• Sectarian politics, why businesses fail & rediscovering Akbar
    IANS  You may like to read about an important aspect regarding violence against women; gain insights on how and why the once mighty giants of the corporate world have fallen by the wayside; and finally find out why Mughal Emperor Akbar earned the title of The Great. There's much to be discovered on the IANS Bookshelf This Weekend. Read on.   The Silence And The Storm - Narratives Of Violence Against Women In India  Author: Kalpana Sharma; Publisher: Alep
  • Can paracetamol safely curb major depressive symptoms?
    Bharat Upadhyay IANS  Although researchers abroad claim that anti-inflammatory agents such as aspirin or paracetamol can safely and effectively curb the symptoms of major depression, doctors here dispute the claim. According to Rajnish Kumar, Neurologist, Paras Hospital in Gurugram, usage of anti-inflammatory drugs to curb symptoms of depression is still controversial. "We haven't seen any such cases where anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin, paracetamol or bruf
  • JK Rowling urges young travellers: no more 'voluntourism'
    Writer J.K. Rowling in London, Britain. (Reuters File Photo)   Sonia Elks Thomson Reuters Foundation Well-meaning Western students who volunteer at orphanages are fuelling the abuse and trafficking of children, British author J.K. Rowling said on Thursday, as she launched a campaign against so-called 'voluntourism'. Propped up by donations and foreign aid, orphanages are a lucrative business and provide a home to millions of children. But at least eight in 10 c
  • Breast health & you
    IANS Life Maintaining good breast health is important for the overall well-being of a woman. Breast health is not just synonymous to keeping 'Cancer at bay, but it is also about dealing with unexplained pain in the breasts or those mysterious lumps which keep appearing and disappearing at will - mostly, making you wonder if you are just over-doing the breast self-examination! Well, be assured you are not imagining either of these discomforts, nor are they related to your periods.
  • Farm yard manure utilisation
    Veterinary hospital Kohima Farm yard manure consists of cow dung, urine and crop residue like straw, hay and fodder grass. Proper utilisation of various farm yard manure helps to promote and improve the fertility of the soil; prevent soil erosion and soil pollution. With the changing scenario from traditional to scientific livestock farming recycling of farm waste like cow dung, urine and waste crop residue can be converted into organic manure, biogas and organic spray. The c
  • Guru Nanak's message, creating a $500 bn empire & reliving India's spin bowling glory
    IANS  As Guru Nanak's 550th birth anniversary approaches, soak in the essentials of what he preached; gain knowledge from the CEO of one of the world's leading investment firms whose views are sought by heads of state; and finally, read a compelling account of India's spin bowlers from the turn of the 20th century to the present day. The IANS Bookshelf This Weekend has varied fare on offer. Immerse yourself!   A Gift of Grace - The Essence of Guru Nanak's Spi
  • The Naga Blog: The Emergency Doctor
    Tali M Sashi Jamir He was my friend's grandpa. He was old. He wasn't moving. I could see that he wasn't even conscious but he wasn't dead. Yes, he was still breathing (technically) and his heart was still beating. He was lying there on a hospital bed, with all those tubes fitted into his nose and mouth, (I don't know whatever those are called in medical terms). He was dying. Although he eventually had to give up his life, he lived for a few days, to meet his dear and near ones. Th
  • Sibling Rivalry
    Imlibenla Mongro Clinical Psychologist, CIHSR, Dimapur All children who have a brother or sister will probably experience sibling rivalry at one point of time. Sibling rivalry is a natural, normal phenomenon.It can take different forms and can have any number of different causes.In sibling rivalry the older child is usually in competition with and jealous of the younger sibling.Sibling rivalry usually manifests strongly during childhood especially with the birth of a new born
  • Ukiyo - A young man’s dream come true
    Easterine Kire Ukiyo is a bookstore opened by 29-year-old Martin Thokchom. Martin has a great love for books and anything to do with the world of books. Established in Imphal, the little bookstore soon discovered that there were many eager readers in the city of Imphal who were so ready for just such a store. The existing bookstalls, forced to live a commercial life, or more likely run by owners who saw books as just another commodity to earn a living, catered to students by stockin
  • Trading tyres: How the West fuels a waste crisis in Asia
    Bales of tyres from Australia and New Zealand are dumped at a compound next to the living quarters of the workers at a tyre pyrolysis plant in Kulai, Johor, Malaysia August 7, 2019. Picture taken August 7, 2019. (Reuters Photo)   John Geddie, Sudarshan Varadhan, Joe Brock Reuters When night falls in the Indian village of Nabipur, the backyard furnaces come to life, burning waste tyres from the West, making the air thick with acrid smoke and the soil black with soot.
