• Respecting basic animal rights
    Veterinary Hospital Kohima World Animals Day is observed on 4th October, An International day celebrated to create awareness among people regarding animals on; 1.    To raise the status of animals and improve upon their welfare standards. 2.    Recognize animals as sentient beings and to respect their feeling. So on this day let us show kindness and compassion to our animals and spread some awareness about Animal Basic Rights. Animal ar
  • OnePlus 7T: Blazing fast all-rounder, average camera
    Krishna Sinhachaudhury  IANS  Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus broke its two-phones-a-year strategy this year with launching two devices in the OnePlus 7 series in the first half and the OnePlus 7T now. However, like every year, the handset maker has unveiled the 'T' iteration with additional upgrade. The firm has been following this strategy since the launch of OnePlus 3 in 2016. The OnePlus 7 has a form factor that is smaller than the 7 Pro but larger than
  • 'Change in mindsets required for Clean India'
    IANS  "The effort to clean India will take a little more than to simply pick up the broom and start sweeping," is the grim message of "Wasted - The Messy Story of Sanitation in India, A Manifesto for Change" (Pan McMillan) by management consultant Ankur Bisen who has thought and researched about India's sanitation problems and possible solutions while working in diverse fields such as affordable housing, food, retailing, urban and rural consumption clusters, resource recovery
  • The pull of the invisible
    Easterine Kire   A friend of mine has given me permission to use the poem she wrote about the National Highway connecting Dimapur and Kohima.    ROAD Relentlessly, the JCBs Attack the mountains at their knees Gravity and common sense Dictate that very soon, immense Chunks of hill will slither down And block the road before the town.   Bump and grind, never mind Shocker shocked, steering locked Tired tyres skid and slide Wheels spin, you ca
  • The Naga Blog: Importance of Teaching Mother tongue to the children
    Ketusilie Sakhrie Dear Naga parents, please teach your children your mother tongue. For now, leave out English and help them to learn your dialect. There'll be time plentiful for your children to learn English once they start school. Yes, I must admit that English sounds good and makes you feel you're one notch above the other ordinary Naga people. However, you're doing yourselves and your communities a great disservice because, unwittingly, you're signing the death warrant of yo
  • BigBasket, election campaigns, and women’s glass ceilings
    IANS  How did five entrepreneurs weather the dotcom bust around 18 years back to launch a successful e-grocery venture that is valued at $950 million today? You may read about it in a new book. You can also learn about the tactics employed in elections today and study an essential action plan for women, in two other books. The IANS Bookshelf gives you much to mull over this weekend. Get started!   Saying No To Jugaad - The Making of BigBasket &nbs
  • Airbnb invites volunteers for Antarctica scientific mission
    IANS  Global travel company Airbnb and Ocean Conservancy have announced the Antarctic Sabbatical, an opportunity for five passionate individuals to travel to Earths most remote continent on a first-of-its-kind scientific research mission in December. "The five volunteer citizen scientists will collect snow samples and study the extent to which micro plastics have made their way to the interior of Antarctica, one of the world's least understood and most isolated ecosystem
  • Why should people live near green spaces?
    IANS  Middle-aged and older adults that live in greener neighbourhoods were at a lower risk of developing metabolic syndrome than those living in areas with less green spaces, a new study said. Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of conditions that occur together and include obesity, hypertension, high blood sugar levels and abnormal fat levels. "The study found more health benefits in those areas with higher tree coverage, which provides a basis for investigating the typ
  • Rabies – A public Health Concern
    Veterinary Hospital, Kohima World Rabies Day- 28th September is observed every year to create awareness among the Public about the importance of Rabies disease. Rabies is the one of the most alarming disease of dog. It is a fatal disease caused by a bullet shaped virus known as Rhabdo virus. The disease is transmitted from dog to human being. A rabid dog become aggressive, restless and tends to bite people without provocation. It is vital that all pet owners understand the se
  • Here comes a device to regrow hair on bald head
    IANS There is good news for people experiencing hair loss as researchers have developed a wearable device that harnesses energy from the wearer and delivers gentle electric pulses to stimulate dormant hair follicles and regrow hair. Because the devices are powered by the movement of the wearer, they do not require a bulky battery pack or complicated electronics. In fact, they are so low-profile that they could be discreetly worn underneath the crown of an everyday baseba
  • Of life in the Indian Army, rediscovering Delhi's stepwells, Indian stories from America
    IANS What's life like in the Indian Army? Beyond the medals and awe, there's a lot of sweat and grime - and back room politics. You can read about this in a new book. You may also read about how 'baolis' or step wells met the water requirements of the residents of the capitals that rose and fell in what is now the National Capital Territory of Delhi; and finally, absorb some dark, but also playful and funny stories, about Indian migrants, predominantly Malayalis, in America.
