• Logging & climate shifts slash forest carbon storage
    Michael Taylor Thomson Reuters Foundation Illegal logging and the impacts of climate change are altering the world's forests - making trees shorter and younger - and greatly reducing the amount of planet-warming emissions they can suck up and store, researchers warned on Thursday. That will have big implications for efforts to meet the world's climate goals and hold rising global temperatures to a safe level, scientists said. A study led by the U.S. Department
  • Summer heat and coronavirus: What you need to know
    Laurie Goering Thomson Reuters Foundation This summer is shaping up to be one of the hottest on record, and dealing with growing heat stress while battling the coronavirus pandemic will be a significant challenge. A practical guide to managing the health risks of extreme heat during the COVID-19 pandemic was launched this week by The Global Heat Health Information Network, a volunteer group of scientists, practical experts and policymakers.   Here are the big ta
  • Lockdown tale: Use the time to discover something new
    Chubalemla  Mokokchung    I have not let the lockdown stop me and my life as an entrepreneur.    Today, when we think and hear of Coronavirus, our thoughts lean towards how it has affected us, our loved ones and the lives of many people across our nation. Businesses and economies are crashing globally and it can bring great worry to those of us who struggle to make a living.   When the lockdown was first enforced, and then agai
  • Engineering student from SRM AP develops Faceshield 2.0 to protect from COVID-19
    Edex Live An engineering student of SRM University, AP developed a highly useful face shield which protects from Coronavirus. The face shield was unveiled in the Secretariat premises on Thursday and was handed over to Education Minister Adimulapu Suresh and MP Nandigam Suresh.   P Mohan Aditya, a Mechanical Engineering student developed the face shield and named it as "Face Shield 2.0". The face shield is very lightweight, easy to wear, comfortable yet durab
  • COVID-19 vs Music industry
    Alobo Naga As the whole world is battling this pandemic, many lives are lost, many families are suffering, who are left hungry, poor, hopeless and jobless. The economy is down, financial crisis and unemployment are on the rise. Millions of stranded citizens praying to return home to be with their loved ones and for security reasons.    At this juncture let me also address the plea and cry of the music industry. Since I feel many of you might be unaware of our str
  • Virtual tourism: LA, Maldives livestream twilight calm
    Siddhi Jain  IANS Life The Coronavirus pandemic has put all our travel plans in a tail spin, and cancelled well researched vacations. To help with the anxiety, destinations are offering 3D virtual tours, high-quality immersive photographs and livestreaming local experiences, many people are touring from the comfort of their couch. It is not just educational and cultural tours that virtual travellers can indulge in, but also moments of calm and quiet introspection. A
  • Depression: Stop the Stigma - Let’s Break the Silence
    Dr Naro Imchen MD (Community Medicine) Community Health Department CIHSR, Dimapur   Mental pain is less dramatic than physical pain, but it is more common and also harder to bear. -  CS Lewis   Mental health is defined as a state of well-being in which every individual realizes his/her own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully and is able to make a contribution to his/her own community. Our mental health
  • A Beatific Apocalypse
    Dr Aniruddha Babar, Tetso College,  Dimapur, Nagaland   When he close his eyes he often think of Death, with the rhythm of his breathing; waves of thoughts keep coming embracing the shore of his intellect. And, there he starts dissecting the stormy oceans in mind with a scalpel of his contemplation.   With a moment of birth a lonely journey to the end begins, celebrations of life eclipses by lingering shadow of unsurmountabledeath. The fear o
    SONNET- 20 (9th April 2020 -in iambic pentameter)-Angelo Pfithu     Covid-19 batter the world deep sad, The planet earth is now a wailing cry; Is quarantine governing thy thought sad? This too shall pass- ‘God is with us’, I scry.     Our towns desolated, our field’s barren, Tenebrosity triumph for sojourn; Stock emptied, all shut ‘nd break for children, Agonizing groan to upheaval mourn.     It is j
    SONNET- 19 Angelo Pfithu   Life, what’s this life! Brim with dolour ‘ndmournin’ Heart, what’s this heart! Fill with tears ‘ndmaimin’ Mind, what’s this mind! Numb, torpid ‘ndtroublin’ Woe, woe be gone, Leave me be, Oh! It won’t leave me alone; Am locked- none can open this core- you alone.   In million I am only soul in grief, This agony is never brief.   I am the knock, you are the closed door, Blisscurtain d
  • Mizoram launches COVID-19 apps, farmer helpline
