• Decision to conduct exam during COVID-19 pandemic: A right decision?
    Soreithing Ramror We can call 2020 as the worst year of the century till date. The outbreak of the pandemic, COVID-19 has put a stop to all the regular human activities. As a measure to fight against it, there have been many restrictions which have also affected human lives immensely. Many of us are suffering a lot because of it physically, financially, emotionally and most importantly mentally. We can no longer live our lives the normal way. Offices, institutions, public transport,
  • Appendicitis
    Dr Temsutoshi Longkumer Junior Consultant, Surgery Department, CIHSR What is Appendix? Appendix (Vermiform appendix) is a tubular, worm shaped structure which is located at the junction of the caecum(beginning of the large intestine) and ileum (the last part of the small intestine) in the right side of the lower abdomen. ‘Vermiform’ is a Latin word meaning worm shaped. Its size and length may vary from one person to another. The vermiform appendix was long thought
  • The world's rising tide of plastic pollution - and how to stem it
    Thin Lei Win Thomson Reuters Foundation From straws and bags to cups and swabs, the amount of plastic waste in the ocean is expected to triple over the next two decades, threatening the health of humans and the planet and fuelling climate change, researchers said on Thursday. However, solutions already exist to reduce this pollution by up to 80%, they said in a report and accompanying scientific paper laying out a new model to quantify stocks and flows of plastic around the wo
  • A mobile-based banking service for teenagers
    Puja Gupta  IANSlife Founded by Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee Graduates, Kush Taneja and Sambhav Jain, FamPay is "India's first mobile-based banking services for teenagers that brings cashless convenience and much more to millions of teens and their parents." It allows minors to finally make online (UPI & P2P) and offline payments without the need to set up a bank account. IANSlife spoke to them to know the details of the innovation an
  • Time to wake up friends; We are in a ‘New Normal’ now
    Vethito Chuzho Kohima For a BA 6th semester student like me, the pandemic did no favor. The deadly COVID-19 pandemic made a very deep impact in my studies and in my future career as a final year student. On one hand, the country is on lockdown for the safety of everyone. On the other hand, the average students like me are lost with uncertainty of where to go and what to do when the educational institution are being closed abruptly. We, as students have been shaken by the sudden a
  • Frauds in the name of Customs Department
    Sashi Wapang As a Customs Officer, I frequently get phone calls from people asking for help or to help someone who is in the process of receiving certain items from abroad- foreign currency, gold, jewellery or expensive electronic items- from some friend, someone they know, etc. My first question to them usually is who the person from abroad is. If the answer is “A friend I met online on Facebook”, I immediately know that it’s a fraud. My immediate concern next i
  • Between hospitals and hope
    Tungshang Ningreichon  Chipemmi Shangh loves listening to music and likes Don Williams and gospel songs. He was a well-recognized student while at the Holy Spirit School; one of the oldest schools in Ukhrul, established in the year 1976 in a village called Longpi which is widely known for its black pottery, locally known as Longpi Ham.  He would not miss performing in any school functions. He was the school stand-up comedian.  Chipemmi was born in Shirui v
  • World Population Day 2020
    Ranjan Sharma  Dimapur World Population Day is one of the most important awareness days celebrated annually on July 11 every year. It was established by the Governing Council of the United Nations Development program in 1989 in the wake of the world’s population reached to 5 billion and hence become a serious concern about the exploding population. At present the world’s population has been estimated to 7.8 billion. The significance of this day is to highlig
  • Safeguarding the health of women and girls during COVID-19
    Ville Rhetso Ever since its introduction in 1989, World Population Day is celebrated across the world annually on 11th July by organizing variety of activities and events to raise awareness on various population issues such as importance of  family planning, gender equality, poverty, maternal and child health and human rights. The Day focuses on the importance of reproductive health and how it affects overall growth and development plans and programs. However, till today many
  • Nosano’s rooftop garden
    Hollyhocksn Beans growing in the rooftop garden. (Photo Courtesy: Nosano Kikhi)   Easterine Kire Nosano has been making a rooftop garden all Spring and now we can see the harvest of it in summer.  ‘Gardening is so therapeutic’ she says and I can think of several people who would second that.  Nosano’s rooftop garden was something she embarked on early in the year. One can see that it would be great therapy in the months of lockdow
