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  • ‘Living in the Present’
    Rev Dr Wati Aier I thank the Naga Scholars’ Association for giving me the honor to deliver the valedictory speech this evening. The theme of “Living in the Present” can be a daunting task to apply to our many contexts today: from identity to belonging, economics to geopolitics, and regionalism to—in our own situation—Nagas without borders.  Clearly, before us there are two choices to consider urgently: one to go back and turn to the past—w
  • Christmas 2020: A Celebration of Life, even amidst Death and Destruction
    Dr Brainerd Prince Even as we enter December 2020, and many of us are eagerly waiting to leave 2020 behind – the year that was not – and enter into 2021. The year 2020 has been extraordinary and strange. It has been one of a kind in recent times, when our physical movements, social engagements and even our basic everyday living practices have been drastically modified. While the dreaded virus and the pandemic brought about destruction of human life, the schemes we adopte
  • To fellow community, society and government on IDPD
    December 3 is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities Ghunavi G Kinnimi Sumi Guwahati To my fellow disability community: Happy International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD). Today, on 3rd of December 2020, the world celebrates (IDPD) under the theme, “Building back better: towards an inclusive, accessible and sustainable post Covid-19 world by, for and with Persons with Disabilities”. This year’s theme emphasizes the importance and awareness
  • Weather based integrated agro advisory for the month of December 2020
    Total monthly rainfall received in Dimapur district during November month was 35.2 mm which was 18% more than the normal (long term annual average). The number of rainy days was 2.  Keeping in view of threat of COVID-19 spread farmers are advised to follow the government guidelines, personal hygiene, use mask, ensure hand washing with soap at reasonable interval, social distancing during picking of vegetables and other agricultural operation in all crops. Paddy:  1.&
  • Crop Rotation Towards Sustaining Agriculture
    Dr N Khumdemo Ezung Crop rotation is one of the oldest and most effective cultural control strategies. It means the planned order of specific crops planted on the same field. It also means that the succeeding crop belongs to a different family than the previous one. The planned rotation may vary from 2 or 3 year or longer period. The aim of rotation is threefold: to balance nutrient demands, foil insect and disease attacks, and deter weeds. Effects of Crop Rotations Disease
  • Income generation through pig farming in Longleng district - A success story
    Pig rearing is an integral part of tribal livelihood in Nagaland. Most of the farmers rear pig available within the district irrespective of their breed which results in low productivity and is usually not sustainable. In order to increase the productivity of pig with good germplasm, KVK Longleng introduced proven crossbred pig ‘Rani’ (Hampshire × Ghungroo) on trial basis during the year 2017-20. Awareness training programme on improved pig rearing was conducted and i
  • The perturbed impact of counterfeit alcohol in Nagaland
    Tokato K Sumi New Colony Zunheboto Fake or illegally churn out alcohol that is produced in unlicensed distilleries or people's abode or small cottage units and intended for sale is termed Fake alcohol.Counterfeit alcohol is a related issue where cheap or adulterated alcohol is sold with fake packaging by means of manipulation. Alcohol was percieved to exist for medicinal purposes during the sixteenth century however the transgress misuse of alcohol was witnessed in the eighteen
  • The COVID Experience
    Khekiye K. Sema IAS (Retd) Thilixu Village, Dimapur The dormant faculty of our mind gets rudely shaken awake when destiny drives us to a helpless depths of despair and solitude. It is then that we realise how much we take our lives for granted. We often perfunctorily thank the Good Lord in our routine daily family prayers perhaps but forget to truly count the intimate Blessings that God Almighty has so abundantly graced each of our personal lives in so many indescribable ways. I re
  • What goes into building a healthy mindset?
