• A realistic resolution
    Atongla RothrongFeeling less than rejuvenated after the Christmas holidays and still planning to binge drink and eat your way into 2006?  It’s little wonder many of us return to work in the New Year feel
  • Solva: Without Kingdom!
    “I love her” is all Solva have in words, Solva and Cute, were more than friends but never uttered their love, for each feared that their friendship would be lost. Cute who is the best part of Solva’s life
  • Conversion Juggernaut Chugs On
    Victor J TThe ‘Conversion Bogey’ is raised repeatedly by the exploiting castes, orthodox hardliners, moneylenders and big business magnets. To dominate, to hold rule over the reins over their lives and dest
  • Is there anyone who knows what Christmas is all about?
    Atongla RothrongIt’s nice to know that in our commercialized society we have at least one holiday that revolves entirely around religion, not around profit-hungry businesses trying to get a firm grip on our w
  • Trespassing the Law of Nature and its consequences
    Anita EzungIn the year 2004, leopards of the national park of Mumbai made world headlines. Leopards all of a sudden became man eaters. So, when the naturalist studied the strange phenomena of the animals, behav
  • The death I saw before my eyes...
    Tungshang NingreichonPoor health delivery system situates people in a pitiable position, where the struggle between life and death may be just a trip away from the village to the hospital. This case can be clea
  • Responsibility; what does it mean?
    William Wordsworth was right when he said, “Imagination is better than reality”. Life was not fun and rosy as they thought it would be. These are some of the young boys of Alice Christian Higher Sec. School
  • Virtual becomes Reality
    Vishii Rita Reunion 2005The settings of a perfect December evening on a beautiful Saturday, a day that seemed to linger longer and a moment that unveiled faces of past acquaintances and creat
  • Hornbill Impressions
    Lisa MAs usual, a trip to Nagaland is always a blast. And it was even more so this time because of the Hornbill Festival. Since I had been here last year too for the festival, I knew it would be an out-of-the-w
  • The women’s self image
    Atongla RothrongIf we don’t expect much of ourselves, we aim low or set no goals at all. In the parables of the talents, Jesus was not actually teaching about self-image, but the man who was given one talent
  • Love note to My Dear Teacher
    K Ela (Written for Mrs. Asenla Temsü, Principal, Chandmari Higher Secondary School, Kohima)Dear Ma’am, As we celebrate with you, your 25 years of “labour of love”, of making our Alma mater, Cha
  • Celebration Time
    Nehemiah RongWinter season is almost synonymous with a festive season or celebration time. All the post harvest festivals fall in winter. Most of the conferences, sports meet too fall in winter.  Christmas
  • ‘Bundle of contradictions’
    Atongla RothrongIf I just think of how we live here in Nagaland, I usually come to the conclusion that it is paradise compared with the other countries and states suffering from natural calamities like hurrican
  • Speechless in Kohima
    Al NgullieKohima’s weather feels a lot like that of Switzerland – sunny but freezing, frosty but dry. Oh, I forgot – I’ve never been to Switzerland. My world-travel credentials up till now are limited t
  • How can I ever forget... ?
    Asha SanchuI was in Tripura that fateful day during our practical ministry. Time and again, I received calls from friends asking me whether I have heard the news or not. Very innocently, I asked …about my sis
  • Wake me up when December ends
    Jungtina JamirWinter is here. This season holds the spirit of Christmas in the air. Apart from the real reason why we celebrate Christmas, for me there is another thing that I look upon to. As a child, when Dec
  • Cupid strike 1, strike 2, strike 3 and U R out
    Jungtina JamirThis ain’t some baseball game journal. It’s more like Cupid-strike her, cupid-strike him and they don’t care what they are wearing and who’s watching. Nothing new? So why am I even writing
  • My secret annexe
    Atongla RothrongI have two things to confess to you today, which will take a long time. But I must tell someone and you are the best one to tell, as I know that, come what may, you my diary, always keep my spac
  • Rütsa and me
    Sebastian ZumvuThe shooting of Xavier Rutsa, senior correspondent of Nagaland Post is an act which has thoroughly exposed the mindlessness of the anti-social elements in the State. It is very unfortunate that t
  • Sideshow
    Mijito ChishiIt’s another day at the bus stand. The road in front of me is not reassuring and I pity the owners of small cars. A large vehicle passes in front of me and calmly drives over the potholes, giving