• Caffeine may boost problem-solving ability, not creativity
    IANS  Caffeine increases the ability to focus and solve problem, but it doesn't stimulate creativity, according to a new study.   While the cognitive benefits of caffeine -- increased alertness, improved vigilance, enhanced focus and improved motor performance -- are well established, the stimulant's affect on creativity is less known.   "In Western cultures, caffeine is stereotypically associated with creative occupations and lifestyles, from writer
  • Tsüngchi Samanir Ka
    Easterine Kire   A review – part one Uncle Lanu Toy’s biography came in the post yesterday. This beautifully bound book weighing a little more than a kilogram has a warm photograph of a smiling Uncle Toy on the cover. A big welcome-to-my-world smile.   To have men with the life experience of Uncle Lanu Toy still among us, and to be able have their lives documented is a blessing to all of us in more ways than one.   The biographer an
  • When India-Pak were at peace, a hairdresser & Kerala’s flavours
    IANS  Books this Weekend Strange as it may seem to today's generation, India and Pakistan were at peace in the first five years after the partition of the sub-continent in 1947 in spite of the horrendous killings that had taken place after the separation. A refreshing new book details these years and the subsequent downward spiral.   Next, read about a hairdressser who dared to be different and built up an empire of 900 salons and 65 hair academies across 24 s
  • Unique Asian destinations for solo female travellers
    IANSlife  In recent years, the number of women embarking on solo adventures has skyrocketed -- a fact corroborated by the data of many travel companies -- and in many cases, to less-frequented destinations. Indeed, navigating new cities and learning to handle hustlers without a companion or 'safety in numbers' can be incredibly empowering for women. Right off the bat, travelling alone is the ultimate confidence boost and the freedom to plan ones own travel itinerary without h
  • Mysterious suicide of birds in Assam village portrayed in poems
    Sujit Chakraborty  IANS    Jatinga, a small tribal village and Assam's only hill station, is known for the mysterious suicide of birds during certain weeks of the year. While scientists and ornithologists have been trying to explore and understand the mystery as to why birds behave in a particular manner during those weeks in Jatinga, Guwahati-based poet and award-winning author Tapati Baruah Kashyap has chosen to tell the stories of the birds, the beautiful
  • ‘It's harder here’
    Kenyan climate activist Makenna Muigui poses for a picture at her home in Nairobi, Kenya, February 13, 2020. THOMSON REUTERS FOUNDATION/Nita Bhalla   African climate strikers lack support, says Kenyan teen     Nita Bhalla Thomson Reuters Foundation   Dressed in skinny black jeans and a T-shirt bearing the slogan "your problems, not mine", Makenna Muigai looked like a typical teen as she sat on her bed staring at her laptop.  
  • A place of her own
    Easterine Kire   A cousin of mine moved out of town about a year ago. She now lives in a semi-rural settlement some twenty kilometres from Kohima. She keeps three dogs, and an outlaw cat. A very broody hen greets you at the entrance to her kitchen. She grows her own vegetables and says that she would never go back to live in the city again. ‘The only items I buy are milk, tea, salt and sugar,’ says she. On the few days that she has had to make trips into Kohima, she came
  • London Fashion Week urged to sashay away from polluting sequins
    Models present creations during the Feng Cheng Wang catwalk show at London Fashion Week Mens in London, Britain, January 6, 2020. REUTERS/Henry Nicholls   Sonia Elks Thomson Reuters Foundation   Sequins add glamour to any outfit but eco-campaigners urged London Fashion Week, starting on Friday, to ditch the sparkling plastic discs as they pollute oceans for centuries.   Some 250 designers will showcase their latest collections to trade buyers i
  • 80% of women travellers are choosing to travel solo
    IANS  Eighty per cent of women travellers are choosing to travel solo every year, while bookings by groups are also growing steadily by 50 per cent year-on-year, highlighted Zostel- a community-led, experience-driven.   Solo travellers - across all genders - made 37 per cent of the total bookings it received in 2019, while 42 per cent of travelers preferred to travel in groups. It also cited millennials and couples (21 per cent) as the top travelers in the past y
  • Bone trouble?
