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  • Technology and students with Special Needs
    Global Accessibility Awareness Day in Nagaland    Vishü Rita Krocha  Kohima | May 22 At Bumblebee Inclusive School, Kohima, a little over 30 young students are currently enrolled to start their first journey of education and are being taught through various mediums of learning including technology. As an inclusive primary set up, the school is trying to incorporate learning using audio and visual programming of songs, rhymes, stories, and value education
  • Biological Diversity: ‘Our solutions are in nature’
    Nagaland observes International Day for Biological Diversity 2020   Our Correspondent Kohima | May 22 Nagaland’s Environment, Forest & Climate Change and Law & Justice CM Chang made a fervent appeal to all citizens of the state to conserve nature, forest and wildlife, biodiversity and take significance of biodiversity in planning and implementing development programme. The state of Nagaland is very rich in biodiversity, having variety of flora and fa
  • Dimapur COVID-19 Surveillance Team
    Like surfers for the big waves, frontline workers soldier on    Morung Express News Dimapur | May 21  As Dimapur prepares to receive over 1400 returnees from Chennai on May 22, the District Surveillance Team shouldered with the job of screening and quarantining waited with bated breath of the work ahead.  While the state Health Department in general has come under stinging public criticism, this group of frontline workers from the office of the Chie
  • For the want of fresh vegetables & air
    Homesick North East people in Delhi share their experiences   Ashikho Pfuzhe Dimapur | May 21   As thousands of people from the North East seek to find their way back home from different cities in the country amid the COVID-19 pandemic, there are also thousands who are obligated to stay back due to various reasons, chiefly work. They include frontline health workers, central government employees and those working in organized private sectors. The Morung Expres
  • GPK stitches masks and PPE suits for COVID-19 fighters in Nagaland
    Morung Express News Kohima | May 21  In Nagaland, the fear of a pandemic outbreak and a nationwide lockdown has seen the unpleasant in many, but it has also witnessed the best in some. While some violate lockdown rules and safety measures, there are heroes working daily to keep the community safe.  The Government Polytechnic Kohima (GPK) is one such institution undertaking a full time task in stitching masks and PPE suits. Initiated by Temjen Imna Along, Minister Highe
  • COVID-19: Open borders pose threat for Dimapur
    WSYF appeals for check gates, health personnel   Morung Express News Dimapur | May 21 Even as the state government has undertaken steps to seal the borders, the unmanned open borders in Khaghaboto, Aghunaqa, Kuhuboto and Niuland areas of Dimapur pose huge threat towards containing the spread of COVID-19 in the state particularly Dimapur. Although communities have volunteered to do round the clock vigil in some entry and exit points, the absence of state police check
  • Ambulance drivers cover 3000 km to bring Naga woman body home
    Morung Express News Dimapur | May 21  Ambulance drivers namely Komatigunta Shivaprasad and Bhaskar KV were presented Sumi Naga scarf upon arrival at New Field Check Gate, Dimapur on May 19 night as a token of appreciation for their service in transporting the body of a Naga female from Bengaluru to Dimapur. The scarf was presented to them by the family members of the deceased. A Naga female from Sumi community expired on May 15 at Bowring & Lady Curzon Hospital, Ban
  • Nagaland aims for post COVID self-sufficiency in agri sector
    Morung Express News Dimapur | May 20 As Nagaland weighs the prospects of reopening the economy post the COVID-19 pandemic, Aneyi and his family begin their workdays long before others have sipped their first cup of tea. Walking 3-4 kms every morning with their packed lunches, they begin sowing seeds or paddy, pulling weeds, harvesting fruits and vegetables, collecting snails or foraging forest-based vegetables. By early afternoon, they can rest. Since the state government al
  • Mintu loves Pinky crosses 1M views on YouTube
    Morung Express News Dimapur | May 19 Three months ago, on February 11, ‘Mintu loves Pinky’ by Sunep Lemtur featuring Mhale Keditsu premiered on YouTube. The ‘Nagamese Comedy Love Song’ was well received by fans in Nagaland as well as outside the state. “Response of the viewers was just awesome from the first day. We received lots of love and regards form all over the country. I was stunned to see the comment section on my YouTube channel wh
  • Khonoma farm pests identified
    Officials from the Department of Agriculture visited the affected farms in Khonoma on May 18. (Inset) The worm was identified as a semi-looper leaf eating caterpillar of a moth belonging to the family Noctuidae. (Morung Photo)   Atono Tsükrü Kense Kohima | May 19 The worm which has infested the potato farms at Khonoma village has been identified as a type of semi-looper leaf eating caterpillar of a moth belonging to the family Noctuidae. The worms are polyphagous (ab
