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  • Centre enhances allocation of Remdesivir to Nagaland, NE States
    Morung Express News Dimapur | May 16 The Centre has considerably enhanced the allocation of antiviral drug Remdesivir vials to the North East States including Nagaland, according to an official release by the Union Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilisers (MoC&F) on May 16. As per the new data, the total allocation of Remdesivir to the region was enhanced from a total of 45,000 upto May 16 to 94,000 upto May 23. (See Table) The Morung Express last week (May 8) reported that
  • ‘Helping in any way possible’
    All-women WhatsApp group initiates support for health centres in Dimapur Morung Express News Dimapur | May 16 A crowdsourcing initiative has been launched to provide protective equipment, water filters, chairs, refreshments, and other requirements at designated COVID vaccination centres in Dimapur. This unconditional giving and sharing by ordinary people in the most vulnerable of times began after Mhabeni Shitiri pitched the idea of extending help to her neighbourhood health
  • COVID-19: Nagaland to receive another 30,220 vaccine doses in next 3 days
    Morung Express News Dimapur | May 16 Nagaland will receive another batch of 30,220 COVID-19 vaccine doses free of cost in the next three days, informed an official release by the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) on Sunday. The State so far has received 2, 63,020 doses from the centre out of which 2, 42,722 doses have been consumed, highlighted the data provided by the Ministry in the release issued via the Press Information Bureau. While the status of doses
  • Nagaland starts registration for vaccination of 18-44 age group
    Good responses in Dimapur and Kohima on Day-1; slots available in some CVCs Morung Express News Dimapur | May 14 The much awaited process for vaccination of the 18-44 age-group kicked off in Nagaland today with the start of registrations on CoWIN or the Arogya Setu app. The response on the first day was good, particularly in urban centers like Dimapur and Kohima, though in other districts, slots were still available when last checked at around 8.30 pm on May 14. In Dimapur
  • Peace among communities, peace with nature’
    In conversation with Whitley Award winner Nuklu Phom Vishü Rita Krocha Kohima | May 13 As a young boy, Nuklu Phom who hails from Yaongyimchem village under Longleng district was very close with his grandfather and the people of that generation in the early 1980s. “We were very young and they would tell us about wild species, the amount and the number of species,” he recollects. Several years later, when he came back home after earning a master’s degree
  • Mon: Acute manpower shortage in health sector
    KU asks govt to fill up existing vacancies Morung Express News Mon | May 13 The Konyak Union Mon has brought notice to the acute shortage of manpower in health care units across Mon district amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, and called upon the State Government to alleviate this concern. It submitted a memorandum to the Principal Secretary of Health & Family Welfare, Nagaland urging the department to fill existing vacancies in health units across Mon district. The Konyak U
  • ‘Impracticable’ : Private hospitals on Govt’s directive to reserve 50% bed for COVID-19
    Morung Express News Dimapur | May 13 The Nagaland State Government’s directive to all private hospitals to provide treatment to COVID-19 patients as well as reserve at least 50% of total bed capacity for COVID-19 patients is yet to materialize. A number of private hospitals in Dimapur have termed the directive as “impracticable” without taking into consideration the ground reality of functioning of private hospitals. Earlier in the first week of May, the govern
  • CIHSR prepares to take in more COVID-19 patients
    CIHSR Director stresses on ‘convergence’ and streamlining of resource allocation Morung Express News Dimapur | May 13 With private hospitals in Dimapur yet to come to a clear arrangement with the Nagaland State Government on admitting COVID-19 patients, the Christian Institute of Health Sciences & Research (CIHSR), is the only other hospital apart from District Hospital Dimapur (designated as COVID-19 Hospital), to admit and treat COVID-19 patients in the distric
  • ‘The pandemic has redefined our roles as nurses forever’
    International Nurses Day observed across the globe Kanili Kiho Pughoboto | May 12 During the COVID-19 pandemic, nurses continue to remain at the forefront in the fight against the virus. They are the vital link in providing primary care and treatment to the patients. And for the most part, their struggles go unnoticed. International Nurses day is observed on May 12 celebrating nurses across the globe for their selfless service to humankind. It commemorates the birthday of
  • ‘Thank you is not enough’
    COVID-19 experience: On road to recovery  Vishü Rita Krocha Kohima | May 11 Despite COVID-19 being a shared battle, it can be a lonely experience. This is a common phenomenon for those who have been through the journey of recovery from COVID-19. In these difficult times of combating loneliness besides fighting the symptoms, they have also rediscovered the power of kindness, which makes the recovery process a lot easier. When A*, a mother of two tested positive f
  • 18-44 age group vaccination yet to gather pace in most states including Nagaland
    Just over 20 lakh beneficiaries in the age group vaccinated so far, informs Health Ministry Morung Express News Dimapur | May 10 With shortages and other issues, vaccination of the 18-44 age group is yet to gather pace in most states or union territories (UTs) including Nagaland and just over 20 lakh doses have been administrated since the start of phase III vaccination drive for the category on May 1.   A total of 20,31,854 doses have been administrated to the 18-44
  • Khuzama: First village settler’s house converted into museum
    Ketholeno Neihu Kohima | May 9 “It is assumed and also carved on a stone that the Kemevo (first settler) of Khuzama Village had come to the present site in the year 1861 after shifting from three other locations, and performed village settling rituals,” a village elder narrated. The name of their first settler was Pucho Hibo. Over one and a half century later, the house that he first came to occupy and the ritual stones are now preserved and converted into a museum c
  • ‘Kindness is contagious’
    Rebecca K Kits Dimapur | May 9 The second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting everyone in the region and ‘doomscrolling’ has become an inevitable part of social media and messaging platforms. However, an initiative being undertaken on Facebook by some concerned individuals in Nagaland is a breath of fresh hope in these trying times. After more than a year of the pandemic, businesses have suffered losses and many families are in dire need of basic amenities.
