• Life during lockdown: Part-II
    People maintain social distancing in front of a pharmacy in Kohima. (Morung Photo)   Chizokho Vero Kohima | April 3   The Morung Express approached a cross-section of people to gather their views on how they are spending their time during the nationwide lockdown period.    Spending quality time with family A government official, Dr Hovithal Sothu told The Morung Express that he has been using this lockdown period to work from home, whil
  • COVID-19 lockdown: A twin battle for alcoholics & substance users
    A poster being put at a rehabilitation centre. (Morung Photo)   Blessing in disguise, says a mother coping with son’s withdrawal trauma   Atono Tsukrü Kense  Kohima | April 3   As the whole country, including the state is in a lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are certain groups of people in the society - the alcoholics, drug users and psychotropic  substance users who are going through a challenging time coping with s
  • How villages are dealing with the lockdown
    Most villages have completely closed themselves off to outsiders in view of the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown.   Morung Express News Kohima | April 2    The Prime Minister’s announcement on the nation-wide lockdown on March 24 midnight called “every state, every district, every lane, every village” to stay home for three weeks.    The depth and breadth of such a challenge soon made villagers in Nagaland to play k
  • No lockdown on hunger
    With the lockdown in place, Saira has been unemployed for over a week and has no money for rations. (Morung Photo)   Migrant daily wagers feel the brunt of lockdown   Veroli Zhimo Dimapur | April 1   While Nagaland has not witnessed any chaotic scenes like the mass exoduses in other parts of the country, the situation is grim for the state’s migrant daily wage labourers. They are generally engaged as construction workers, auto rickshaw drivers,
  • TaFMA ‘Stay Home’ gig to spread message of hope
    Vishü Rita Krocha Kohima | April 1   Spreading the message of hope and to encourage people to stay home at this crucial moment of history, Task Force for Music & Arts (TaFMA) is doing its bit by bringing together some of the most celebrated musicians of Nagaland for a Stay Home Gig from April 4-14, 2020. Eleven artists including Mengu Soukhrie, Nise Meruno, Kekhrie Ringa, Atsa Lang Roths, Metet Jamir, Sunep Lemtur, Thunglamo Ngullie, Tali Angh, Tetseo Sisters, Imliak
  • Strong community participation in fight against COVID-19
    A man in Dimapur eating food donated by an organization in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Several organisations have come forward at this time to donate and help the less fortunate, the poor and daily wage earners. (DIPR Photo)   Dimapur, April 1 (MExN): Perhaps, Corona Virus also dubbed as COVID 19 is the biggest pandemic the world has witnessed since more than a century. Amidst such global pandemic, community participation to aid the government becomes the need of th
  • Life during lockdown: Part- 1
    With the 21 days lockdown in full force, people in the State are using this time to learn new things, better themselves and reconnect with families. (Morung Photo)   Cross-section of people share their view on the current lockdown and how they are spending their time   Chizokho Vero Kohima | April 1   The Morung Express approached a cross-section of people to gather their views on how they are spending their time during the nationwide lockdown period
  • Nagaland: Journalistic challenges in reporting COVID-19
    From haphazard information flow, unavailable officials and fake news on social media, journalists in Nagaland are facing several challenges to cover the COVID-19 pandemic.    Govt agencies need to understand the crucial role of media in crisis situations   Atono Tsükrü Kense Kohima | April 1   The media is referred to as the fourth pillar of democracy for its role as a ‘watchdog’. However, journalists in the state are working with num
  • ‘Online church cannot replace in-person worship’
    Vishü Rita Krocha Kohima | March 31   It was Sunday morning, and under normal circumstances, believers across Nagaland would have dressed in their Sunday best to attend the worship service. In Zhavame village, with most of its denizens who are either working or studying outside having returned back to their native land in view of the nationwide coronavirus lockdown, a regular Sunday morning would have meant exchange of a lot more greetings, smiles and laughter.  
  • YWCA Mokokchung contributes through selfless acts
    A woman sewing face masks and rudimentary form of PPE in Mokokchung.   Limasenla Jamir Mokokchung | March 31   As the world battles the dreaded COVID-19, various groups and organizations in and around the state are doing their bits in contributing towards fighting COVID- 19. With the demands of specific goods and services increases, it only becomes necessary to render help to the various agencies working day and night to keep the situation in check.  