    Newmai News Network Aizawl | April 3   In an unprecedented move towards fighting the rapidly increasing novel coronavirus and to facilitate speedy dissemination of authenticated information related to the virus, the Mizoram government on Friday launched a comprehensive mobile apps containing various information and updates on the deadly virus. Mizoram Information and Communication Technology (ICT) minister Robert Romawia Royte launched COVID-19 mobile application at
  • BRIGHT TUTEE – free digital learning app for Naga students
    DIPR In today’s technology driven world, digital learning is revolutionizing the educator sector in a big way, thereby enhancing the level of learning.   In this regard, the Board would like to inform that Clixa Technology Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi have developed a digital learning App “BRIGHT TUTEE” for Nagaland students in the subjects, Science and Mathematics for Classes IX & X. For Class IX, it is being offered for free for the current academic year. However, f
  • Lockdown
    Easterine Kire People are working from home. Schools and kindergartens are closed. Food shops are open, banks are closed. The ATMs are open. An airline company has cancelled 3000 flights. In Israel, the new ministers are being sworn in in threes as there is an order banning big numbers of people assembling at a given time. At the wailing wall, worshippers are asked not to kiss the stones. Some bridal couples are marrying in supermarkets because they are not closed off for public gat
  • What to expect at the unexpected times
    IANSlife  Motherhood is a joy of lifetime and a delicate feeling to relish. When the world is battling the novel coronavirus pandemic, one of the biggest concerns is how the COVID-19 infection affects pregnant women and their unborn children. Though the data and evidence ae limited, at preliminary stage experts are of the opinion that the infection cannot be transmitted in the womb.   Dr Renu Misra, Senior Consultant, Endoscopic surgery and IVF, Sitaram Bhartia I
  • COVID-19: Obligation can hamper relationships during social distancing
    IANS  Does a sense of obligation -- from checking on parents to running an errand for an elderly neighbour - benefit or harm a relationship especially at a time where social distancing is in place and people are relying on their immediate social circles more than usual?   According to researchers from Michigan State University, obligation is sometimes the "glue that holds relationships together," but it often carries negative connotations.   "We were
  • Exploring the Ganga, India's links to capitalism and Calcutta’s secrets
    IANS  How long can the Ganga river sustain the 500 million people along its banks; study how capitalism functioned in India before the turn of the previous century; and finally, get an insight into the turbulent times in Calcutta in the first two decades of the 1900s.   Immerse yourself in the offerings of the IANS Bookshelf This Weekend.     Superhuman River - Stories of the Ganga  Author: Bidisha Banerjee; Publisher: Aleph; Pages: 226;
  • Cancer and the role of lifestyle in its prevention
    Dr Shirely Leivon Junior Consultant, MD (Radiotherapy), Department of Radiotherapy/Oncology Services, CIHSR Most causes of cancer are preventable. According to evidence, almost 50% of all cancers can be prevented based on what we know today. While some malignancies are caused by factors beyond our control in cases like breast and ovarian cancers due to genetic predisposition, the most prevalent cancers in our country, and even in our state, are still preventable. It is also t
  • Covid-19: Tips for parents to keep their little ones safe
    IANSlife As the novel coronavirus - COVID-19, continues to take its toll globally, parents are worried about their children's safety more than ever. The traces of chaos and misinformation are ubiquitous, which is further deteriorating the situation, making parents and even children feel anxious and overwhelmed. Many of you must be looking for the safety norms to keep your little ones protected without getting them in a panic.   What is the right line action as a paren
  • A nuclear plant, women bikers and a classical vocalist’s journey
    IANS Read about the storms that the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant (KNPP), India''s largest such facility, has had to weather; take a 17,000 km motorcycle ride with four gutsy women that began in Hyderabad and concluded in Cambodia after traversing six countries; and finally, let the music flow by immersing yourself in the life and times of Ajoy Chakrabarty, one of India''s most eminent vocalists.   The IANS Bookshelf offers an eclectic variety this weekend. Plunge in
  • How employers can help mothers re-enter workforce
    IANSlife  In a work environment where many women already often battle barriers like unequal pay, inappropriate behaviour and sexual harassment, and find it hard to break through the 'glass ceiling', it can be daunting to get back to full-time work after a maternity break. How, then, can potential employers help?   "I often find that some women in fact tend to overcompensate post maternity leave and even later to prove that they haven't fallen back in terms of pro