Rev. Fr. C. Joseph, Counsellor  St. Joseph’s College (Autonomous) Jakhama Unlike a drop of water which loses its identity when it joins the ocean, man does not lose his being in the society in wh
  • Be kind to yourself
    Md. Tabrej  Director, Dept. of Business Administration St. Joseph’s College, Jakhama How often have you been living life, happy and content, and then suddenly life slaps you in the face with som
  • Make a wonderful life for you
    Tokani L.  Asst. Prof., St. Joseph’s College, Jakhama Realize that you are magnificent in human form and your potential is unlimited. You truly are unique and there is no one in the universe with
  • A Year Closer To My Necropolis
    On my 30th birthday I had gone for a haircut. I walked all the way from my home to the saloon in town on foot. I was conscious and in my right sense I guess. But I was somewhat oblivious of the things and the p
  • You are responsible for your life
    You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself. - JIM ROHN, America’s foremost business philosopher Md. Tabrej Direct
  • What if Christmas had never happened?
    It is not just a sobering thought. It is a thought filled with the deepest dread, the most unimaginable despair and the highest degree of sadness. For those of us who came into a world after the event of Chri
  • Hornbill Organisers- Either do it right or Stop embarassing us
    Atsung Imchen: First, what are the criteria for those members who make the decision on what will be what for this event? Seeing the way things have been planned and orchestrated it seems like people are just pl
  • Educational Extortion in Nagaland
    GL Khing: FOR PRINCIPALS, STUDENTS & PARENTS:- Selection Exams for Cl. X & XII are over in most of the Schools in Nagaland. I still wonder as to why the Schools have to collect money under numerous reas
  • Alcohol-related deaths - a familiar tragedy in a dry State
    So many young men are dying of alcohol poisoning, and bootlegging business is thriving in Nagaland. Can we create a safe space for reasoning together? Nona Arhe The morning was balmy outside. Inside, in a
  • Church and Politics
    Kevitho Nightwing Kera: I do not agree to some certain practices of some Churches:   1. 'Forced donations' is one. To build a church or to celebrate something, some churches dictate donations in
  • Tax! Tax! Tax! Time to put an end to lazy parasites in Nagaland!
    Yanpvuo Kikon: EVERYBODY IS A VICTIM OF ILLEGAL TAXATION! Under which Govt ACT/RULE are the police, motor vehicle associations, municipal & town councils (Besides local levies outside the purview of Central
  • The double-barrelled words in Tenyidie
    I love my mother tongue, and for that matter I love your mother tongue too. I wish I could live multiple lives experiencing the different cultures that each language carries, for language is the biggest carrie
  • FootHill Road
    Kevin Yepthomi Naga Even after more than fifty years of statehood, and we are yet to witness good roadways in Nagaland. Right from farmers unable to transport their produce, to patients dying before reaching
  • Why is Kohima ranked as the 2nd most unlivable city in India?
    Yanpvuo Yanfo Kikon Never too late to improve our beloved city and save our embarrassment through a collaborative effort from all sections of the society... Sorom ase de...   The facade of this beaut
  • Food politics
    Dr. Hormila G Zingkhai Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology St. Joseph’s College, Jakhama   For someone who loves to eat, my keen interest in food and gastronomies has been vividly burgeo
  • A touch of humanity!
    Bentilo Kath: Today, as usual caught up in the horrendous hour long traffic jam, my car engine got overheated and shut off and just wouldn't start. I let vehicles go past me in that slow traffic, while I tr
  • The Theory of Everything
    Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955) is considered to be one of the most brilliant and intelligent men that ever lived on this planet. In fact his brilliance and intelligence was considered so much extraordinary
  • 'Trafficjam in Kohima'
    Meshenlo Kath 1) Greatly effecting our economy by reducing the working efficiency to minimum.   2) Great possibility of patient's death on their way to hospital.   3) Many more problems... (You k
  • Matrimonial Sites: Dangerous proposals
    Varun Kapoor, IPS Additional Director General of Police, Narcotics and PRTS, Indore   Marriage in India is also a big business. There are numerous types of marriages too. Marriage in India is considered a
  • The controversy of Naga headgear/Traditional attires
    G.L.Khing: Is it necessary for Nagas to transport their traditional headgear and attires upto Delhi to appease someone (as many politicians often do)? Today, we blame Shashi Tharoor for his seemingly negative c