    IANSlife  Solid physical ability and performance primarily results from strong bone health. Weaker bones may delay desired physical outcomes, physical milestones, and put a person at risk of sustaining serious injuries.   It is often perceived that Osteoporosis is an issue of the 'seniors', and that it is not something one must worry about in the early ages. Although it is true that most hip, spine and forearm fractures are likely to be seen in the elderly (peopl
  • Of a historic battle, new kid on the currency block & good product pitches
    IANS  Read about the Battle of Plassey on June 23, 1757 between the forces of the Nawab of Bengal, Siraj-ud-Daulah, and East India Company troops led by Robert Clive, an ambitious soldier of fortune, that saw Britain on the way to becoming the dominant power in the region; educate yourself about a futuristic option called cryptocurrency; and finally, navigate the moat-full of dragons and turbulence that you must cross to make it to 'Startup Paradise'.   There's m
  • Cruise careers: Opportunity to work with multinational crew
    Rakesh Nair of CSSI gives a lowdown on cruise ship career and a ‘first of its kind, campus interview’ in Dimapur   Carnival Support Services India (CSSI) Pvt Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of the world’s largest Cruise Corporation, Carnival Corporation with the Emporium Skill Training Institute (ESTI) has recently signed an MOU where CSSI will be recruiting candidates from the Institute.   Carnival Corporation, it was informed, has 8 ‘iconic’ Cruis
  • Single use plastic ban- a success or farce!
    Peter Rutsa: Do members of the Blog feel that 'single use plastic ban' in Nagaland which came into force mid-year of 2019 is taking noticeable strides, unlike the NLTP Act which in all honesty has been a total joke since it was made into a law!   Could members provide suggestions on how to go about making the plastic ban successful.   Are the concerned authorities carrying out their assignment honestly and enthusiastically?   While I follow the go
  • What is it like to visit someone in an Intensive Care Unit
    Merentola P Longkumer M.Sc Tutor  Nursing ICU in-Charge, CIHSR   Knowing that someone you know is in the ICU is naturally very worrying. You are likely to feel confused and upset, and anxious to help in any way you can. Visiting them can be even more difficult.   You won’t be allowed to enter ICU straight away The ICU is reserved for serious patients at the hospital where patients are monitored constantly and receive life support. The ICU is a
  • Diet to fight depression
    Puja Gupta  IANSlife   Depression is now a major lifestyle-related diseases of modern times. Though there are several ways to counter depression such as counselling, medication but among all the procedures to protect your mental health, eating the proper foods is most important. One should ideally look at eating fresh to get the maximum benefits when it comes to counter depression. Dt Shikha Mahajan, Holistic Nutritionist and Founder of Diet Podium points out som
  • Why second opinion is important in cancer treatment
    IANSlife  Cancer is the second most common cause of death after heart failure across the world. Despite rapid medical advancements and the treatment options available today, cancer remains a major threat to our society. The occurrence of cancer in India is estimated to be around 2.5 million, with about 1.25 million new cases being registered every year and approximately 800,000 deaths related to the illness.   Second opinion is the practice of a patient seeking a
  • Saving Vrindavan, a story of internment & how love inspires
    IANS    Books this Weekend   Read about the need to save a deeply beloved place -- Vrindavan -- that many term the spiritual capital of India, from the ravages of modernity; pore over the hitherto untold account of the internment of 3,000 Chinese-Indians after the 1962 Sino-Indian war; and finally, attempt to answer the question whether love can inspire you to rise above all changes and realise your destiny.   The IANS bookshelf offers you vari
  • Maps are the languages that carry the land
    Easterine Kire   Surrounded by close friends and acquaintances, Hans Ragnar Mathisen launched his latest map on 1st July 2019, which was also his 74rth birthday. Artist Hans Ragnar is a map-maker as well. He has been working on maps from the seventies. Born in Northern Norway, he says in his own words, ‘ I was born  July 1st 1945 as one of a pair of twins at the hospital in Narvik, Sapmi, Norway or rather the ruins of a town that had been targeted for bombs during WWI
  • Rosewater is your skin and hair's best friend this season
    IANS Harsh winds in the winter can steal all the moisture from your face and can trigger the appearance of fine lines. Rosewater is a standalone potent product that can eliminate skin problems. It can be used to make homemade face packs/scrubs and considered to be one of the best diluting agents. Here are some benefits of rose water as discussed by Dr Nirupama Parwanda, Dermatologist and founder of Zolie Skin Clinic.     Boon for all skin types- the skincare ais
  • The Flair for Savings
    Priyanka Sengar In today’s fast moving life, it is imperative to be prepared for the future exigencies. As we witness the increase in technology, there is increase in pace of living, more aspirations and soaring requirements. People often fall prey to commercial traps and are drawn in vicious cycle of spending and debts. They become victims of peer pressures, addictive habits or splurging behaviours. Thus, reducing the quality of living. Therefore, it necessary to understand the m