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  • One District One Focus Product: How products from Nagaland stack up against other states
    Morung Express News Dimapur | March 25 The One District One Focus Product (ODOFP) sectors for 728 districts across the country, including 11 districts from Nagaland were finalised in February by the Union Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare (MoA&FW) in consultation with the Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MOFPI). The Minister of MoA&FW, Narendra Singh Tomar informed the Lok Sabha on March 23 that the ODOP approach, adopted under the Centrally Sponsored Pr
  • Can Nagaland eliminate TB 5 years ahead of global time line?
    Ketholeno Neihu  Kohima | March 23 Five years ahead of the global time line, Nagaland has embarked in a journey of eliminating Tuberculosis by 2025. The communicable yet curable disease however remains a major health issue requiring urgent attention on areas including awareness and education for which ‘early diagnosis, complete and appropriate treatment is key to combating TB.  Gaps in rate of detected cases As per records from Nikshay- a case based, web enabled
  • Piped dreams? Nagaland’s JJM status
    Morung Express News  Dimapur | March 22 Nagaland on March 22 joined the rest of India in launching the ‘Jal Shakti Abhiyan - Catch the Rain’ campaign under the theme ‘Catch the rain, where it falls, when it falls’ aimed at focusing on “saving and conserving rainwater.” Implemented under the flagship Jal Jeevan Mission (JJM) of the Ministry of Jal Shakti, the campaign will run from March 22-November 30, in the pre-monsoon and monsoon perio
  • Nagaland: A year since lockdown: Health workers reflect
    Atono Tsükrü Kense Kohima | March 22  A year ago on this day, the COVID-19 induced lockdown was imposed in Nagaland. What followed was an unforgettable year of isolation, hunger, despair and distress on one hand, and the overwhelming outpouring of humanity from all corners on the other.  Stepping into the first anniversary of the lockdown, a message, which has gone viral on social media, rings true as people remember the frontline workers who relentlessly fou
  • Nagaland and NE States not an ‘ideal place’ for Indian Inc social activities
    Nagaland, Mizoram most ‘neglected’ States under CSR activities  Moa Jamir Dimapur | March 21 With less than 1% of total money spent by companies in India last fiscal year, Nagaland and other North East States are one of the most neglected areas for the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities, according to an official data. The figure may be reflective of lack of industries or other geo-political factors, but the amount spent by public and private sec
  • Nagaland: Bouquets & brickbats for DoSE
    NLA Panel asks for status report by April 15 Moa Jamir Dimapur | March 17 The Department of School Education (DoSE) received bunches of bouquets as well as a huge pile of brickbats from the Public Account Committee (PAC) 2020-2021 of the 13th Nagaland Legislative Assembly in its recent report.  The Committee while appreciating, among others, DoSE’s effort on pre-school education, detachment of teachers and rationalisation efforts, also faulted the Department fo
  • Misappropriation, loss etc in Nagaland: NLA Committee ‘alarmed’ by amount involved
    Says non-submission of Utilisation Certificates a ‘major concern’ Moa Jamir  Dimapur | March 15  The amount involved in cases of misappropriation, loss etc. of Government’s money in the State is “alarmingly high,” the Public Account Committee (PAC) 2020-2021 of the 13th Nagaland Legislative Assembly (NLA) has observed in a recent report.  While most of these cases are still pending, it appears that there is “a lenien
  • Submit revised Nagaland Sports Policy 2006 within two months: PAC to DYRS
    Morung Express News Dimapur | March 15  The NLA’s Public Account Committee (PAC) 2020-2021 of the Nagaland Legislative Assembly (NLA) has in its recent report pulled up the Department of Youth Resources and Sports (DYRS), among others, for its failure to review sports policy, infrastructure anomalies and lack of development plan for sports and youth activities.  The PAC headed by Advisor K Tokugha Sukhalu, which presented the 123rd Report to the NLA on February 1
  • Nagaland: 15 Years and Rs 58cr Later...
    NLA Panel demands status report on Multi-Disciplinary Sports Complex by April 15 Moa Jamir Dimapur | March 14 Over 15 years since the project was first initiated, the ongoing works of the Multi-Disciplinary Sports Complex, Dimapur might see some ‘action’ after a scathing observation and direction from the Public Account Committee (PAC) 2020-2021 in its 123rd Report.  Among others, the PAC recommended the Department of Youth Resources and Sports (DYRS) to make
  • ‘Have you ever seen a poor pastor?’
