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  • Facebook AI system can teach you original dance moves
    New Delhi, August 25 (IANS): Indian-origin researchers at Facebook AI have developed a system that enables a machine to generate a dance for any input music, creating original, creative dance routines for any music that you feed it. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) system uses finely-tuned search procedures to stay synchronised and surprising, the two main criteria of a creative dance. The system co-created by research scientist Devi Parikh analyses a music track from nearly any
  • Bringing Bali home: South Koreans indulge in extreme staycationing
    SEOUL, August 25 (Reuters) - This time last year Yoon Seok-min, his wife Kim Hyo-jung and their two children were holidaying in the Philippines, Vietnam and Guam. A trip to Hawaii was on the cards for this summer. Instead, as the global coronavirus pandemic has stymied overseas travel, the family, like other South Koreans, has turned to a new and extreme form of staycation: transforming their home into their favourite vacation spots. Now, Kim and Yoon's five-bedroom apartment
  • Education at home: Do's and dont's of e-learning
    New Delhi, August 24 (IANSlife): The digital form of learning is quite unique in multiple regards. The past few months have transformed the way students learn and grow. Today, we mark our presenceusing a digital app. We even raise our hands using an online platform. But what does tomorrow have in store? According to Rajesh Bysani, CPO at Brainly, one thing is for sure. Online learning is here to stay for the foreseeable future. It is also going to be an integral part of our learning
  • Shabana Azmi: Indianness is inclusiveness
    Mumbai, August 24 (IANS) Veteran actress Shabana Azmi shuns the hardliner stance that music and art is prohibited in Islam. She cites the example of greats such as late shehnai legend Ustad Bismillah Khan and late sarod maestro Ustad Ali Akbar Khan to underline her point that true art is created when it is kept away from religious extremism. She notes that the very essence of Indianness is inclusiveness. "We have to make redundant the questions that prevent the practice of art,
  • Modi's video with peacock will give you ultimate Sunday vibes
    New Delhi, August 23 (IANS): When was the last time you saw a Prime Minister feed a peacock or enjoy its company? On Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Instagram profile shared a heartwarming video made with a photo collage and short visuals with soothing flute music in the background as he is shown engrossed in feeding the national bird in what is considered the No. 1 VVIP address in India – 7, Lok Kalyan Marg. A peacock wandering aimlessly as the Prime Minister brisk
  • Film celebs on Ganesh Chaturthi: Ganpati Bappa Morya!
    Mumbai, August 22 (IANS) Ganesh Chaturthi commenced on Saturday, and celebrities including Amitabh Bachchan, Akshay Kumar, Priyanka Chopra, Allu Arjun, Ram Charan and Madhuri Dixit posted wishes for fans, friends and followers on social media. Several stars including Mahesh Babu, Rajkummar Rao and Dia Mirza urged for an eco-friendly festival. Here's what they have to say: Amitabh Bachchan: "Ganapati Bappa Moreya." Akshay Kumar: "#HappyGaneshChaturthi to y
  • A royal twist to the humble face mask
    New Delhi, August 21 (IANSlife): Face masks are the new normal and a necessity during the pandemic. They have become an integral part of one's back-to-work wardrobe across the world. Royal families too have taken to the trend as they return to their duties sporting this new accessory. From simple lab masks, printed florals to high-tech ones, take a cue. Prince William and Kate Middleton The Duchess wore a face mask in public for the first time on August 4, 2020, choosing a $1
  • Learning the arts a must for self-expression and satisfaction: Shibani Kashyap
    New Delhi, August 20 (IANSlife): 'Sajna Aa Bhi Ja' and 'Zinda Hoon Main' singer Shibani Kashyap says that it's imperative to learn at least one form of performing art, while growing up or whenever. "It's not a matter of age, but you must learn something so it can give you self-expression as an individual, as a human being," she told IANSlife in an interview. "Everyone has an artiste inside them, which must come out, that gives a perfect balance
  • China state papers back Wuhan park after viral pool party
    SHANGHAI, August 20 (Reuters) - Chinese state newspapers threw their support behind an amusement park in the central city of Wuhan on Thursday after pictures of a densely packed pool party at the park went viral overseas amid concerns about the spread of COVID-19. Videos and photos of an electronic music festival at the Wuhan Maya Beach Water Park on July 11 raised eyebrows overseas, but reflected life returning to normal in the city where the virus causing COVID-19 was first detect
  • Women empowerment in Himachal Pradesh's Mandi
    New Delhi, August 19 (IANSlife) It was a simple motherly desire to educate her own children, that led a rural Himachal Pradesh-based homemaker, Nirmala Kumari, to upskill herself in computer literacy and spoken English. Now a successful entrepreneur in her late 30s, not only has she turned her own life around, but stands proud as an ambassador of change in her local community as the first female licensed PWD contractor in the greater Kamand area of Himachals Mandi district. Trained