  • Common Meat Borne Diseases and their Zoonatic Importance
    Veterinary Hospital Kohima Diseases that are transmitted from animals to man and vice versa are called zoonotic diseases. Meat borne diseases are also zoonatic in nature as the diseases from infected animals are transmitted to man through various agents like viral, bacterial, parasitic etc. The source of infection in meat may be due to diseased animal, unhealthy method of slaughtering/ dressing, infected meat, consumption of contaminated meat, inhalation of infectious organisms or
  • Autism, through the eye of a counsellor
    Along Aier MA PSY, MPHIL (Counselling) The topic of mental illness is, very often than we would prefer, a considerably neglected area of concern to the point of being an embarrassment to talk about. Autism is one such topic many might be familiar with but have vague or limited understanding of what it really is or how an autistic person might behave. We might have come across some children, or even our own, simply ‘different’ from the rest of their siblings.  Alth
  • Know your Asthma
    Dr Pengovile Ltu Chest Physician, Department of Medicine, CIHSR Ever hear the term “bronchial asthma “and wonder what it means? When people talk about bronchial asthma, they are really talking about Asthma. So What really is Asthma? Asthma is a long term problem in the bronchial tubes (windpipes) that carry air into your lungs that can make it hard for you to breathe. It is characterized by inflammation of the bronchial tubes with increased production of sticky secr
  • Common diseases of duck and its preventive measures
    Veterinary Hospital Kohima Duck may be infected with one of the various diseases like bacterial, viral, fungal infection etc. which in turn will result in significant economic losses as there is high mortality and loss of egg production. Diseases may spread by direct contact from infected duck to another healthy duck/ by contaminated food and water/ when reared in muddy areas or unhygienic condition.   Some of the Common Duck diseases are: 1.    Duc
  • Discipline never goes out of style
    Easterine Kire All those essays we wrote in our High School days on the virtues of Discipline with a capital D, and all those essays we corrected as teachers when it was another generation’s turn to write essays on Discipline – at one point we used to joke that English Paper II would compulsorily carry a question to write an essay on this revered subject. After all those years, I can still say this: discipline never goes out of style. It is always a positive thing and although a
  • The Naga Blog: Importance of Infrastructure for a Harmonious Teaching-Learning Process
    Tali M Sashi Jamir Enough praises have been showered on the teachers, and their achievements acknowledged. Now, let's get back to the other side of the coin of teaching-learning process, I.e. the students and their basic needs. To begin with, to construct or build a house, we would need materials such as sand, cement, rod, boulders as well as stone chips and of course, few good masons! For a house to withstand any natural as well as man made calamities or disasters, the 'founda
  • The Naga Blog: An honest scholarship 
    H Mosohrü Enah The Bible is never wrong in saying "For the love of money is the root of all evil..." (1Tim6:10). Humankind will do anything everything to get money be it to sell off their rights, freedom, body, prestige and the list goes on not bothering whether it's of legal means or illegal means. This is so prevalent in our society in fact we're first in such stuffs and one of the finest example is ST scholarship for Post-Matric students. According to the Govt. of India o
  • Weird waste: from sandy syringes to space junk
    Workers recycle CD players at a workshop in the township of Guiyu in China's southern Guangdong province. (Reuters File Photo)   Cassandra Baptiste Thomson Reuters Foundation From medical waste washing onto the beach at Pakistan to man-made debris orbiting the earth, the scale of waste - and the strange shape it can take - is a growing global concern. Without urgent action, the world's waste will increase by 70% by 2050, according to a 2018 report from the World
  • An Indian viewer spending 70 mins daily on video streaming
    IANS An over-the-top (OTT) viewer in India is spending approximately 70 minutes a day on video streaming platforms, with a consumption frequency of 12.5 times a week, a new report said. Viewers are accessing more than 2.5 platforms at a given time and movies are their preferred choice on smart TV and larger screens, said the Eros Now-KPMG report. "Almost 96 per cent of the viewers preferred Eros Now on large screen compared to 92 per cent for Netflix and 89 per cent for