• Faith Kitchen – feeding the poorest of the poor
    Easterine Kire What is Faith Kitchen? Who is running it? To what purpose? You know, all these are unnecessary questions. The most important thing is that this is an effort to feed the poorest during the partial lockdown. Why? Because they are always the most sorely affected by the lockdowns; because these are people who fall through the cracks and are not able to access government help of any kind, possibly due to ignorance on their own parts.  Faith Kitchen is working out o
  • Heart Failure: What you need to know for effective treatment
    Mr John has been having breathlessness on exertion for about a year, which became increasingly bothersome in the past four to five months. He is a 66 year old hypertensive patient on irregular medications. He used to climb up to two floors without difficulty, but that became a challenge with the onset of breathlessness. He started getting up in the middle of the night feeling very breathless and unable to lie down again to sleep for the next few hours. His feet swell up and get worse a
  • Telling it like it is
    Last week I received a book report by ten-year-old Samana Wungsek on my new book, ‘The Rain-Maiden and the Bear-Man.’ It was frank and forthright, and I totally appreciated it. Young Samana is an avid reader. Her mother, Alum Wungsek, says she had the time to write the book report because she was on a short break from schoolwork.  Writers feel vulnerable when new books get reviewed because one never knows if the reviewer will bond with the book or not; if the review
  • New titles to read this World Book Day
    Siddhi Jain IANSlife From navigating career misadventures in the corporate world, to building a personal brand or navigating one's own thoughts and feelings on the prolonged 'new normal', here is a list of titles to choose from, while you stay at home. 'Brand New Start' by Mainak Dhar Studying in college or business school and wondering what it takes to land your dream job? Early in your career and wondering how to set yourself up for success? Feeling off-tr
  • WCS or BCS?
    Easterine Kire ‘Can you give a talk on the topic, Isolation?’ That was the question from a group of college students. Such a depressing topic. Instinctively, I wanted to say no.But after some thought, the possibility of taking a different perspective on the subject, made it less depressing. A majority of people have struggled with the dilemma of isolation, and many have taken an extreme view of the enforced isolation of social and physical distancing, and lockdown period
  • Great men and evil age
    Keduovilie Linyü Kohima  We have come across on many stories of politicians and great men who had vanished and nobody remember them today. We have seen many once-great men; ministers of God–powerful mighty used preachers who refused to declare war on their sins. They lost everything, their families, their influence, their ministries and their self-respect, divorce and left alone the unloved children. In the evil age, a ripe field and a fear desire always invite us t
  • Gaslighting - understanding this in detail
    Shahzeen Shivdasani IANSlife Gaslighting. A term used so frequently by millennials and a concept that has been growing in popularity. So, what is 'gaslighting' you ask? It is a form of manipulation that happens in personal relationships. It is also considered emotional abuse as the abuser makes the victim question their reality. The victim wonders if they are going crazy by reacting a certain way to things done by the abuser. Gaslighting is turning the tables around and
  • Awareness about department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (PMR)
    Sanam Rana  CIHSR  Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PMR) also known as Physiatrist is a branch of medical specialty that aims to enhance and restore functional ability and quality of life of a person who has been disabled due to disease, disorder, or injury. e.g. Stroke, Head Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, & Cerebral Palsy etc. It treats patients of all ages and focus treatment particularly to improve function. PMR is an integrated multidisciplinary approach that tr
  • Connect to Disconnect
    N Lothungbeni Humtsoe IANSlife The increased use of social media signifies that people today are more connected than we have ever been in the history of time. While the internet can prove to be an invaluable tool to keep in touch with loved ones and the wider world, an excessive virtual reliance can have a damaging impact on our mental health. With most of us habitually checking our phones umpteen times in a day can make us feel increasingly unhappy and isolated in the long run.
  • The Price of Living
    Easterine Kire Come to think of it, it’s very nice to be alive. Because, whatever the grumblers might say, there is still nothing else to replace it. And we all get one beautiful chance at it, beautiful because there is only the one. No repeats. No fast forward, no rewind. The end is: Goombye hombre, hang up your sombrero. When you are dead, you are dead, finito. Some people preach that the dead are praying for us. No way. They have gone past all that. The only time the undead
  • Hemodialysis – A saviour for kidney diseases
    D Hriiziini BSc Dialysis Technologist, Dialysis Unit CIHSR Dimapur What is dialysis? Dialysis is a treatment that does some of the things (functions) done by healthy kidneys. It is needed when your own kidneys can no longer take care of your body's needs. When is dialysis needed? You need dialysis when you develop end stage kidney failure --usually by the time you lose about 85 to 90 percent of your kidney functions. What does dialysis do? When your kidneys fail, dialysis
  • What about privacy?
