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  • AZOLLA: An Organic farmer's friend
    Komuni Khekho  Mao  This pandemic affects every sphere of lives. The world is going through colossal changes. As we head to normal to ‘the new normal’, one thing that remained untouched is farming in villages, though, the unrelenting crisis has been adversely affecting the farmers’ economy in particular. Now that, we enter the season of plantation, lockdown seems to relief the farmers as plantation is done quicker this time than other years with more
  • The Jeopardy and Hazard of the Migrant Workers
    Flashed across my television screen were images of multiple herds of migrant workers from across the country walking along with their families from cities back to their native villages. These were people who had shifted to cities in search of work and livelihood. But now with the lockdown in place and with all avenues of earning coming to a halt, they had no other option but to revert back to their native places where they still feel a sense of belonging even though it may not have muc
  • Prevention of Cruelty & Ethical Treatment of Animal
    Thepfulhouvi Solo Conscience is the condition of the Mind that can makes one aware of his or her actions as morally right or wrong; the same mental condition makes one aware of his and her action as Humane or Inhumane. Humaneness [Gentleness] or Inhumanness [Cruelty] is a better measure for finding the quality of a Society than assessing the quality of the Society by its Food Habits. Cheese with cultured maggots of Fly, -a prized Italian food- does not make the Italians unciv
  • Loving the unloved
    Janghaolun Haokip G.K Chesterton’s message about Love will always lead the rest. He was an English writer, and philosopher who was also referred to as “the prince of paradox.” In his message about love, he preached a strong and lucid concept of love, stating that to love means loving the unlovable.  The statement may well spark our curiosities albeit in unspecific terms. We may ask ourselves what would be the intended meaning. In fact, several conclusio
    Pongom Lam  Unsung Heroes, on the front line, risking life to safe others  Be it Health Workers, Civil Workers and all others  For their duty, they forgot even they had their home Worked day and night in such crisis outside home.    Real Heroes, sharing their triumphs and fears  Tomorrow it'll be over, but it's getting worse, we hear Covid19 pandemic, but smoothly they handle  Saving lives, fighting the odds still lost the bat
  • God in a pandemic
    Bitsa K Sangtam Longkhim Town Baptist Church   The layman view of God is typically an omnipresent supreme being that shuns any source of evil, the negativity of life, including pain and suffering, which most of the Mankind tries to elude from. Life is an embodiment of the proverbial package deal: a sandwich of good and evil; life and death; happiness and sorrow; joy and sadness and the interminable list go on. Many people believe and even retell oversimplified solution
  • Is technology-powered virtual learning premature in the State?
    Nukhosa Chüzho Kohima The current pandemic propels educational establishments to orient a sudden shift to online education regime. Under this regime, various schools exploit means and offers solutions for continuous learning to students as the schools are gripped with forced lockdown. It has emerged not only as an alternative to the traditional learning system, but also as the most futuristic competitor in imparting sustained education. The management and the teachers
  • Significance of Tuluni festival 
    Kevito T Shohe President, Kohima Sumi Hoho I extend my greetings to one and all on behalf of Kohima Sumi Hobo on the occasion of Tuluni festival which is observed every year on July 8. Owing to the Pandemic situation we are unable to celebrate the festival collectively this year. However, our spirits are not down as our morale is high and therefore keeping the festive feelings alive I am not deterred to share about the significance of the day, which I like to share in brief thr
  • Corona and the Nagas – Part 2
    Matung Raikhan Dimapur Dr Sambit Patra, the national spokesperson of BJP in a debate was asked “What is the meaning of COVID-19?” to everyone’s surprise Dr. Patra instead of answering ditched the question by counter replying, why shall I answer that question? I know the answer but I won’t tell you, and thus picked a long nuisance quarrel. Had he known the question and answered gracefully like a true gentleman, viewers will have witnessed productive debat
  • The history of  Thanamir apple 
    In the early 1970s, the government of India set up the 11th DURGA ARMY Company outpost at Penkim village. In the month of March 1975, the Village Guard (VG) of Thanamir village was called for one day firing training.    During those days, T Ningtsemong was serving as a Village Guard (VG) of Thanamir Village in the rank of L/NK. On completion of training, the food was served by the Army. During that time, he was asked to collect the ration from the store for his sepoys.
