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  • Curious Kids: How does a virus stop?
    Erin Smith, Edith Cowan University How does a virus stop? — Angela Gaganis, year 1, Adelaide There’s a scene in the movie “Wreck It Ralph” where Sergeant Calhoun describes some of the bad guys, called “Cy-Bugs”. Calhoun says “Cy-Bugs are like a virus… All they know is eat, kill, multiply”. She goes on to say “viruses do not stop!” Well, do they? It’s a great question, Angela. It can be confu
  • The Constitution of India
    At the outset, I would like to extend my greetings to everyone on the occasion of Constitution Day. It is a matter of pride and great joy as India celebrates its 71st Constitution Day. In the words of Justice Krishna Iyer “The Constitution of India is not only the supreme law of the Land but it is indeed a way of life.” November 26, 1949 marked a new beginning for India as the Constitution of India was adopted by the Constituent Assembly on that day. The Constituent Assembl
  • QUIZ 232
    1. Nagaland’s latest State Polytechnic Institute inaugurated by Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio on November 27 is located in: a. Tobu        b. Aboi c. Tizit          d. Naginimora 2. Which among the following is the newest township in Nagaland to have an urban local body (ULB)? a. Niuland b. Athibhung  c. Tuli d. Athibung e. Thonoknyu 3. Nagaland reported the first COVID-19 positive case
  • Weekly Internship List December 1
    1. Marketing at The Global Franchise Location – Work From Home Stipend – Rs 10,000 /Month Link – Deadline – 14th December 2020   2. Chat Process at Total Dental Care Location – Work From Home Stipend – Rs 10,000 /Month Link – Deadline – 14th December 2020 3. Investment Analysis at Archana Priyadarshini Location – Work From Home Stipend &ndash
  • The Hideous Pursuit for Money
    “There are lot of people with loads of money, but have poverty of the mind and soul. Money will only give you options, but it will never bring happiness to a poor mind and poor soul.”- Itayi Garande, Broken Families: How to get rid of toxic people and live a purposeful life Money, Money, Money! The most common word in every society. We all know what money is, even a nursery kid understands the value of money. Money is a tool that enables us to protect ourselves, to build
  • Oxford English Dictionary ‘Words of an unprecedented year’
    Skips 'Word of the Year' for 2020, says 'unprecedented' year required dozens instead IANS Oxford English Dictionary (OED) announced on Monday for the first time that it has chosen not to name one single word of the year, but many words for the "unprecedented" year 2020. Describing 2020 as "a year which cannot be neatly accommodated in one single word," OED said that there were too many words to sum up the events of 2020, the Xinhua news agen
  • Quiz No. 231
    1. In which category the Kohima Smart City Development Ltd (KSCDL) was declared winner at the ET Government Global Smart Cities Forum 2020? a. Best Smart Education Solution of the Year b. Best Digital Initiative of the Year  c. Best Safety & Security Initiative of the Year d. Best Startup Initiatives by Smart Cities 2. Which among the following tribes in the North East celebrates Wangala, a post harvest festival? a. Garos        
  • Weekly Internship List - November 24
    1. Angular Development at Torit Innovations  Location – Work From Home Stipend – Rs 5,000-8,000 /Month Link – Deadline – 6th December 2020   2. Research Evangelism at Sciensation Society Location – Work From Home Stipend – Rs 5,000-8,000 /Month Link – Deadline – 6th December 2020 3. Business Development (Sales) at AlmaBetter Location – Work
  • Curious Kids: why do older adults get shorter?
