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  • Keeper of traditional craft knowledge
    Morung Express News Tuensang | July 10 Living up to its name as ‘The land of tradition,’ the craftsmen of Tuensang are keepers of traditional craft knowledge and skills in various pockets of the district.  One such is Sekiam, a 60 year old man from Kingpao village under Noklak subdivision.  Crafting products such as cane caps, bamboo caps, bottle carriers, baskets, mats, bowls, etc, Sekiam remains busy in his traditional craft, and earns an average
    Naga musicians making music during lockdown   Vishü Rita Krocha Kohima | July 9  Full time musicians who typically earn on the basis of their shows and event performances are among the most affected during the Coronavirus lockdown. The months of February, March and April are the season of college fests and under normal circumstances; these festivals would have brimmed with activity, also generating some source of income for Nagaland’s homegrown musi
  • Football uninterrupted: Nurturing young talents in the time of Coronavirus
    Rebecca K Kits Dimapur | July 8 While the village is yet to bustle into life, 12 year old Allen wakes up by 4:00 am and prepares to head to the village ground where he will be joined by 19 other children for their football practice. This is an everyday routine for the 20 odd children who are being trained by 22-year-old Lironthung Lotha from Chudi village now permanently settled in Merapani village under Wokha district. The Coronavirus pandemic has no doubt slowed much
  • Tuluni festive spirit embraces QC returnees
    Morung Express News Chümoukedima | July 8 It was an unexpected but relishing 'Tuluni' treat for inmates of the all-female quarantine centre at New DC Complex, Chümoukedima on Wednesday evening. The returnees were served 'smoked pork and 'axone', the mouth watering traditional dish of the Sumi Nagas, during dinner. For those returnees who don't eat pork, they were served chicken masala and roti. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdow
  • North East Matters Campaign for ‘One India’
    Vishü Rita Krocha Kohima | July 7  Recognising that with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, India is simultaneously facing another outbreak of racial discrimination against the people of North East India, Campaign YOLO, a joint initiative of Sarvahitey and Social Media Matters (SMM) has taken up serious efforts in eliminating all kinds of racial discrimination in India by taking a pledge to fight against the racial outbreak. The campaign called #NorthEastMatter
  • Travelling mela stuck in Tuensang for 4 months
    Moses Honang Chang  Tuensang | July 6  The reaction of nations to the COVID-19 pandemic is to lock down borders both internal and external. As India decided to do the same it has adversely affected different walks of life. One such incident is about a mela group who set up their camp in parade ground, Tuensang on February`26 and has been left stranded for more than four months. Badal Das, the person in-charge of the team.   BK Enterprise is an enter
  • Chizami sets up COVID-19 Creativity Hub
      Vishü Rita Krocha Kohima | July 5  Dispelling ripples of fear that often surround quarantine centres, COVID-19 Task Force Chizami has chosen to deviate from the typical way of doing things by naming their centre “COVID-19 Creativity Hub.” When the first batch of returnees to Chizami arrived on June 4, they were in for a pleasant surprise as they realised that their 14-day stay here would be all about exploring more of their gifts, abilities
  • Chingmei: Beekeeping boosting local economy
      Morung Express News Tuensang | July 5 Year 2005 was a remarkable year for Chingmei, an agrarian village few kilometre from Noklak subdivision over viewing Chashuyam reserve, as it was then that the Department of Land Resources spotted the potential of rearing the honey bee Apis Cerana in this village. The rest is history.  The Department of Land Resources led by A Pangjong Jamir, the then District Project Officer came to the village hav
  • Access to better education uplifts Nokyan-B village
    Morung Express News Tuensang | July 4 When the Nagaland state literacy rate was at 80% as per 2001 census, Nokyan-B of Noklak sub division under Tuensang district did not have record of even one HSLC examination passed candidate till 2014. During such a grim period, the Land Resources Department (LRD), Tuensang adopted Nokyan-B as one of the villages under Special Program for Environment and Economic Development (SPEED), a program initiated by the LRD, Government of Nagaland
  • Dollops of support, ‘scornful’ of criticism
    Dog-meat ban in Nagaland explodes into raging debate    Morung Express News Kohima | July 3 The Nagaland Government's July 3 decision proscribing ‘dog-meat’ exploded into raging public debate on the virtual realm. The governmental decree bans the commercial import-trading of dogs and also the sale of both ‘cooked and uncooked’ dog-meat in a state of India often branded for its love affair with a supposedly unconventional dietary list.