  • Act Now or Forever Hold your Dogs
    Khyothunglo Kikon Bayavu Hill, Kohima   The issue that's been going on in Nagaland regarding the ban of dog markets and import of dogs in the state has been a hot topic of discussion for a lot of us. Some relating it to culture and ancestral dietary habits and some relating it to other similar cultures that practices eating of dog meat  Some people say "cultural progression" is needed. And yes I'm in support of that, culture should evolve with
  • Delimitation: The Same Offence Should Not be Repeated
    Nillo Rengma Former Minister On the issue of Delimitation in Nagaland, I fully support and endorse the statement of the Lotha Hoho which was published in the local papers. The Delimitation Act of 2002 which was amended in 2003 should be implemented in Nagaland in letter and spirit for fair and proportionate distribution of Parliamentary and Assembly seats. Delimitation in Nagaland is long overdue since no exercise has been carried out in the state since 1973.  I am al
  • Nagaland - People must speak for ‘voiceless’ animals
    Avinuo Kire Kohima The recent government decision to ban commercial import and trading of dogs and dog market, including sale of dog meat, has caused many dog lovers in the state to heave a sigh of relief. The timing for this decision appears ideal against the backdrop of the latest barbaric shooting of a hapless dog which has been circulating all over social media. As we are all aware, this shooting was based on a ‘shoot on sight’ order by local bodies in the conce
  • Nagaland : Indian State or Colony?
    Charles Chasie The June 16 letter of Governor R N Ravi to Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio has stirred up a lot of dust and controversy in the State at a time when everyone is focusing on fighting the SARS Cov-2 pandemic. The Governor’s letter, among others, expressed his unhappiness over “armed gangs” trampelling upon the authority of State particularly with their extortion activities while the State machinery stood mute spectator. The Governor, therefore, could not s
  • A simple mathematical logic behind lockdown
    Dr Sandip Ratna, Asst. Prof. State College of Teacher Education, Kohima One of the most circulated WhatsApp massages go like this:  “Our mental state right now, is such, that CARNIVOROUS is also being read as CORONAVIRUS… (Now read it again…!).” Hope you read it correct…!! If not, no worries, its due to hangover of the pandemic. Likewise, same hangover, forces me to analysis the role of Mathematics behind the Lockdown. 
  • Protective Thinking: Governor’s effects 
    Pakinrichapbo, Advocate Samziuram Village, Peren 16th August 2019, a historic day as Nagaland accorded a warm and grand reception program in honour of newly appointed Governor cum Interlocutor RN Ravi. Maybe the grandest reception program ever held in Nagaland history in honor of its Governors. Looking back now, it’s hardly surprise to see the currents how down between Governor on one side and the Nagaland Government, Naga Political groups and CSOs in opposite side.&
  • We live in dire times: facts become fakes and news become dubious
    Dr John Mohan Razu We live in lockdowns and yet to taste full freedom of movement. Physical distancing and wearing face masks have become new normal. Some of these and host of others have put us under severe strain and stress both physically and mentally. It is not going to end soon and experts say would take some more time and is going to intensify with series of waves.  COVID-19 has changed our life style and is changing our routine rhythm of life style dramatically that incl
  • Epidemics in Naga Hills and lessons from it
    David Hanneng Medziphema  With the increase of COVID-19 cases in Nagaland, a deep sense of fear and confusion has gripped our society.  Such fears and insecurities engendered by diseases and epidemics are not new to our society. Colonial records and archives document the outbreak of many deadly epidemics in the erstwhile Naga Hills during the British rule.  After the establishment of Naga Hills district in 1866, the British rule ushered a sense of stability,
  • How prepared is our state to deal with COVID-19 casualties?
    Menguzenuo Kohima As the World draws to a level of total unprecedented uncertainty due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic with the death toll rising in India to seventeen thousand plus. I want to draw the attention of the state government and the state dignitaries, on how prepared are our state to face the challenge of deaths if any case arises? Though the days for people put up at quarantine Centers draw near to completion, it does not mean an end to this infection. 
  • Special powers of Nagaland’s Governor
    Dr N Janbemo Humtsoe Wokha The letter written by the Governor of Nagaland, RN Ravi on June 16 to the Chief Minister of Nagaland explaining reasons as to why he proposed to invoke special powers as specified under the Article 371A (1, b) has gained currency in public debate on two main reasons. One is on whether the governor’s actions are justified? And two, is on the collapse of law and order in the state. Let’s discuss this one by one.  Is the Governor&rs