  • Tuensang: From Mask to Task
    Moses Hongang Chang  Tuensang   Tuensang district is one of the first to receive testing times of COVID-19 after positive cases in Nagaland. Since Indian government and authorities declared lockdown, police of each state has been functioning on different levels with every new challenge. Donning a chic moustache with a star and State Emblem on the shoulders of his khaki uniform, Superintendent of Police Tuensang, Bharat Laxman Markad (IPS) strolls while inspe
  • Appreciating a positive soul
    Morung Photo by Vishü Rita Krocha    Easterine Kire   The earth waited, longing for the touch of hands that served in faraway places; in cities that don't recognize their names nor the sweat of their brows on a scorching Summer day; and for years and years nothing had grown in these fertile lands, they just waited under the open skies feeling the rain, the sun the wind, but not the love of the hands that had long grown rich crops
  • Occupational Therapy: An essential part of healing
    Shüyüni Piku Occupational Therapist, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, CIHSR Life rarely unfolds as we expect. Injuries, disabilities can have a great impact on the participation in our daily routines. What once could be done in the blink of an eye, after an injury, would take months and even years of practice to do it again. Occupational Therapy(OT) focuses on re-engaging the person in meaningful daily activities. Daily activities include bathing in
  • Thumbelina in the time of Corona
    Easterine Kire Senganglu Thaimei lives in Delhi with her husband. She teaches English literature at a Delhi University college. Sengmei, as she is known to her friends, claims she is not a professional artist, and for her, drawing is moreof a relaxing hobby. Her delightful drawings appeared in social media during the early phases of the lockdown. They were such a welcome sight after the complaints and accusations and actual tragic stories that inundated our lives.  Sengmei
  • Securing children safety online
    Puja Gupta IANSlife  The pandemic COVID-19 has brought a lot of changes with itself that we never thought of. We all are stuck at home and are dependent on each other emotionally leading to physical activity and increased screen time. Children cannot go out and play and the dependence to entertain is all through TV or internet. With this comes the concern of securing kids across all age groups on internet. Cyber Peace Foundation in partnership with NCPCR, UNICEF shares tip
  • The many lives of Ruskin Bond
    Sukant Deepak  IANS  He starts with a pause. There is a window that lives on the wall of his writing room. He looks out often to take in the mist enveloped mountains of Garhwal embracing Landour. For decades, this setting has remained unchanged for writer Ruskin Bond, who recently celebrated his 86th birthday. Of course, he does miss the time when the many buildings did not eclipse his view. The yellow-painted room, where he spends most of his time is about his d
  • Logging & climate shifts slash forest carbon storage
    Michael Taylor Thomson Reuters Foundation Illegal logging and the impacts of climate change are altering the world's forests - making trees shorter and younger - and greatly reducing the amount of planet-warming emissions they can suck up and store, researchers warned on Thursday. That will have big implications for efforts to meet the world's climate goals and hold rising global temperatures to a safe level, scientists said. A study led by the U.S. Department
  • Summer heat and coronavirus: What you need to know
    Laurie Goering Thomson Reuters Foundation This summer is shaping up to be one of the hottest on record, and dealing with growing heat stress while battling the coronavirus pandemic will be a significant challenge. A practical guide to managing the health risks of extreme heat during the COVID-19 pandemic was launched this week by The Global Heat Health Information Network, a volunteer group of scientists, practical experts and policymakers.   Here are the big ta
  • Lockdown tale: Use the time to discover something new
    Chubalemla  Mokokchung    I have not let the lockdown stop me and my life as an entrepreneur.    Today, when we think and hear of Coronavirus, our thoughts lean towards how it has affected us, our loved ones and the lives of many people across our nation. Businesses and economies are crashing globally and it can bring great worry to those of us who struggle to make a living.   When the lockdown was first enforced, and then agai
  • Engineering student from SRM AP develops Faceshield 2.0 to protect from COVID-19
    Edex Live An engineering student of SRM University, AP developed a highly useful face shield which protects from Coronavirus. The face shield was unveiled in the Secretariat premises on Thursday and was handed over to Education Minister Adimulapu Suresh and MP Nandigam Suresh.   P Mohan Aditya, a Mechanical Engineering student developed the face shield and named it as "Face Shield 2.0". The face shield is very lightweight, easy to wear, comfortable yet durab