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  • Online abuse cannot be normalised, says Zoya Akhtar on cyberbullying
    New Delhi, January 16 (IANSlife): Director and producer Zoya Akhtar's success with titles like 'Made in Heaven', 'Luck by Chance', 'Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara' and 'Gully Boy' has not protected her from intense cyberbullying and trolling. Zoya recently shared her experiences that have made her leave the social media platform Facebook entirely. She said that because of the extreme levels of trolling and abuse she has faced, she is reluctant to sign i
  • Kajol: Understood my mother after I had my daughter
    New Delhi, January 16 (IANS): Bollywood star Kajol cherishes her special bond with her mother, veteran actress Tanuja, and says she truly understood her only after she had a daughter. The actress says she realised her mother's sacrifices after having her duaghter Nysa. "I only understood my mother after I had my daughter. I always loved my mother, always admired her and thought she was amazing. But after I had my daughter, I remember calling up my mother and having this who
  • 'Demand for organic, vegan chocolate increasing in India'
    New Delhi, January 15 (IANSlife): The artisanal, bean-to-bar chocolate making will further gain feet in India in the coming years. An evolving palate of Indian consumers will help the rise of India-made chocolates and brands that use honest, natural ingredients and practise small-batch handcrafting, says Sheetal Saxena, founder of Colocal, an artisanal chocolate brand. Colocal, which has a casual cafe diner and chocolate factory at its flagship in Delhi's Chhatarpur, is a bean-t
  • 83% single Indians comfortable in meeting in-person
    New Delhi, January 15 (IANSlife) Virtual dating is the new norm in India, but real-life connections will pick pace post-pandemic, reiterates Bumble's recent nationwide survey. After connecting with people virtually, 83 per cent of single Indians are comfortable to meet up with their connections in-person. The study also reveals that 40 per cent of single Indians will opt for virtual dating in 2021. Bumble, the women-first social networking app, has revealed how single Indians ar
  • Katy Perry reveals the most important thing in her life
    Los Angeles, January 15 (IANS): Singer Katy Perry loves being a working mom, though she says her daughter is the most important thing in her life. The singer welcomed her first child, daughter Daisy Dove, with her fiance Orlando Bloom in August last year. "She'll always be the No. 1 most important thing ever, naturally. But I love being a working mom. I don't think there's anything negative about it. It's like, 'Wow, you can do that and that?' All rig
  • 75% women in Maharashtra get 30 minutes a day for their passion, reveals survey
    New Delhi, January 14 (IANSlife): A recent survey conducted by Gemini cooking oils across 10 cities in Maharashtra revealed that 6 in 10 women in Maharashtra would like to save time spent on cooking and engage more in their interests and passion. The #IgnitingAspirations survey also found that 61 per cent of women between the ages of 40 and 45 spend most of their time doing household chores, especially cooking and childcare, despite the fact that more than 60 per cent of those customer
  • Pink or blue, casual or formal? Vogue goes rogue with Kamala Harris cover picture
    New York, January 12 (IANS): US vice president elect Kamala Harris' cover photograph on the latest edition of Vogue has lit up the internet with duelling interpretations of how she is represented even as Harris' own team is said to be less than thrilled about the way things turned out. Harris wore a powder blue Michael Kors pantsuit for her cover shoot but the Vogue cover features Harris in a more casual dark pantsuit and her well loved Converse sneakers. She is framed again
  • Pankaj Tripathi decodes his 'late success'
    Mumbai, January 11 (IANS): Actor Pankaj Tripathi has had a phenomenal run of success so far, but he is aware that there might come a time when his work draws criticism. Every actor goes through such a phase, he says, and he knows how to deal with it. "I know that a day will come when I may face criticism because I am a human being and we all have some flaws. No one is perfect. But I am not, and will never be, that arrogant man who would say 'audience ko kya pata performance
  • Sisters from Kashmir make snow sculpture as tribute to corona warriors
    New Delhi, January 10 (PTI): As a white winter and COVID-19 pandemic keep the people homebound, two sisters from Kashmir -- one a doctor and the other a lawyer by education -- have warmed hearts with their tribute in snow to the corona warriors. A steady stream of visitors was seen at the lawn of their residence at Athwajan in the city where Dr Quratul Ain Zohra and Aiman Zohra have made a snow sculpture. The snow art has models of a lady doctor, a syringe loaded with COVID vacci
  • A heart connect
    New Delhi, January 10 (IANSlife): At one point, you must have wondered, why does a husband or a wife always wear their wedding band or engagement ring on one particular finger and why not the other ones? Chaitanya V Cotha, Executive Director at 150 years C Krishniah Chetty Group Of Jewellers helps us understand which finger is the ring finger and why it's designated to be so. Which Hand and Finger? In most religions and cultures, the fourth finger of your left hand is cons
