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  • Nursing the World to Health
    Nurses at Naga Hospital Authority Kohima observe the International Day of Nurses on May 12.   Covid-19 pandemic a timely reminder of the vital role nurses play   Atono Tsükrü Kense  Kohima | May 12 “Being a nurse requires more than just the knowledge of medical conditions and treatment—it takes a caring personality, compassion, good communication skills and patience” says Senchumbeni Keyho, a staff nurse of Naga Hospital Authority Kohima. A
  • ‘The world still needs him’
    India team praying for Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias (third from left)  during one of the meets. (File Photo)   Nagaland praying for Ravi Zacharias as he battles very rare cancer    Vishü Rita Krocha Kohima | May 12 World renowned Christian Apologist, Ravi Zacharias has touched thousands of lives around the world and has also hugely impacted the lives of the Christian-majority state of Nagaland with many people looking up to him as the real def
  • Naga Doctor at COVID-19 frontlines in the US
    Dr Jonathan Vilasier Iralu   Vishü Rita Krocha Kohima | May 10 As the world continues to battle with the COVID-19 pandemic, among the frontliners is Dr Jonathan Vilasier Iralu from Khonoma Village, who is placed in the world’s most affected country, having reported over 1.2 million cases of coronavirus. He currently serves as Chief Clinical Consultant for Infectious Diseases for the Indian Health Service and has been stationed at Gallup Indian Medical Center, Gal
  • MyGov CEO Abhishek Singh on Aarogya Setu, Nagaland’s COVID-19 response
     Abhishek Singh (File Photo)   In an exclusive Q&A with The Morung Express, Abhishek Singh, currently on central deputation from Nagaland, clears air surrounding the app as well as his return to home state   Morung Express News Dimapur | May 10   The Government of India launched Aarogya Setu app - a comprehensive COVID-19 tracking app on April 2. The app, currently made mandatory for government and private employees across India, has a Naga
  • Celebrating Mother's Day under lockdown
    Khovelu Naroh with her mother and siblings.   Vishü Rita Krocha Kohima | May 9 Every year, on Mother’s Day, Elizabeth Sandham would bring flowers for her bedridden mother, who spent 11 years in the hospital in a state of coma. She was diagnosed with brain tumor (meningioma) in the year 2009. This year, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a sense of happiness as her mother was brought home from Naga Hospital Authority Kohima (NHAK) on March 30, as it was converted t
  • Without earnings, stranded Nagas want to return
    A photo shared by one of the stranded from Nagaland, shows people crammed into a 2BHK apartment in Bangalore to tide over the lockdown.   ‘For how long can we survive on hand-outs?’   Imkong Walling  Dimapur | May 8  As the nationwide lockdown ensues and India’s COVID-19 count increases, anxiety is also mounting in equal measure, especially the people stranded in other states. The Nagaland state government starting the process to return
  • Aarogya Setu: Will it work in Nagaland?
    Clearing the air around the app with MyGov CEO Abhishek Singh   Morung Express News Dimapur | May 8 It has been 37 days since the Government of India launched Aarogya Setu app- a comprehensive COVID-19 tracking app on April 2. While the Nagaland Government made the use of the app mandatory for all employees in the state on May 4, there has been a mixed response from users. Besides security concerns and battery draining issues, there is an air of uncertainty around
  • Nagaland fitness community for health and compassion
    Fitness enthusiasts from different fields for the 2nd video which will be released this weekend. (Photo Courtesy: Thejakhrietuo Kire)   Kanili Kiho Dimapur | May 7 On May 2, fitness community of Nagaland came together sharing awareness on COVID-19 through a short video posted on social media platforms – Instagram, facebook and YouTube. It is a first for the fitness professionals from Wrestling, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), Taekwondo, Bodybuilding, Dance, Aerobic, Z
  • ‘Everybody has to contribute a bit’
    Heavy rush for shopping in one of the marketing periods in Kohima. (Morung Photo)   COVID-19: Social distancing protocol - Part III   Chizokho Vero Kohima | May 7 In the wake of witnessing heavy rush for shopping during the marketing period in the past few days in Kohima, Nagaland’s Planning & Coordination, Land Revenue and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Neiba Kronu on Wednesday requested the people to maintain social distancing norms. The Morung Ex
  • COVID- 19: Clearing misconceptions surrounding Vitamin C
    Atono Tsükrü Kense Kohima | May 7 As COVID-19 continues to spread across the globe, confusion and misconceptions about what can protect you are becoming as contagious as the virus.  Numerous individuals have recommended that high doses of Vitamin C supplements can help reinforce the immune system against the possibility of an infection with the COVID-19 virus. This has resulted in people reportedly stocking Vitamin-C supplements since the global outbreak. The Mor
