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  • My Thoughts and Woes on Education in Nagaland
    The Right to Education Act (RTE), is an Act of the Parliament of India enacted in 2009, which describes the modalities of the importance of free and compulsory education for children between the ages of 6 and 1
  • Voice of the people
    Is Social Media creating plagiarism in Nagaland?   Yes social media, being viral, is indeed creating plagiarism in Nagaland. During the recent storm incident in Mokokchung, many of the local dailies m
  • Teachers: The Builders of a Nation
    I have been in the teaching profession for the last 16 years. Having taught students in both school and college level, I’ve learnt that teachers, whether in remote areas or in cities, teaching in primary
  • Rethinking Unemployment in Nagaland
    Our society is facing numerous problems; alcoholism, nepotism, bribery, corruption, and one of the most serious of all these is of unemployment. Theoretically, unemployment is a situation where a person in a ce
  • “Let me take a #Selfie”
    It’s a busy day at Dimapur. Shopkeepers are opening their stores, mothers are bargaining with unreasonable hope, and there, right in the middle of the sidewalk, two girls are staring into a phone held hig
  • Dimapur – Hell or Heaven?
    As the popular saying goes, every coin has two sides. Here is one side of the coin with regards to our city, Dimapur. Dimapur is the largest city in Nagaland, and rightfully, is known as the commercial hub of N
  • A Father’s Role Isn’t Easy
    The word ‘Father’ is derived from the Latin word “Pater” and is defined in several dictionaries as a man who has engendered a child, a male parent, or a person who takes responsibility f
  • The Church, the Change Maker
    Many churches: small, big, and mega churches, have been sprouting up in Nagaland. Most of these mega churches are led by missionaries and charismatic leaders and usually have a large number of people attending
  • This is My Story
    Tenyebinlo Himb, Class 12 Arts, Tetso College We are often in a dilemma whether we should or shouldn’t do certain things. We tend to doubt our capabilities and are afraid to fail when we face hurdles.
  • Tribalism: A Menace to Naga Society
    What is tribalism? Ism has more evils in its message. It is an exclusive attitude of a person making him feel proud of whom she/he is in the given society. It can also be termed as a social evil and vice that d
  • The Power of Teachers
    Henry Adams, an American historian once said, “A teacher affects eternity. One can never tell where his influence will end.” Teaching is one of the most challenging professions in our world today. T
  • Naga Youth and Popular Culture
    Popular culture is an amorphous, continually changing subculture characteristically reflected and fostered by the mass media. It expresses itself through artefacts, clothes, visual art, lingo, cult personalitie
  • The hopeful doctor, the aspiring professor and the potential Chartered Accountant
    What do a hopeful doctor from Siwan, Bihar, an aspiring professor from Akuluto, Nagaland, and a potential Chartered Accountant from Gopalganj, near UP-Bihar Border, have in common?   They are all girls,
  • Changing the Face of Education
    In Nagaland, to some extent, improvement, changes, and developments are taking place in every area of life - social, political, economic, culture, technology, etc. This is taking place mainly due to education.
  • Life is What You Make It!
    Life is not like a fairytale or a typical Bollywood movie that always ends well. Life is portrayed unrealistically. In actuality, there are no ‘happily ever after’s. We don’t always get what w
  • The New Woman
    In recent times, the world has seen the emergence of a new kind of woman. Cutting across classes and nations, this woman is reconstructing traditionally established notions of feminine and female behaviour, red
  • Survival of the Fittest!
    Good health is an asset, a very vital factor for one to enjoy life and experience happiness in its entirety. There is no doubt about this fact. This article I am writing is based on this important part of daily
  • Great expectations of an English Teacher in Nagaland
    The first thing I tell anyone about myself is that I am an English teacher. There is a certain level of pride, which I cannot help but feel with exuberance, over having fulfilled this childhood dream of mine. T
  • The Idea of Nagaland
    India itself is home to many different languages, cultures with different histories and every state has different descents. In spite of that, we call it a nation.A lot of the cultures and inhabitants of the peo
  • Was Jesus’ Time Any Different From Ours?
    “The History of all Hitherto Existing Societyis the History of Class Struggles.”says Karl Marx, the Social Philosopher, Economist, Sociologist, Journalist and Revolutionary socialist. In the earlier