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  • Suicide Prevention: What Are the Warning Signs, Prevention measures?
    New Delhi, September 11 (IANSlife): On World Suicide Prevention Day we look at the tell tale signs and symptoms you can watch out for in case you feel a friend, colleague or a loved one may be contemplating suicide. The act of killing or trying to harm oneself is called suicide. It is an action against a human's basic survival instinct or against one's nature of procreation, this makes it an interesting subject interesting. Suicide is exclusively almost seen only in the huma
  • No more excuses for domestic, sexual violence: Shabana Azmi
    New Delhi, September 10 (IANS): The Commonwealth Secretariat has launched a new campaign to tackle the alarming rise in domestic and sexual violence during the Covid-19 pandemic. Bollywood actress Shabana Azmi, who is supporting the campaign, said in a video message: "Violence against women and girls is a pandemic that destroys families, communities, and economies. "For far too long, society has not done nearly enough. For far too long, people have said it is a private
  • Health benefits of red rice noodles
    New Delhi, September 8 (IANSlife): We have all grown up eating noodles either as a Sunday brunch, in birthday parties or an occasional surprise treat. It could be the much loved instant 2 minutes noodles or the Indo-Chinese version of hakka noodles. It still is a comfort food for many of us since it brings about some very happy childhood memories. Although kids absolutely love it as a meal but as adults, we feel guilty since we know what goes into making noodles. Both instant as wel
  • Fitness is supposed to be a healthy journey of the mind: Katrina Kaif
    New Delhi, September 7 (IANSlife): Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif says being healthy is the key and not of a particular body type. She encourages everyone to get with the idea of being fit. "According to me, being healthy is key and not a body type. Everyone has a unique body type and we should empower each other to embrace it," she tells IANSlife. She advises that people should not be too hard on themselves to achieve a particular frame and physique. "Fitness is s
  • Don't blame us for classified ad decline in newspapers: Google
    Sydney, September 7 (IANS): Google reiterated on Monday that it is passing on the vast majority of money advertisers pay the Search engine giant directly to Australian publishers and it should not be blamed for classified ads decline in newspapers. The company said it does not object to the idea of an Australian Code called ‘News Media Bargaining Code' to oversee relationships between news businesses and digital platforms. "We have already made agreements to pay pu
  • Helping others and kindness may boost health, well-being
    Hong Kong, September 6 (IANS): In a major study, the researchers have revealed that performing acts of kindness and helping other people can be good for people's health and well-being. According to the study, published in the journal Psychological Bulletin, the strength of the link depends on many factors, including the type of kindness, the definition of well-being, and the giver's age, gender and other demographic factors. "Prosocial behaviour--altruism, cooperatio
  • Dia Mirza: Lockdown lead to cleaner air than we had in over a decade
    Mumbai, September 5 (IANS): Actress and environmental activist Dia Mirza has pledged for cleaner air in India. The actress, also UNEP Goodwill Ambassador and UN SDG advocate, will engage in conversation with change-makers championing a cleaner earth on September 7, which has been declared as International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies. "We need to make every effort to build back sustainably, because clean air is the right to life," said Dia. "The global lockdo
  • Professor seeks 'justice' for Sushant on Teachers' Day
    New Delhi, September 5 (IANS): "Sincere, calm, quiet", that is how deceased actor Sushant Singh Rajput's teacher, who taught him engineering, remembers him on this Teachers' Day, even as the world is scrambling to put labels of "bipolar, addict and depressed" on him. His teacher also refuses to believe he could commit suicide and demands "justice" for him. "He was very Sincere, very calm and very quiet in the class. I cannot comment on his
  • AR Rahman my big support in life, says 14-yr-old pianist Lydian Nadhaswaram
    New Delhi, September 4 (IANS): Lydian Nadhaswaram may be only 14 but his skills as a pianist reveal maturity beyond his age. The teenager has been mentored by music maestro AR Rahman, and the Oscar-winning composer is now presenting Atkan Chatkan, a Hindi film that marks the acting debut of Lydian in the central role. "AR Rahman uncle is my biggest support in my life. He has motivated me and advised me a lot. I have learnt a lot of things from him. He is one of my inspirations.