    Sungjemlila Aier Kohima  A healthy mindset paves a way for your thoughts and feelings to find meaning and purpose in life so that you can live it to the fullest potential.  Your perspective of life profoundly impacts your mindset: Being optimistic or pessimistic has always been a tell tale sign of how you are likely to react in a given situation. For instance, when we experience a setback, an optimistic person is likely to see it as a learning opportunity and brains
  • Online learning: A new normal & its challenges
    Besa Elizabeth The outbreak of novel coronavirus has greatly affected the entire cosmos alike; it spared none. The entire world came to a standstill at one point of time and continued to look doubtful and grim in the eyes of everyone. Slowly the world has shifted to an era of change. Men's spirit continued to brave and fight against the pandemic. The calibre to learn and disseminate knowledge did not stop. The sudden impact of digitalization began to grow at a great height in al
  • God bless people who protect the innocent and holy people
    Zachive Thele Kohima We do not live by ourself. But we live through the mercy of God our life solely depending on the Almighty God. One thing man look out-ward appearance and judge according to human standard. But God look at the heart, so we should be always merciful and keeps our mind clean, merciful. Our mind, our thought and our action should be clean and holy. We make company with man, woman, boy or girl. But our relationship with man should be always honest and righteous. Our
  • Take a fine for right reason
    Tepu Khieya Khriezephe Village, Chumukedima This is addressed to The Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Dimapur. In writing this, I am representing the views of many of the public in Chümoukedima Area and in and around Dimapur. We are extremely happy for the spanking new highway road that the government has built. The odd and even traffic rule maybe helping the traffic in Dimapur town but checking the odd and even traffic in Chümou area seems to be rather odd.  Ther
  • Letter to the authorities of Border Road Organisation on the deplorable condition of NH 29
    ZhokusheyiRhakho Phek Town Drawing the attention of BRO/GREF and the general public, the NH 29 (Kohima to Jessami) has been in horrible condition as though this country is reeling under financial emergency or fighting an external war. The better roads has become worse and the worse roads has gone even worse. One wonder if there is a dearth of technology or machineries to keep the road good in the hills. Back in 1990s, the roads were better but it had become worse at the fag end of
  • God’s word for everyone
    Rev Dr Yiepetso Wezah Auxiliary Secretary, BSI The Word of God is the breathed of God (2Tim 3:16). It is infallible, complete and authoritative. It is active and living. It transforms the life of individuals, churches and societies. It is so powerful. It is sharper than two edges of sword. It searches all inner thoughts and purifies them and transformed individuals to be saved in Christ (Heb. 4:12).  It teaches and guides people to the right path. It corrects and rebukes wr
  • FISCAL SPACE QUESTION: On Amended Rates of Tax on Fuel
    Tumbenthung Humtsoe Kohima  Cars reportedly thronged petrol pumps on the eve of the effective date of the state government's hike in fuel tax. The causal antecedent fiscal resource mobilisation by the government reflects problems of structural nature; far from being a mere tweak on tax rates. The deteriorating fiscal health of the state has been admitted by the government on several occasions. It comes to pass as perplexing that there's no discourse on the same (outcri
  • The existing digital in equality with special reference to Nagaland
    Tokato K Sumi PR Hill Kohima The prospect of digital literacy is high. The masses oblivious of the implications of the digital use in this contemporaneous era will manifest themselves as being socially outcasted. The survival of the fittest is either we draw our attention explicit to the current digital life or less become a prey in the hands of the hungry lion. The late 1980s has been a crucial time where technology started to exist to surprise the sleeping world. A meager 1 perce
  • BJP’s Rise and Fall, Then Rise and Walk
    Oken Jeet Sandham Many thought BJP would not be able to progress as a political party in Nagaland because of its Hindutva characteristics. Nagaland is dubbed as Christian State and over 90% of their populations are Christian. Many lampooned BJP when it set up 38 candidates to fight the general elections in 2003. But, they broke the myth by storming the electoral political theatre by winning seven seats. Their stunning electoral performance surprised not just the people and the po
  • A Naga Country: The Impending need for a separate ISO 3166- Country Code
    A compact and contiguous territorial homeland of the Nagas measuring approximately 1,20,000 km2 that lies between India, Myanmar, and China is the much historical claim of the undivided country of all the Nagas. This God-given, natural and ancestral land of the Nagas with beautiful hills & valleys, mountains, flora and fauna, and incredible natural resources are still inhabited by the Nagas themselves along with their other kindred tribes. It was the British colonial authority and
  • Gazing Life through an eye of a Mirage
    Mosa Sangtam,  Department of Political Science, Tetso College Horror movies don't scare me anymore. Neither darkness nor light scare me anymore. Nothing can scare me, I exclaimed! Then, I looked in the mirror, I saw another person, it scared me. How is it possible? I trembled! Skin was all, I could recollect. Beyond it there must be something, I wasn't ready to go beyond it. Scared, I made up my mind to take peers with me. At once, I remem
  • Ritucharya (Seasonal Ayurvedic life style)
    Dr Imlikumba NEIFM As times progress, health declines, but it is upto you to speed up or slown down the process A living person is the product of time. Diseases occurring to the persons are also considered to be caused by time. The whole universe is under the control of time. Hence time is the cause everywhere. Ayurveda has given great importance to the kala (time) for the swastha (healthy) as well as the athura (disease) to its Chikitsa (Treatment), all the factors depends on t