    Michelle Moscova, UNSW   Hi I’m Miranda. I am ten years old and I live in California. My question is: why do older adults get shorter? What an interesting question, Miranda! Luckily, you don’t have to worry about this for some time. Until you are 30 or so (I know, it sounds old), you will continue to grow. However, after that, most people start to gradually shrink. So by the time you are 80 (yes, that seems really ancient), you would be 2-2.5 inches
  • National Unity Day 2020
    Keren Kent "Manpower without unity is not a strength unless it is harmonized and united properly, then it becomes a spiritual power." - Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Surrounded by the highest chains of snow-capped crisp white colored Himalayas which extend forever into space, the gentle streak of the thick golden sand of the Thar Desert, the jewel of India comprises the seven sisters in the Northeast. Home to around 17.7% of the world population, this is India, a kaleidoscop
  • QUIZ 230
    1. Which among the following banks has been assigned the ‘Lead Bank’ responsibility for the district of Noklak? a. Nagaland State Co-operative Bank Ltd b. State Bank of India c. Bank of Baroda d. Punjab National Bank 2. Where is Nagaland’s first Organic Air Conditioned Market being constructed?  a. ‘Made in Nagaland’ Expo Centre, Kohima b. ICAR, Nagaland Centre, Medziphema  c. NER Agri Expo Site, 4th Mile, Dimapur d. St
  • Weekly Internship List
    1. Equity Research at Ashish Rathi Location – Work From Home Stipend – Rs 10,000 /Month Link – Deadline – 30th November 2020   2. Graphic Design at Milliman India Location – Work From Home Stipend – Rs 15,000 /Month Link – Deadline – 30th November 2020 3. Human Resources (HR) at Workafy Technologies Location – Work From Home Stipend – R
  • Curious Kids: how does our blood fight viruses like chicken pox and colds?
    Archana Koirala, University of Sydney   If you have a question you’d like an expert to answer, send it to How does our blood fight viruses like chicken pox, sickness and colds? - Teddy, 5, Oxfordshire, England. Our bodies are made up of building blocks called cells. They are different sizes and colours and join together to become organs like the skin, brain and lungs. Some cells travel around our body and work to
  • To Live in Peace is to Live in Harmony: Let us Build Bridges not Walls
    Abeni Yanthan  “I do not want that our loyalty as Indians should be in the slightest way affected by any competitive loyalty whether that loyalty arises out of our religion, out of our culture or out of our language. I want all people to be Indians first, Indians last and nothing else but Indians.” ~ Dr. B.R. Ambedkar National Unity Day was introduced by the Government of India in 2014. National Unity Day or Rashtriya Ekta Divas is celebrated annually on 31st Oct
  • QUIZ NO - 229
    1. According to a recent mid-term review meeting on planning and implementation of Jal Jeevan Mission, how many villages out of 1,502 in Nagaland had Piped Water Supply systems? a. 83             b. 111 c. 1,351       d.  1,502 2. How many students studying in private schools in Nagaland have access to smartphones according to the Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) (Rural) 2020? a.  
  • Weekly Internship List
    1. UI/UX Design at Travelxp HD Location – Work From Home Stipend – Rs 4,000-5,000 /Month Link – Deadline – 23rd November 2020   2. Product Management at Techtious Technologies Location – Work From Home Stipend – Rs 8,000-12,000 /Month Link – Deadline – 23rd November 2020  3. Mobile App Development at Transilience Tech Location – Work From Home Stipend &ndas
  • Curious Kids: how do solar panels work?
    Andrew Blakers, Australian National University How do solar panels work? – Nathan, age 5, Melbourne, Australia. The Sun produces a lot of energy called solar energy. Australia gets 20,000 times more energy from the Sun each day than we do from oil, gas and coal. This solar energy will continue for as long as the Sun lives, which is another 5 billion years. Solar panels are made of solar cells, which is the part that turns the solar energy in sunlight into e
  • Unity and Integration of India
    Kezhavikho Lhoushe  India is not the ‘great’ country that many of us wish it was. It may have dawned on us that our country suffers from numerous problems. From a scarcity of education to miserably poor sanitation, or from its extreme safe-ness for religious dogma and extremism to its unsafe-ness for women across our country, India certainly has her hands full. We are plagued with issues that degrade society. We witness them, multiple times, in hideous forms. Ind
  • QUIZ No. 228
    1. What was the rank of Nagaland in the Affairs Index 2020, the annual ranking of annual ranking of the states and union territories (UTs) of India on governance performance by the Public Affairs Centre? a. 8             b. 9 c. 10             d. 11 2. In which constituencies of Nagaland were the bye-elections to the NLA held on November 3? a. Northern Angami-I and Seyochung Siti
  • Weekly Internship List
    1. Content Writing (Translation) at Pocket FM Location – Work From Home Stipend – Rs 10,000 /Month Link – Deadline – 16th November 2020   2. Wardrobe Stylist at She Means Business Location – Work From Home Stipend – Rs 2,000 /Month Link – Deadline – 16th November 2020  3. Content Development (Commerce) at CollegeShala Location – Kolkata, As