  • ABOUT US: The New Sound of Rock Music
    Morung Express News Dimapur | May 9 ABOUT US might be the band to bring a ‘rocking’ change in the music scene of Nagaland. The band’s latest project came as a ‘treat’ for rock and metal music fans with many hailing it as a ‘revival’ of rock music in the State.  ABOUT US marked their entry into the music scene with the release of their first audio titled ‘Loaded Love’ on December 21, 2020. With just the visual of a photog
  • DIMAPUR: Not all 100 beds occupied, sufficient oxygen
    More wards activated in Dimapur COVID Hospital as caseload rises Morung Express News Dimapur | May 8 In the grip of a second wave and Dimapur accounting for more than half of cases reported in Nagaland, a half derelict Dimapur COVID-19 Hospital, along with the citizenry, is clearly feeling the stress.   Anxiety further heightened on May 7 after a picture of the hospital’s hand-scribbled occupancy dashboard, containing information about the day’s caseload foun
  • Mother’s Day 2021: A ‘personal’ fight to keep loved ones safe during pandemic
    Vishü Rita Krocha Kohima | May 8 Being a mother is tough, but in these unprecedented times of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is even tougher. Mothers have always played multiple roles but the global crisis has thrown upon them extraordinary challenges. However, they still find joy in their children despite the harsh pandemic. Unconditional love Visevono Terhüja Shupao, who is married to an epidemiologist posted in a remote district of Nagaland, did not have her husband aro
  • ‘How best you can contribute with the little you have?’
    Morung Express News Kohima | May 8  'Our callings are different, our gifts are different, our ability may also be different but each human being has a role to play' V Lucas Meyase, who has been a preacher for the last 4 decades, firmly believes that everyone, both young and old, can live out their faith by performing well in whatever profession they are called to. “We may not do so much. Christ is not asking ‘how much you can do but how best you
  • Combined allocation of Remdesivir to seven NE States at just 14,000
    Morung Express News Dimapur | May 8 The combined allocation of antiviral drug Remdesivir to seven North East States excluding Assam was less than the single share for all other States in India, revealed the data released by the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers (MoC&F) on May 8. The antiviral drug is used in the treatment of COVID-19. Seven NE States – Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim and Tripura were allotted 2000 each while Assam w
  • EXPLORE NAGALAND: Kutsapo: Birth place of VDB in Nagaland
    Chizokho Vero Kohima | May 8 Kutsapo village is the birth place of Village Development Board (VDB) in Nagaland. It came into being on December 11, 1976, under the patronage of AM Gokhale, the then deputy commissioner of Phek along with Dukhuyi Vadeo as the first VDB secretary. The first VDB members included Rakhuyi Rhakho, Vekhayi Chizo and Vephunu Rhakho. Vephuhu Khesoh was the first chairman of Kutsapo Village Council. Later on, VDB was implemented throughout the state o
  • Who benefits from urban housing schemes?
    Atono Tsükrü Kense Kohima | May 7 In March 2007, three ‘housing for poor’ complexes at K Badze, Meriema and Rüziezou in Kohima district were sanctioned under the Basic Services to the Urban Poor (BSUP) by the erstwhile Ministry of Housing & Urban Poverty Alleviation, now, Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs. This housing programme was one of various Central government schemes to develop 27,175 urban dwellings for the poor across Nagaland, broadly