  • Wheeler dealers - how to make money from scrap tyres
    Reuters International trade in waste tyres has almost doubled in the past five years, according to data provided by customs departments to the United Nations, generating millions of dollars in business across the supply chain. The biggest, and fastest growing, trading route is from Britain to India, where authorities are increasingly worried about the dirty business of turning waste rubber into oil - a process called pyrolysis. Reuters has interviewed dozens of players in th
  • The Naga Blog: The three phases of the Naga political solution - A pragmatic perspective
    Yanpvuo Yanfo Kikon As I saw Muivah board the same flight to Delhi, thoughts started coming to my head on what if I was in his shoes today... With the growing insurmountable pressure from multiple stakeholders, the decision he takes in Delhi can either place him on the right or wrong side of history. The best that all Nagas like you and me can do, is pray that wisdom and pragmatism prevails over emotions at this most critical juncture of our history to usher a new era of peace, prog
  • Wising up about Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL)
    Noise Induced Hearing Loss   Henwasin Sweety Lorin Audiologist & Speech Pathologist, CIHSR As one of the cause of hearing impairment, Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) is next to Presbycusis (age related hearing loss); yet it is preventable. One of the insidious cause of all occupational and environmental hazards is noise, causing severe hearing loss in every country in the world. Avoiding excessive exposure to noise is one of the major preventable ways to avoid
  • Of sudden and striking realisations, lessons from the Holocaust, creative solutions for Indian cities
    IANS Read the epiphanies - sudden and striking realisations - of a girl born with SCID (severe combined immune deficiency) who died two months before her 19th birthday and through whose lens is told the love story of her parents in the just released Hindi movie "The Sky Is Pink". Be inspired by the fortitude of a Holocaust survivor who went on to become an accomplished harpsichordist; and finally, examine some creative solutions for Indian cities. Profoundity rules the I
  • How to prevent Zoonotic diseases
    Veterinary Hospital Kohima Zoonosis is defined as “Any disease or infection that is naturally transmissible between vertebrate animals and humans and/or vice versa. In recent times one emerging disease occurs every eight months across the globe. The impact of zoonotic diseases on man starts over with morbidity leading to overall deterioration of heath, reduction of work ability and finally mortality. The impact on public health is gaining momentum through vaccination and effecti
  • Artificial human skin for robots developed: Study
    IANS Researchers have developed a system combining artificial skin with control algorithms and used it to create the first autonomous humanoid robot with full-body artificial skin. The artificial skin developed by Professor Gordon Cheng and his team from Technical University of Munich in Germany, consists of hexagonal cells about the size of a two-euro coin (i.e. about one inch in diameter). According to the study published in the journal Proceedings of the IEEE, each is
  • Unemployment Crisis Today
    Keduovilie Linyü Kohima  All of us know the result of unemployment whereby the youth indulge in unprecedented instances. Every youth believe that his problem can be solved by the well established government. When it fails, his intellect and natural instinctive inclinations are away from humanity. All of us know the nature and the weakness of the State in which democracy would have to find its place. There has been no seriousness to generate employment and exploring job wh
  • Respecting basic animal rights
    Veterinary Hospital Kohima World Animals Day is observed on 4th October, An International day celebrated to create awareness among people regarding animals on; 1.    To raise the status of animals and improve upon their welfare standards. 2.    Recognize animals as sentient beings and to respect their feeling. So on this day let us show kindness and compassion to our animals and spread some awareness about Animal Basic Rights. Animal ar
  • OnePlus 7T: Blazing fast all-rounder, average camera
    Krishna Sinhachaudhury  IANS  Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus broke its two-phones-a-year strategy this year with launching two devices in the OnePlus 7 series in the first half and the OnePlus 7T now. However, like every year, the handset maker has unveiled the 'T' iteration with additional upgrade. The firm has been following this strategy since the launch of OnePlus 3 in 2016. The OnePlus 7 has a form factor that is smaller than the 7 Pro but larger than
  • 'Change in mindsets required for Clean India'
    IANS  "The effort to clean India will take a little more than to simply pick up the broom and start sweeping," is the grim message of "Wasted - The Messy Story of Sanitation in India, A Manifesto for Change" (Pan McMillan) by management consultant Ankur Bisen who has thought and researched about India's sanitation problems and possible solutions while working in diverse fields such as affordable housing, food, retailing, urban and rural consumption clusters, resource recovery