  • ‘No community spread of COVID in Nagaland’
    Atono Tsükrü Kense  Kohima | July 3 With the increase in COVID-19 positive cases even among the frontline workers, speculations and apprehensions are running high that community spread has begun in the state. However, dispelling speculations, Principal Director, Health and Family Welfare, Dr Vizolie Suokhrie, told The Morung Express that “whatever spread is happening are all local transmission.” So what is community spread? According to WebMD,
  • Ekhao village recounts ‘Open Defecation Free’ journey
    Morung Express News Tuensang | July 3 With the vision to achieve ‘Open Defecation Free’ (ODF) India, the Swachh Bharat Mission was launched on October 2, 2014 throughout the country. The leaders of the county set the goal to achieve ODF India by October 2, 2019.  Following this vision and with the intervention of the Land Resources Department (LRD), Tuensang, 64 households in Ekhao village attained ODF status in 2015, though it was not declared. Ekhao villag
  • Naga student builds DIY drone to deliver medicines and essentials
    Morung Express News Kohima | July 2 21 year old Ponachan Y Kikon from Wokha has built a DIY drone for delivering medicines and essentials with “zero contact.” A project borne out of personal interest has been developed into a purposeful innovation especially for the present pandemic times. "While working on the project, one particular concept that came to my mind was social distancing," says Ponachan. The DIY drone according to Ponachan helps achieve so
  • Allegiance to ‘Hippocratic Oath’ comes first, say doctors in Nagaland
    On National Doctors’ Day, The Morung Express talked to a few doctors in the interior parts of the state on the challenges and motivations of working in the health sector, especially during this crisis   Atono Tsükrü Kense Kohima | July 1 During this unprecedented public health emergency, doctors have been manning the frontlines working round the clock under immense pressure. Despite the challenges, fears, negativity, criticism, separa
  • Nagaland: Where would we be without them? Citizens salute doctors
    On National Doctor's Day, The Morung Express talks with some citizens about the invaluable service and contribution made by doctors and health workers, especially during current crisis    Vishü Rita Krocha Kohima | July 1 Since our conception they have been part of our lives as they will, until our last breath. “Doctors. Where would we be without them?” Ruth Sasü asks even as she points out that their passion and dedication to help, hea
  • COVID-19 cases exceed bed count in Mon, Peren COVID Hospitals
    COVID Care Centres come to the rescue   Morung Express News Dimapur | June 28 COVID Care centres in Mon and Peren have come to the rescue as COVID-19 cases exceed the available number of beds in the district COVID Hospitals. Health officials in Mon and Peren districts informed that the positive patients in the districts are being accommodated in the COVID Care Centres (CCCs) and as of now, there is no shortage of beds in the district COVID Hospitals. As per u
  • Four districts in Nagaland record zero COVID-19 case
    Atono Tsükrü Kense Kohima | June 28 Self-discipline and self-responsibility in compliance of safety protocols among the returnees have proved to be productive with nil COVID-19 positive cases in the districts of Longleng, Mokokchung*, Wokha and Kiphire till today. While there have been numerous reports of ‘unruly, indifferent and insensitive behaviour’ demonstrated by the returnees in the quarantine centres (QCs) in other districts, returnees from these
  • Shops in Kohima witness lesser footfall
    Timing changes, ‘Odd-Even’ system among reasons    Chizokho Vero Kohima | June 28 The state capital Kohima has been witnessing minimal shoppers over the past few days. Apparently, the fall in footfalls resulted following the permission of the commercial establishments to remain open on all weekdays (Monday to Saturday) from 7: 00 AM to 4: 00 PM. This has brought down the rush and crowded shopping in many areas of Kohima city. Many import
  • ‘Lockdown: A great opportunity for change’
    Vishü Rita Krocha Kohima | June 28 Growing up poor, Vibeilietuo Kets did not have it easy even as he recalled that, “living on rent in Botsa as a student, I did not have any mattress. Every night, I would get an NST bus seat to sleep upon with books as my pillow.” This was when he pursued high school from Botsa, some 12 kilometres away from his native village, Gariphema where he lived with a few friends on rent, who were clearly better off than him. “O
  • Nagaland finalising organic policy: Temjen Toy
    Webinar Session on ‘Organic Farming: Policies & Advocacy’   Morung Express News  Kohima | June 27 Chief Secretary of Nagaland, Temjen Toy on Saturday stated that when it comes to organic farming, the state  have a similar history Bhutan wherein farming is organic by default, but has criteria that needs to be fulfilled and standards to be met.  He was speaking at the Webinar Session on ‘Organic Farming: Policies & Advocacy&r