  • A stitch in time to combat COVID-19
    Medical personnel in Zunheboto stitching masks to be used to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.   Health centres stitch their own masks   Rebecca K Kits Dimapur | March 31   As the nationwide lockdown ensues in view of the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been reports of shortages and insufficient supply of masks, sanitizers and protective gears in many parts of the state.   In Zunheboto, medical teams in different parts of the distric
  • 10 'hotspots' identified as Covid-19 cases surge in India
    New Delhi, March 31 (IANS): As the number of Covid-19 cases surge in India, the government has reportedly identified 10 "hotspots" where higher viral transmission has been detected. The hotspots that have emerged across the country are Dilshad Garden and Nizamuddin in Delhi, Noida and Meerut in Uttar Pradesh, Bhilwara in Rajasthan, Ahmedabad, Kasargod and Pathanamthitta in Kerala, Mumbai and Pune. The identification of these places will help ramp up the testing process. Delhi
  • RBI stays EMIs for 3 months, cuts interest rate, CRR
    New Delhi, March 27 (PTI) The RBI on Friday put on hold EMI payments on all term loans for three months and cut interest rate by the steepest in more than 11 years as it joined the government effort to rescue a slowing economy that has now got caught in coronavirus whirlwind.   The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) cut the repo to 4.4 per cent, the lowest in at least 15 years.   Also, it reduced the cash reserve ratio maintained by the banks for the first time in over
  • COVID-19: The Naga perspective
    Passengers undergo a thermal screening test in the wake of novel coronavirus scare at Dimapur airport in Nagaland. File Photo: PTI   Rebecca K Kits  Dimapur | March 26 Owing to the global pandemic COVID-19, many are concerned about the impact of the pandemic and its subsequent shutdown. Some have been taking proactive measures by self isolating and maintaining social distance as much as possible while some are yet to come to grips with the situation. While th
  • The COVID-19 threat and an incomplete Dimapur Dist Hospital
    Upgrading Dmr Dist Hospital, 6 years in the making   Imkong Walling  Dimapur | March 26 COVID-19 looms. Nagaland has sounded the alarm and the Medical department on alert.  Yet all the preventive steps taken by the state government have not stopped the citizenry from questioning the battle-worthiness of the state’s health infrastructure, especially the government hospitals.   Being the most populous, a floating population and almost
  • Scientists in 2007 warned China was a 'time bomb' for COVID-19
    New Delhi, March 23 (IANS) As the world battles growing new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic that has killed over 14,500 people, a study that appeared 12 years back then claimed that the situation in China was a "time bomb" for a dangerous virus outbreak. Published by the journal Clinical Microbiology Reviews in 2007, the researchers noted that the "presence of a large reservoir of SARS-CoV-like viruses in horseshoe bats, together with the culture of eating exotic mammals in southern
  • Nagaland closes down non essential services, borders sealed
    The Government of Nagaland on Sunday ordered the closure of shops and business establishments dealing in non-essential goods, government offices and restricted the public movement and commercial passenger vehicles with effect from midnight of March 22. .(Morung Infographic by Samuel S Rengma)   Govt orders closure of offices, restrict commercial passenger vehicles, public movement   Our Correspondent Kohima | March 22 The Government of Nagaland on Sunday
  • Churches in Nagaland turn to social media for Sunday worship service
    Pastor Alemsunep pre-recording the sermon to be circulated in the church WhatsApp chat group on Sunday morning. (Photo Courtesy: WICC Dimapur)   Vishü Rita Krocha Kohima | March 21  As the world over continues to face increasing uncertainty over the spread of COVID-19, many local churches in Nagaland have decided to suspend the regular Sunday Worship Service as a preventive measure.  To ensure the safety of its members in the wake of the pandemic and re
  • COVID-19 & HIV/AIDS: No advisory yet for key populations
    Atono Tsükrü Kense  Kohima | March 18 Since the outbreak and global declaration of COVID-19 as pandemic, key populations viz. People Living with HIV (PLHIV), sex workers, MSM/TG and People who inject Drugs (PWID) who are ‘extremely vulnerable and are at higher risk’ if exposed to COVID-19, seem to have been left in the lurch.  No ‘special advisory’ on how to tackle COVID-19 infection among key populations have been issued either by the central or the stat
  • A woman’s bike tour across the country for a Rape Free India
    Onen Nenty   Vishü Rita Krocha Kohima | March 15 Joining one of the biggest campaigns for a “Rape Free India”, woman biker Onen Nenty is part of the one year bike campaign for ‘Action Against Violence’ wherein 2 riders (1 male and 1 female) will travel on bike all over India covering 32000+ kilometers covering 29 states, 8 Union Territories, 400+ Districts, 700+ Cities and 2000 Villages. Onen Nenty, who was selected among many female riders from across th