • Convert Your Work Into Service..!
    Here’s a story: One evening a man was addressing a workshop on the concept of work culture. One of the participants asked, "I am a senior manager of a materials department and joined an organization twenty fi
  • Lent and the Angels...!
    And as the world below goes through their forty days of Lent, in my imagination, two heavenly angels, one senior and the other many years junior are sent on a tour of earth.“Why look so despondent little ange
  • A Different Answer to Prayer..!
    This happened a few years back when I flew back home. While meeting friends in New York, many would tell me how they longed to visit India, “But your flights are so long!” they groaned, “Seventeen long ho
  • Break those Breakable Toys..!
    When doing my brisk walk every morning I keep my earphones on and listen to either good music or an inspirational message or sermon. Quite often I don’t take them off and as I sit in my garden later and sip m
  • Delivering Judgements with Wrong Glasses..!
    “These judges,” swore the village chieftain as he stood at the edge of his village along with his deputy and looked back at the village they ruled together, “something is wrong with their vision!”“I t
  • Fearful Knock on the Door..!
    The most dreaded sound we Indians heard during our freedom struggle during British rule, was of police knocking at our door at midnight, “Who’s it?” we asked, voices fearful. “Police! Open up!” came a
  • On Ambani's List..!
    As I saw pictures of the Ambani bash, what I also saw were India’s who’s-who invited. Whatever said and done, all of them were success stories: Men and women who had fought hard to become achievers whether
  • The New Club Member..!
    The members of the club appeared a disgruntled lot as their President conducted their weekly meeting. A bespectacled man, normally very quiet, but today greatly agitated, rose from his traditional place near th
  • Stop Lying, It's a Bad Policy..!
    With our country getting to be the biggest creator of Fake News, we also have the unenviable distinction of being the biggest liars. But lying isn’t good for business, or whatever else you are doing? Good old
  • Beyond The Pitch: The Tech Transforming Football
    Arshveer ChhabraThe integration of technology in football began modestly, with FIFA or Fédération Internationale De Football Association -- the main governing body over international and club football --emplo
  • We live in a less free world: More in the offing
    Dr John Mohan RazuThe world we live-in is gradually shrinking and thus becoming less free. Countries right across the world being governed and ruled on diverse ideological shades and political systems—dictato
  • Take Courage..!
    A couple on their honeymoon were about to get into bed at their hotel when a masked burglar broke in. He drew a chalk circle on the floor, beckoned to the husband and said, “Stand there in that circle. If you
  • Why women are thrice more at risk of migraines than men
    IANSChanges in hormones may explain why migraines are three times more common among women than men, said experts here on Sunday.Migraine is a severe headache that starts usually on one side but can be bilateral
  • Oops..!
    Yes, oops, is what the people in Mumbai said, who drove their cars across the newly repaired Gokhale bridge, connecting Andheri East and West, drove high above the railway line, and then found to their shock th