    There’s been soul-searching recently over ‘materialism’ in Nagaland’s houses of worship Morung Express News Dimapur | March 13 A recent poll taken by The Morung Express, found at least 58 per cent of respondents felt that there was an undercurrent of ‘materialism’ in the churches of Nagaland while 22 per cent felt that the church was most influenced by ‘Biblical teachings.’ Another 13 per cent viewed that ‘tribal culture&rsqu
  • Dimapurians acquire new experience of Asian retail stores
    Ephraim Chishi  Dimapur | March 13 Humans are a whimsical species; we enjoy novelty and entertain ourselves with the new and trendy. It is hardly a wonder then that we always demand for more things to keep ourselves occupied with. Japanese and Korean trends are nothing new, however they are relevant to this day and people are interested in them.  To supply these demands, many convenience store chains have opened up including the likes of Mumuso, Mimiso and Usupso. Thes
  • Cycle of default buries Nagaland’s power sector neck deep in arrears
    10 figure of unrealised revenue in Dimapur Electrical Division   Imkong Walling  Dimapur | March 7  The Department of Power, Nagaland (DoPN) was in for some flak in the Assembly this year from none other than the Chief Minister. “Against an amount of Rs 407 crore spent on power purchase during 2019-20, the revenue earned was Rs 159 crore only. During the current financial year, against power purchase of Rs 452 crore, we are expected to get about Rs
  • Chizami enables women’s participation in decision making
    Chizami inducts women members in village council and VDB management committee Vishü Rita Krocha Kohima | March 7  Signalling hope for stronger participation of women in decision making roles, Chizami village has made a revolutionary change by inducting 4 Village Council Members who are women and 6 women in the Management Committee of the Village Development Board (VDB).  For the first time in its history, and possibly in the whole of Nagaland state as far as vi
  • Making strides in the ‘gentleman’s game’
    Morung Express News Dimapur | March 7 Cricket may have come with the tag of being ‘a gentleman’s game,’ but women in Nagaland are slowly making strides to embrace it and build a career in the sport. Having suffered its shared of dismal records in the past, the Nagaland women’s cricket team has fared better over the years. The senior women’s team finished second in the plate group of the last Women’s Senior One Day Trophy and will now be pla
  • ‘Be prepared for failure’
    Naga woman professional bodybuilder breaking the stereotype Ephraim Chishi  Dimapur | March 7 “I felt like giving up every single day ... what helped me focus, stay on track and keep going was thinking long term, picturing myself and seeing myself at the end of the journey.” - These are the words of Neithongunuo Rio Achumi, who broke the stereotype and overcame hardships to become one of the first Naga women to step on an Olympia Stage and make it to the finals.
  • Nagaland: NLA Committee chides Agri, Forest Dept for laxity in maintaining records
    Morung Express News Dimapur | March 6  Two departments in Nagaland were chided by the Nagaland Legislative Assembly’s (NLA) Committee on Subordinate Legislation (2020-2021) for failure to maintain records of important official documents and procedural lapses, among others.  The Committee headed by Dr Imtiwapang Aier made the observation after examining the ‘Nagaland Agricultural Produce Marketing Rules, 2006’ (62nd Report) and the ‘Nagaland Stat
  • Nagaland: NLA Committee for re-starting Wazeho cement plant
    Morung Express News  Dimapur | March 4  The Nagaland Legislative Assembly’s (NLA) Committee on Public Undertakings (COPU), 2020-21 has recommended that the Mini Cement Plant (MCP) in Wazeho, Phek be ‘operated/run’ by the State Government instead of being privatized. The government has the “manpower and caliber” to operate the MCP and the COPU felt that it is one of the Public Sectors Undertakings (PSUs) with “great potential to gener
  • NagaEd: Reimagining the Naga learning experience
    Interview with NagaEd founders Shiroi Lily Shaiza and Kevisato Sanyü Morung Express News Kohima | March 3 NagaEd is an education technology provider of learning and teaching solutions for students, teachers and institutions seeking a digitally enabled educational experience. With a mission to empower the next generation of Nagas “to shape our evolution as a people and society while respecting the traditional communitarian ethos of our forebears”, NagaEd envision
  • ‘We are heartbroken’
    Storehouse functioning as drug de-addiction centre in Tuensang Moses Hongang Chang Tuensang | March 3 The abuse of intoxicants in one form or the other has long been a part of life for  mankind. With the introduction of heroin and other new forms of drugs in late 70s and 80s, the problem of drug abuse acquired new and alarming dimensions in Nagaland. In this scenario, drug rehabilitation centres play an important role in ensuring that users get de-addiction proper treatm
  • Back to old habits
    Initial enthusiasm to support single use plastic ban has waned with traders and the public going back to old ways Kanili Kiho Dimapur | March 1 Following up on the Central Government’s directive to start curbing single-use plastic in their respective States in 2019, the Nagaland State Government in that same year had banned single-use plastic in the State on September 18. 17 months on, The Morung Express took to the streets of Dimapur to check on the efficacy of the