  • Mira Kapoor on food, health and more
    New Delhi, August 18 (IANSlife) Mira Kapoor might have her heart and soul in Mumbai where she resides with her husband actor Shahid Kapoor, but the Delhi girl still loves her Dilli street food. The celebrity mother admits with time she has become more mindful about her food choices for herself and her family. In a candid chat with IANSlife, Mira, who has collaborated with Tata Sampann for a session on how spices help build immunity, speaks on all things food. She also reveals Shahid
  • We curb hate speech, but there is more to do: Facebook
    August 17 (PTI): Facebook, that is at the centre of a political slugfest over allegations of supporting the ruling dispensation, on Monday said its social media platform prohibits hate speech and content that incites violence and these policies are enforced globally without regard to political affiliation. However, the social media giant -- which counts India among its largest markets globally -- also acknowledged that "there is more to do". "We prohibit hate speec
  • The casting is half the battle won
    BY VINOD MIRANI IANS A film's casting has often been among the prime causes of a film failing. Then, it may be a big, renowned filmmaker or a medium budget one. This is more a norm when a filmmaker chooses to cast a saleable superstar rather than what the script demands. Often, a script demands a new face, but for commercial reasons, the maker takes that risk. At other times, it is a pure case of misjudgement or dodging logic. The audience has its definite, set ideas and g
  • 'Together' building a connected world to overcome loneliness
    BY VISHNU MAKHIJANI  New Delhi, August 15 (IANS): At a time of social distancing forced by the coronavirus pandemic, it is becoming increasingly difficult to cope with loneliness. But then, loneliness was not an unknown phenomenon in the pre-Covid world even though the vast majority of the populace might refuse to accept this given the enormous opportunities - now on temporary hold - to let off steam. Loneliness was quite an eye-opener for Vivek H. Murthy, a physician, resea
  • Manoj Bajpayee, wife lead the cause of generating livelihood locally
    New Delhi, August 13 (IANSlife): Bollywood actor Manoj Bajpayee and his wife Shabana Raza Bajpayee have lent their support to an initiative called 'Shramik Sammaan' that aims to generate employment for the migrant workers who have returned to their home towns and villages during the lockdown. As public figures, Manoj and Shabana lead the cause of generating livelihood locally. Launched by Helping Hands Charitable Trust, the initiative aims at reinforcing local solidarity thr
  • Women no longer willing to compromise on compatibility
    New Delhi, August 13 (IANS): After 74 years of Independence are women in this country able to choose their own destiny, their life paths or even their own life partner? While matchmaking is still a family affair in India, matchmaking platform has seen that singles are increasingly taking control of this journey. 70 percent profiles are created on the platform, are by the users themselves and only 30 percent are created by parents. The new survey reveals that 83 percent of
  • Princess Diana musical to debut on Netflix before hitting Broadway
    LOS ANGELES, August 13 (Reuters) - A new musical about Britain’s Princess Diana will be filmed without an audience and air on Netflix Inc in early 2021 before it debuts on Broadway, producers announced on Wednesday. The unusual arrangement for “Diana” was made as Broadway remains closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. “We couldn’t be more excited to finally be able to share our show with theater lovers everywhere,” the producers said in a stat
  • Post-weaning depression: It's time we start talking about it
    New Delhi, August 12 (IANSlife): Post-weaning depression is a form of mental illness which can occur after a woman stops breastfeeding. Like other depression, it requires immediate medical attention. It is a result of hormonal fluctuations and/or the psychological stress of weaning the baby away from breast milk in favour of semi-solid food. This helps the baby's diet and encourages them to feed them on food. The initial symptoms of post-weaning involve increased irritability, t
  • Manushi Chhillar: Likes and shares in virtual world add to pressure
    Mumbai, August 12 (IANS) Actress and former beauty queen Manushi Chhillar, on the occasion of International Youth Day on Wednesday, said that youth should feel free to be themselves, but also warned against online toxicity. "We, the youth of our country, are riding on the technology wave and while there are massive advantages, there are disadvantages too. We are dealing with severe online toxicity and hate that one shouldn't face growing up. Rather the youth should feel fre
  • How Raveena Tandon ensures her kids grow up easy
    New Delhi, August 10 (IANSlife): A hands-on mom, Raveena Tandon has not just portrayed impactful and memorable characters in her career spanning over two decades but has also been at the forefront of various noble causes related to child nutrition, women's welfare, and empowerment. Speaking to IANSlife about child nutrition, the celebrity mommy shares how she ensures her little ones get the right balance of fun and health. Giving the scoop on how she ensures her little ones are