Morung Learning

  • Living the Moment
    Manna Zhimo, Asst. Professor, Dept. of Commerce & Management To the hill people from time immemorial Manipur was known as “Meiteileipak” or “Kangleipak” - land of the Meiteis/Tam
  • Naga Movement in Manipur: Change & Continuity
    Dr. Rimmei Longmei, Asst. Professor & HOD, Department of Political Science In terms of size and population, Manipur is one of the smallest states in India. having ranked twenty-fourth in the list of sta
  • Social Pollution: A Case of Naga Society
    Zujanbeni M Lotha, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology It is a requirement of any social system to function unhindered for its sustenance which is not always favored. It is disturbed and stained wi
  • Rethinking the Inner Line Permit (ILP) System
    Akatolu Assumi, (Ph.D. scholar) Assistance Professor, Department of History   The history of a line The ILP has a curious history. On March 1, 1873, the Government of Bengal forwarded a draft Regulatio
  • A ‘Fishy’ Business
    Limala Longchar, Assistant Professor, Department of English.   The Government of India, under the Ministry of Consumer Affair started JagoGrahakJago, a consumer awareness programme. As a part of this i
  • A Peek into India’s Political Destiny
    Aniruddha Babar, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science Minimizing the complexity of variations in the political opinion to a scale of left or right is common discussion in the public discours
  • Killed by WhatsApp?
    Dr. Nonlih Chohwanglim, Assistant Professor, Department of English In the binary opposition between Learning/Unlearning, ‘Learning’ is generally given the central position. Ever since a human be
  • Special Economic Zone: Myth and Reality
    Supongtemsu Longchar, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science   Export Processing Zones (EPZs) are an international phenomenon influencing increasing share of trade flows and employing a g
  • 'Victim Mentality'
    Mhabeni Tungoe Assistant Professor & HoD, Department of Education   In life, we experience moments of joy, happiness, sorrow, and sadness. All these emotions are the elements of life. Likewise, iss
  • Why Go Anywhere Else?
    Kvulo Lorin Director, Tetso College I remember when I got my HSLC result. I was excited, nervous and wondering what I would do next. One thing I was sure of though was that I didn’t want to continue m
  • Where Will You Study Next?
    Kahor Raleng, Head of the English Department & Higher Secondary Supervisor The next hurdle after exams for students and their parents/guardians is the process of finding the right institute, and the cha
  • Can we call Ourselves Responsible Naga Citizens?
    Somungla Khamrang, Assistant Professor, Department of Education   I would like to share my concerns and observations of the life and environment in general in Nagaland. Not to begin this piece by paint
  • Let’s go for a Productive Vacation!
    Priyanka Debnath Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce   It’s that time of the year where all the students and teachers will be looking forward in excitement to summer vacation. Academic li
  • A well balanced Naga Society
    Mete-u Therie, Assistant professor, Department of English I am just any ordinary Naga youth and when it comes to the topic 'Naga Society', this is such a broad topic and I may not be the best fit or
  • Smart Investment
    Prasenjit Bhadra, Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce   Generally, investment would mean allocating money with the hope of gaining some benefit in the future. In finance, the benefit from inves
  • One Life: Live, love & Value it!!
    Earlitha M Sangma Assistant professor, Department of Education   Life is not about merely knowing that your heart beats; nor it is about knowing how your heart pumps blood into your body; Life is much
  • English Curriculum under Nagaland University: Debatable?
    Arenkala Kichu Assistant Professor, Department of English A majority of us think that “ENGLISH” is a study of only literature since literature has only been the area that has been focused on. Wh
  • Musings on the Nagaland Legislative Assembly Elections 2018
    Amenla Jamir, Assistant Professor, Dept of Education I don’t consider myself an expert in the affairs of politics nor do I have any vested interest in politics. But like so many others before me have
  • Professionalism
    In a place like Nagaland, where meritocracy is often being overridden by tribal politics, obligations or “negotiations” in cash, kind or favour, it seems like we all need a lot more professionalism
  • Obedience is better than sacrifice
    At the very outset, I acknowledge myself as someone very ordinary to write on a topic which is very much Biblical and deep in theological understanding. I am neither a preacher nor theologically trained to quot