  • Religious people cope well with anxiety, depression: Study
    New York, January 10 (IANS): A new study has revealed that religious people are making use of some of the same tools that psychologists have systematically identified as effective in increasing well-being and protecting against distress, anxiety and depression. Religious people look for positive ways of thinking about hardship, a practice known to psychologists as "cognitive reappraisal." They also tend to have confidence in their ability to cope with difficulty, a trai
  • Users shun WhatsApp to join Telegram, Signal amid data concerns
    New Delhi, January 9 (IANS): As WhatsApp teases users to either give their consent to sharing data with Facebook or lose their accounts after February 8, rival Telegram's Founder and CEO Pavel Durov on Saturday slammed the social media giant, saying it is no surprise that the flight of users from WhatsApp to Telegram, already ongoing for a few years, has accelerated. According to Durov, Facebook has an entire department devoted to figuring out why Telegram is so popular. &quo
  • This is how winter impacts heart patients
    New Delhi, January 8 (IANSlife) Winter is often pleasing but it can also be bothersome when it comes to your heart. Winter is the time when high-risk people or those with heart issues, may get a heart attack. To top it all, people with heart problems are in the high-risk category and may get sick due to Coronavirus. The sudden drop in the temperature causes narrowing of peripheral vessels thus putting extra pressure on your heart. This will result in the low supply of oxygen to the
  • Indian Army rescues pregnant woman stuck in snowbound Kashmir to hospital
    Kupwara, January 8 (IANS) Soldiers of the Indian Army rescued a pregnant woman stuck in snowbound Kupwara in Kashmir and safely took her for about two kilometres in knee-deep snow till the hospital, the Indian Army said on Thursday. Late on Tuesday, the Company Operating Base at Karalpura in Kupwara received a distress call from Manzoor Ahmed Sheikh saying that informed that his wife Shabnam Begum is undergoing labour pain and needs to be evacuated to the hospital immediately. Al
  • Sonu Sood: 2020 taught us to keep families closer than before
    New Delhi, January 7 (IANSlife): Actor and humanitarian Sonu Sood says that 2020 has been a tough year, and was like a reality check for us. Sood, who authored the book 'I Am No Messiah', says that it taught us to put others before us and to keep out families closer to us than ever. "2020 has been a tough year. But I am happy and I feel blessed that I got the chance to help so many people. The year was like a reality check for us. It taught us to put others before us an
  • Frequent travel will make you 7% more happier than others
    New York, January 6 (IANS): Do you travel frequently? If so, then there are chances that you are leading a much happier life than those who don't venture out at all -- a whole 7 per cent more -- reveals a new study. The study, published in the journal Tourism Analysis, showed that participants who reported regularly traveling at least 120 kms away from home also reported being about 7 per cent happier when asked about their overall well-being than those who reported traveling ve
  • Trisha Krishnan on how she manages a work-life balance
    New Delhi, January 6 (IANSlife): Trisha Krishnan, one of South Indian cinema's most popular and sought-after heroines, says she is fortunate to have reached a position where she chooses the kind of work she does. "Hence, I make sure to take few days off every month to travel, rest and recuperate. These days off give me time to come back home and rejuvenate for my next shoot," she reveals. In an interview with IANSlife, Trishna, who recently collaborated with Britann
  • Being self-controlled child may lead to healthier middle-age
    New York, January 6 (IANS): Parents, take note. If your child is self-controlled, there are chances that they may be a healthier middle-aged adult, a new study suggests. The study, published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, determined that people who had higher levels of self-control as children were aging more slowly than their peers at age 45. Their bodies and brains were healthier and biologically younger. "Our population is growing older, a
  • Doctors remove toy bulb from 9-year-old's lungs
    Hyderabad, January 5 (IANS): Doctors at a Hyderabad hospital removed a bulb from a nine-year-old boy's lungs after he had accidentally swallowed it. Prakash of Mahabubnagar in Telangana had accidentally swallowed the toy bulb while playing on Monday. He was rushed to Medicover Hospitals with symptoms of profuse cough and difficulty in breathing. According to doctors, the CT scan of his chest revealed a foreign body in the right main bronchus extending on to the lower bronchus
  • Artists from around the world exhibit works on 'mothers'
    New Delhi, January 4 (IANSlife): An online exhibition on the theme of mothers and sentiments associated with them, springs from the loss of curator Anu Jindal's mother a year ago. Jindal has brought together artists from different countries including India, Germany, Canada, Japan and South Korea. Titled "Urmila -- Enchanted Mother", the virtual exhibition of works runs from January 4-17 on the website of India International Centre. Adversity encourages innovation; p