  • Creativity requires courage: Singer Falu Shah
    New Delhi, September 4 (IANSlife): Celebrated Grammy-nominated singer, Falu Shah, together with her Boston-based band 'Karyshma' has launched their latest collection 'Someday'. An EP of traditional Indian classical, folk, and Sufi songs; these renditions of traditional Hindustani music celebrate the unity and oneness that is 'India', at a time of uncertainty and universal distress. Falu, who is the band's lead singer-songwriter, along with her other band
  • David Beckham on healthy living as a way of life
    New Delhi, September 3 (IANSlife): Football legend David Beckham feels that it has never been more important to stay both mentally and physically fit than before. He emphasises that making healthy living a way of life can help us all to stay happy and motivated always. The ace footballer says: "Covid-19 has impacted people across the world and changed the way we live. In these unprecedented times it's never been more important to stay both mentally and physically fit. Healt
  • Jennifer Winget reveals her mid-week crisis
    Mumbai, Septembet 3 (IANS) Actress Jennifer Winget has used social media to share a glimpse of her mid-week crisis. The actress shared a monochrome picture of herself on Instagram. In the image, Jennifer is seen wearing a sleeveless black top as she ditches make-up for the selfie. She clicked the picture with her left eye covered with hair. "What a mid-life ...I mean, mid-week crisis, looks like," she wrote with the image. In another picture, Jennifer is seen flaunti
  • Manushi Chhillar: Health, nutrition top the chart of things I'm passionate about
    Mumbai, September 1 (IANS) Former beauty queen and Bollywood debutante Manushi Chhillar is starting a social media campaign on nutrition. She wants to tell people about the positives of eating right. "I have been told repeatedly that we are what we eat and we have to be very cognizant about what we intake," said Manushi on National Nutrition Week, which commenced on Tuesday. She added: "Proper nutrition has manifold health benefits and through my social media, I in
  • Shweta Tripathi: Entertainment not tagged 'essential services', but needed always
    New Delhi, August 31 (IANSlife): 'Masaan' actress Shweta Tripathi Sharma says that performing arts will always exist. "I know we aren't labelled as essential services but no matter what you do, you will always need entertainment," she told IANSlife in an interview. Shweta, 35, has acted in "Timeloss", a digital play produced by Akvarious Productions which premiered with Front & Centre, Paytm Insider's theatre initiative, on August 29. Adapted
  • Masaba Gupta: Used to enjoy blind items until it became about me
    New Delhi, August 29 (IANS): Fashion designer Masaba Gupta says even after spending 11 years in the fashion industry, she is questioned about her parents and the events of 1988, but she has made her peace with it. "I have to say that I used to really enjoy reading blind items until it became about me. I think that's the nature of the human mind that the minute something happens to you, or you have an experience, you change your viewpoint about it, and you are kinder to peop
  • Does your past life hold the key to your future?
    New Delhi, August 29 (IANSlife): Past life regression puts forward (an idea or theory) for consideration of a previous lifetime. The phenomenon tends to take a deep dive into the hidden reserves of your consciousness to discover and determine the strength and character of the relationship between past lifetime and this lifetime, to pursue a middle way in order to reinforce intention, accomplishments and strength. Human-beings have made a deliberate attempt to extract some answers to
  • Pandemic blues: What's worrying during Covid-19?
    New Delhi, August 29 (IANSlife): It's not just health and safety concerns that are worrying, but a whole lot of peripheral and essential problems that have arisen, thanks to the ongoing pandemic. Three in four adults are worried about the rising price of groceries (75 per cent) and the increasing cost of living (74 per cent), which they see continuing over the next year as the world navigates the pandemic's impact on the economy and daily life, says a new survey. Accordin
  • Need to free Bollywood from underworld's clutches: Muralidhar Rao
    New Delhi, August 28 (IANS): BJP National General Secretary P. Muralidhar Rao, who has been vocal on behalf of the saffron party in the Sushant Singh Rajput case, has said that the time has come to free the Bollywood film industry from the clutches of the underworld. "Only the National Investigation Agency can do this. Bollywood is an important centre of the country. Its every move attracts the attention of the entire country. In such a situation, it is necessary to expose the
  • Kangana Ranaut warns against harmful effects of drugs
    Mumbai, August 27 (IANS): Kangana Ranaut has warned netizens against the harmful consequences of consuming drugs, including depression. "Drugs might take you high for sometime but inevitably it throws you down in to the depths of depression, consume things that only take you up never down, earth has so much to offer, look at this freshly squeezed chilled sugarcane juice with a pinch of pink salt and lemon juice," tweeted the actress from her verified account on Thursday.
  • Imbibing entrepreneurial skills in Indian youth
    New Delhi, August 26 (IANSlife): Lisa Heydlauff came from the UK two decades ago to find out how children go to school in India. While she found her answer in quick time, she also realised that children, especially from indigent homes needed to be shown the entrepreneurial path to have any chance at cracking the future. This led Heydlauff to launch Map of Me (MoM), a mobile channel that celebrates young entrepreneurial efforts in India. MoM is part of Going to School (GTS), a not-fo