  • No substitute for print: Readers welcome return of newspapers
    Vishü Rita Krocha Kohima | May 6 “The feel of a newspaper in your hands is magical. We even love the smell of the newspaper in the morning.” These are words of a couple who live around Tinpati in Kohima and were pleasantly surprised to receive the print edition of the newspapers at their doorstep on Wednesday morning. “We were not aware that it is back in print and it came as a nice surprise,” they elatedly express. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, most newspapers
  • Naga woman reaches out to needy in Punjab
    Three-year old Angad Elishan sharing a prayer on the placard at his residence in Satnampura, Phagwara on May 5. (Photo Courtesy: Chelsea Kikon K)   Kanili Kiho Dimapur | May 5 In the quiet streets of Phagwara city, as dawn breaks in, Chelsea Kikon K with her son and her brother Moses are up and about packing essentials in their home. They have put on their safety gears to begin their unassuming task of dropping off packets of essentials to families in need around the c
  • The Good Samaritan Project helping the needy in Mokokchung
    Good Samaritan project in Mokokchung has been helping daily wage earners, stranded students, the sick and the needy during this lockdown project.    Limasenla Jamir  Mokokchung | May 4  The lockdown of the nation has in many ways affected the lives of the people in the entire nation. With no or limited sources to earn for their livelihood, the daily wage earners have been hit the hardest in Mokokchung district.  The Christ Church Mokokchung along
  • EA opens ‘lockdown’ links for local farmers, street vendors
    Framers bring local produce from various villages to be transported to Kohima.    Due to supply chain disruption amidst COVID-19 lockdown, both farmers and vendors are facing untold hardship     Atono Tsükrü Kense Kohima | May 4 As the battle against the deadly coronavirus wages on, local farmers and women street vendors who have been dependent on marketing their products for sustenance have been profoundly hit by the lockdown, which has been exte
  • Kohima house owner waives rent during lockdown
    Our Correspondent Kohima | May 4 Sending sight of relief to the tenants, Boulie Whuorie of Kohima village has taken decision to skip the house rent for his tenants in and around Kohima during the lockdown period. Talking to The Morung Express, a musician Boulie Whuorie said that he had decided to do goodwill to the tenants considering their struggle to get daily requirements and also their business affected by COVID- 19 lockdown measures. “At this extraordinary situat
  • 'Keep the candle of humanity burning'
    Three women carried out a donation drive for those at the quarantine centres in Dimapur which received a pouring in of help from numerous people.     Three women lead donation drive to help people at Dimapur quarantine centres    Morung Express News Kohima | May 3 Amidst these challenging times of a pandemic and a nationwide lockdown with many stranded and seeking relief, three women and a Church in Dimapur stepped up to provide essentials for the ho
  • COVID-19: Social distancing protocol- Part II
    People maintain social distancing during shopping hour in Midland, Kohima. (Morung Photo)   Chizokho Vero Kohima | May 3  The Morung Express has been gathering views from a cross section of people regarding their views and observations on social distancing protocol during the COVID-19 lockdown period. “If we want to stay safe we have to maintain social distancing protocol,” said H Chishi, President, Nagaland Press Association (NPA). He added that eve
  • Mokokchung coming together to make 2 lakh face masks
    Sterilisation process of face masks at Fazl Ali College in Mokokchung. The college along with numerous organistions from the district are participating in the Face Mask Campaign Mokokchung. (Morung Photo)   Morung Express News Mokokchung | May 2  The Mokokchung District Task Force on COVID-19 has launched a Face Mask Campaign, a hundred percent citizen funded campaign, with an aim to stitch and distribute washable masks for all the citizens of Mokokchung district
  • Lockdown Lessons: Educators in Nagaland share online teaching experiences
    A class IX student attends English class through TV as per schedule given by the Department of School Education, Nagaland in Dimapur on May 1. (Morung Photo)    Vishü Rita Krocha Kohima | May 1 Even as pre-recorded video lessons for students of classes 8, 9, 10 and 12 across the state were first telecasted today via Doordarshan amid COVID-19, teachers who were selected to present lessons on their respective subjects were in for a whole new experience of teaching.
  • Core committee catering to essential needs in Mkg
    The core committee for essential commodities has been working out logistics to ensure the supply of essential goods to people of the district during the lockdown period   Limasenla Jamir Mokokchung| April 30  Mokokchung district constituted a Core team on essential commodities when the lockdown was announced on March 25. The core team on essential commodities comprises of eleven members headed by the ADC, Mokokchung, Mokokchung Municipal Council, Mokokchung Chamber