  • COVID-19 poses more challenges for PwDs
    Vishü Rita Krocha Kohima | May 19 The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted lives around the world, but Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) are among the hardest hit as many of them come with underlying health conditions which puts them among the high risk groups. Even during normal times, people with disabilities face insurmountable obstacles in accessing facilities for education, healthcare and employment opportunities, and the pandemic has further posed a huge challenge for many pe
  • ‘No amount too small’
    With the contributions, Sentikala has managed to distribute 9 phones to needy children in Dimapur.   Dimapur resident distributes smartphones to needy students after raising fund online   Morung Express News Kohima | May 18 Online classes and learning through educational apps and social mediums have become the new normal for students in the present nationwide lockdown brought about by the pandemic outbreak. Yet, this new normal also comes with complications es
  • Mokokchung welcomes returnees with gift hampers and prayers
    The gift hamper prepared by Research & Communication Committee under Mokokchung District Task Force COVID-19 for stranded students and persons from Mokokchung. (Morung Photo)    Morung Express News Mokokchung | May 18  In a very thoughtful initiative, the Research & Communication Committee under Mokokchung District Task Force COVID-19 prepared a gift hamper for stranded students and persons from Mokokchung currently stranded outside the state as well as
  • Khonoma’s organic potato farms invaded by worms
    Farmers in Khonoma have been left worried after an infestation of worms damaged their potato farms. (Inset) An image of the worms which damaged the crops.   Morung Express News Kohima | May 16 About 20 hectares of potato cultivation in Khonoma village, the ‘organic village’ under Kohima district have been infected with worms for the past two weeks. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, this infestation has left farmers whose livelihood depends on farming and agriculture, wor
  • The future is digital
    Pete Lasushe, a student of St. Joseph's College, Autonomous, Jakhama joining in one of the live sessions.   EduCentre’s online sessions provide career and education counselling   Vishü Rita Krocha Kohima | May 16 Even as the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically decreased human contact, there is a huge surge in the use of digital and social media platforms with educators, musicians, entrepreneurs, and service providers alike engaging with their audiences in th
  • Role of laboratory professionals vital in COVID-19 response
    Akhrielie Kesiezie is a Laboratory Technologist, who is part of the BSL-3 lab team at Naga Hospital Authority Kohima. (Morung Photo)    Vishü Rita Krocha Kohima | May 15 Every day, laboratory professionals around the world are exposed to the risk of contracting an infectious disease while performing their duty of testing blood and other body fluids, to help provide an accurate diagnosis of a patient. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, they continue to play a cr
  • ‘Nagaland Govt must immediately rescue MSMEs’
    Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) including the agri and allied sectors are areas which need boosts to revive the State's economy.  (Morung File Photo)   Response to COVID-19 pandemic's effect on the State's economy     Chizokho Vero  Kohima | May 14 The global economy has been adversely affected due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In Nagaland too, numerous organizations have called on the Government to prioritise the informal sector and Micr
  • ‘It is our duty to be humane’
    MH10 Family members preparing lunch pack at Minister Temjen Imna Along’s residence in Kohima. The team led by the Minister has been serving lunch packs on a daily basis to uniformed personnel and volunteers in Kohima town.    MH10 Family led by Temjen Imna Along going strong delivering free lunch packs everyday      Morung Express News Kohima | May 14 For almost a month, with the nationwide lockdown, the MH10 Family led by Temjen Imna Along, Min
  • News football fans ‘wood’ like
    Naga lad’s woodwork catches Bundesliga’s attention   Morung Express News Dimapur | May 14 Lockdown blues have started to hit sports fans all over the world, and nostalgia seems to be the only game on air. However, for some fans, the pandemic has brought them closer to the clubs they love. Bozio Nienu is a diehard fan of FC Bayern Munchen from Nagaland, whose woodwork caught the attention of the German Football League- Bundesliga. “They say Nagaland tak
  • Stranded Naga finds shelter and kindness from Thais
    Stranded in Thailand, Longchar is currently volunteering for 'ForOldy' and engaged in meeting and interacting with elderly Thai people.   Morung Express News Kohima | May 13 27 year old Tongpang Longchar had just completed a program in Bangkok and was set to return home to Nagaland when he heard of the nationwide lockdown in India on March 25. His flight which was scheduled on April 9 was cancelled. A volunteer and Initiator for Initiatives of change (IofC), Longc