    Easterine Kire I know it has become quite the thing to send around an embarrassing picture of a public leader on social media handles like WhatsApp and others. I recently received a picture that had been ‘forwarded many times.’ It was a public leader blowing his nose while attending a public event. There was nothing humorous or particularly striking about the picture that could warrant it being circulated many times. The intent behind it was ridicule. The person who took
  • A Bowl of Memories
    Ravinder Kaur Bali Sydney, Australia The spouse came home with a small jar of vermicelli the other day. Handmade vermicelli, mostly white, and flecked with colour: yellow, pink and green. Handmade vermicelli, just the way my grandmother used to make it: from dough made out of semolina and plain flour. She would make kilos and kilos of it, happily gifting it to friends and family. Vermicelli: the small sweet curls of dough that my cataract-blind grandmother made with her lined and g
  • Flame on a Hill – Negotiating the Tensions
    Easterine Kire Author Shelmi Sankhil talks about ‘the new realities,’ in his debut book, ‘Flame on a Hill’ and the manner in which the community has accepted an uneasy but unavoidable cohabitation. The new realities reflect the shift that has been irrevocably made from a traditional lifestyle of cultivation to a modern one where the education of children is prioritized and a scientific mindset encouraged to replace the old mindset. The stories show this cl
  • Mental health most impacted during COVID-19, says students' survey
    Siddhi Jain IANSlife As the country continues to battle the coronavirus, young adults in college say that their mental well-being has been most impacted by the pandemic's social consequences. But the silver lining is visible to most and the outlook is one of hope for this year, state the results of a survey by BML Munjal University. One out of every two, that is, 49 per cent students say that stress, anxiety and loneliness have been the most challenging to cope with during C
  • The Last light of Glory Days
    Easterine Kire Reading Avinuo Kire’s book, ‘The Last Light of Glory days,’ I had the startling revelation that as a Naga, I was reading fiction where at an imperceptible point, fiction stopped being fiction.  It had turned into lived reality. I knew a Zhabu, a Vilhoulie, a Neimenuo and a Pele. Their lives were the lives that many in my hometown had lived. Their fears and their interrupted joys, themultiple betrayals they met, the upended livesthey had to li
  • Breast cancer
    Dr Temsula Alinger Imsong Senior Consultant & HOD Department of Surgery, CIHSR   Breast canceris the most common female cancer worldwide representing nearly a quarter of all cancers. It was ranked the number one cancer among Indian females. Unlike other cancers, breast cancer is eminently treatable if detected at an early stage. Breast cancer is currently the most common cancer among Indian women, both in terms of incidence as well as mortality, with proportional
  • Once Upon a Time in Kohima: A fictional novel based on Naga society by Konaei Shongdok
    Review by Dr Neikihienuo Mepfhü-o As a literature student, I was taught that every conflict in literature, in its simplest form, is always a struggle between good and evil. I believe that Shongdok’s book also manifest different conflicts – whether it is personal, emotional, social, economic conflict in various forms. Most of these conflicts in the book are a conflict of good versus evil.  In this book, Shongdok has presented to us parallel stories of Issa Zo
  • Exigency of HONESTY for Progress
    Rev Dr Phuveyi Dozo Naga United Village, Dimapur Our society suffers famine of truth today. Like a leaky pot and a porous ground, our society will deteriorate with holes of dishonesty and fraud. Honesty is the need to thrive and bring success to our generation. Reliability is honesty while cunning and deception is dishonesty. It is honesty when we speak the truth and do what we speak. It is honesty when we do not manipulate and deceive others. It is honesty when we are transparent
  • Our very fragile resource
    Memory is our very fragile resource. Every day we are losing this resource as more and more elders die and take their stories with them to the grave.  Many friends share that they have experienced the thought welling up to ask a parent a question, only to realise in the next second that the parent is already gone. The people we thought of as elders, people in their eighties and nineties are so scarce today. We have to change our mindset and look at people in their sixties and s