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  • ‘Naga’: Storytelling on canvas
    An exhibition of paintings by Meren Imchen Morung Express News Kohima | February 3 What began with a very simple notion of painting an old lady purely out of imagination led Meren Imchen to do a series titled “Naga” that explores and depicts the rich traditions and heritage of different Naga tribes. “Ketsamiapfü” meaning “Elderly Woman” in the Angami language, is the first piece that appears in the series, wherein the artist imagined t
  • Breaking the glass ceiling in women leadership
    Vishü Rita Krocha Kohima | February 2 Breaking gender barriers for women leadership in Naga civil society, Khrienuo Metha was elected President of the Metha Thinuo Krotho Dimapur, a traditional institution of the Metha clan. Like most tribal organisations in the State, the civil society organisation has never had a woman president prior to this with only male members dominating the key positions. In an exclusive interview with The Morung Express, the newly elected president
  • Dog meat vendors in Nagaland face uncertain future
    Morung Express news  Kohima | January 31 “After the ban, even when we tried our hands into other small poultry business, it became extremely difficult to make returns out of it,” said Neizevolie Kuotsu who had been engaged in the supply of dogs for many years.  The ban was called during a time the whole world was experiencing the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic, he added. “Our business had already been affected then because of the lockdown and the ban
    The recent Dzükou forest fire has shown how crucial it is to protect this fragile ecosystem  Morung Express News Dimapur/Kohima | January 29  The recent Dzükou valley forest fire which raged for almost two weeks offers an opportunity for all stakeholders to reflect, strengthen response and preventive measures, and recognize the crucial need to preserve one of the most pristine ecosystems in the region.   Tucked away at an altitude of 2438.4 metres abo
  • Fighting the forest fires
    Atono Tsükrü Kense  Kohima | January 29 To be a fire-fighter is a challenging job which entails bravery, strength, commitment, presence of mind among other skills as they have to be ready for when the unexpected occurs. Fire-fighters from Nagaland have done a commendable job in dousing off the fire at Dzükou valley. “Dzükou fire is not the first time. It is never an easy task to fight such fire of massive extent” said Thejangulie Zao, Distric
  • Habitat loss a growing concern
    Vibi Yhokha Sophie Kohima | January 29 The Dzükou valley is home to several rare species of flora and fauna such as the Dzükou Lily, Rhododendron macabeanum, Rhododendron elliottii etc.  The presence of the elusive Marbled Cat and Asiatic Golden cat (both endangered vulnerable species) has also been recorded in the forests surrounding the Dzükou valley, (August 2019 research, Journal of Threatened Taxa). Scientists of the Botanical Survey of India have rec
  • Coordinated actions required
    Morung Express News Kohima | January  29 While there are no concrete solutions to prevent forest fires, the 2020-21 Dzükou fire which blazed for one of the longest durations in recent memory, calls for coordinated and proactive action in combating any forest fire in the future. Neisato Neihu, from Kigwema village expressed that there are lessons and actions one must learn from this experience. “Prevention will be key, we need to reinstitute the structured regi
  • Need for responsible tourism
    Ketholeno Neihu Kohima | January 29 With the Dzükou valley becoming a popular attraction and a preferred trekking site, the footfall of visitors and tourists over the years has seen a dramatic increase. Odds-on, the aftermath of the massive fire will possibly have an immediate impact on tourism in the following months. One of the foremost reasons includes the black charred look which may not be the expected sight in the next two- three months, locals here said. The valley w
  • Total commitment required to eliminate gender-based violence
    Discourse deliberates on challenges and way forward  Morung Express News Kohima | January 27 The need for ‘total commitment’ from policy makers, tribe and women leaders, government officials, academicians and researchers towards eliminating gender-based violence in Nagaland was highlighted during a webinar cum awareness programme organized by Women’s Studies Centre (WSC), Nagaland University, Kohima Campus. Speaking on the topic ‘Challenges in Eli
  • Media in rebuilding: Role & impact of journalists on society
    Morung Express News Dimapur | January 27 The role of the media in creating and developing narratives that accurately correspond to the society it represents, was highlighted during an interactive session organized by The Morung Express at Cafe Leon, Dimapur on January 26.  Using a dialogical approach, Founding Principal of Oriental Theological Seminary (OTS) and Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR) Convenor, Rev Dr Wati Aier dwelt on how journalists can explore, imagine and
  • SQUADRON : The Unbeaten Rockers
     Akangjungla   Nagaland’s longest surviving music band defies the law of age and time   It was a Saturday morning in the year 1989 and five young men are trying to figure out ways to form a heavy metal rock band. Little did they know they were about to create the most popular band ever known in the music history of Nagaland. At first, the project to form a heavy metal rock band did not sound like the perfect idea: all five of them - TK Lanu Aier,
  • Mokokchung Honey: Towards livelihood and sustainability
    Morung Express News Mokokchung | January 27  With the initiative of the Nagaland Beekeeping and Honey Mission (NBHM), about 300 beekeepers of Mokokchung district have come together and formed a farmer produces organization (FPO) to market their honey produces under the brand name ‘Mokokchung Honey’. The beekeepers group, formed in 2020, goes by the name Tzukong  Van Dhan Vikas Kendra (VDVK). The initiative is supported by the Tribal Cooperative Marketing Devel
  • Sangwa: Lighting the way
    Nagaland-based startup Native Enterprises producing LED lights Kanili Kiho Dimapur | January 24 If there is another promising pursuit that came out of the COVID-19 pandemic, Native Enterprises is one of them. Launched only this month by I Sodangsoba Jamir, the enterprise in Dimapur manufactures indoor and outdoor LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights. Jamir spent the last 15 years in Delhi, working in the marketing industry. The pandemic induced lockdown compelled him to retur
  • Development versus health & environment
    A blight of dust and smog from 4-lane construction   Imkong Walling Dimapur | January 22 A public road expansion venture of great economic significance to Nagaland is turning out to be a great health concern. A haze of dust hovers in the air surrounding the Kuki Dolong area and Jharnapani in Dimapur, reminiscent of the annual Delhi smog phenomenon.  It may not be palpable to the commuters on the all-important Dimapur to Kohima highway, which is in expansionary mo
  • Nagaland health sector to focus on a robust system
    Atono Tsükrü Kense Kohima | January 21 While the COVID-19 pandemic has unmasked Nagaland’s pitiable health care system, it has also served as a catalyst for much needed transformation by propelling both the government and the department to make expeditious amends in response to the pandemic. Now, the challenge is to build the momentum of ‘reformation and transformation’ in the health care sector to deliver better health care services and also build a
  • COVID-19: Social media users & pages urged to be ‘accountable’
    DoHFW on vaccine hesitancy and ‘infodemic’ Morung Express News Dimapur | January 19 The Directorate of Health and Family Welfare (DoHFW) Nagaland has emphasized the need for accountability from social media users and pages regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccine. Dr Kevichusa Medikhru, Mission Director, NHM, informed The Morung Express that the ‘infodemic’ around the COVID-19 pandemic has been “very hard to tackle since there are just too man
  • Villagers crowd-source to repair road in Tening
    Morung Express News Dimapur | January 19 There was the story of villagers uniting to crowd-source fund to resume building an abandoned half-done bridge over the Chathe River in Dimapur district in 2017. Some three years later, in a remote part of Peren district, a similar initiative took shape this month with villagers coming together to repair a neglected road.  The road in question is part of the larger Tening-Lekie Road, which is virtually forgotten to the powers tha
  • Iconic 1972 Etiben Memorial Tower gives way for a new one
    Morung Express News Mopungchuket | January 19 In what could be termed as a bittersweet development, the iconic Etiben Memorial Tower of Mopungchuket village under Mokokchung district is being brought down to make way for a new one in its place. Etiben Memorial Tower, measuring 31 feet tall standing on a base 9 feet high, was built and inaugurated in 1972. Regarded as perhaps the first concrete view tower in the region, Etiben Memorial Tower was inaugurated on May 1, 1972 by Koramoa
  • Vox Populi: Views, counterviews as Covid-19 vaccinations begin
    Vishü Rita Krocha Kohima | January 16 Even as the first phase of COVID-19 vaccine was rolled out in Nagaland on Saturday, the government will have to address the daunting challenge of ‘vaccine hesitancy’ among the general population. “I would like to believe in the efficacy of the vaccine and the benefits of taking it but considering the process and stage of the vaccines, I am not too sure I would take it at the moment,” says Loreign Ovung, a lawyer by
  • A vision of unity
    Images of Kutsapomi pulling up a truck bare-handed have  prompted many to introspect the Naga ‘spirit of unity’  Veroli Zhimo Dimapur | January 15 It has been almost a week since the people of Kutsapo village in Phek district displayed a remarkable show of community participation and pulled up a truck that had rolled off the road— bare-handed and with nothing else but ropes and sheer collective strength. The truck had fallen off the road after failin