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  • Nurses: A Voice to Lead. A Vision for Future Healthcare
    Dr Sentinaro Ao Registrar, Nagaland Nursing Council Kohima International Nurses Day is celebrated around the world on May 12, the anniversary of Florence Nightingale's birth. ICN commemorates this important day each year by choosing a theme and producing IND resources and evidence. The International Council of Nurses (ICN) announces International Nurses Day theme for 2021. Nurses: A Voice to Lead. A Vision for Future Healthcare. “This global COVID-19 pandemic has sh
  • Brazil Relies on Rainfall that Depends on the Forests
    Mario Osava Inter Press Service “Rainfall is fundamental; the streams and rivers we have would not suffice for irrigation, even if they were the Amazon River,” said Dirceu Dezem, referring to the amount of water required for the extensive crops in Brazil’s midwest. This country of continental dimensions boasts 12 percent of the world’s fresh water, but the droughts that have aggravated poverty in the semi-arid Northeast and led to water rationing in a num
  • Is it a ‘Make or Break’ Moment for Forests?
    Alison Kentish Inter Press Service A new global report on forests says that while the COVID-19 pandemic is the latest threat to achieving ambitious forest protection goals, it has brought the importance of forests to global well-being into sharp focus, and that this recognition must now be met with collection action. The inaugural Global Forest Goals Report was launched on Apr. 26, as part of the 16th United Nations Forum on Forests (UNFF) session which runs until the end of thi
  • The Dao of the Sangtam Nagas: A Symbol of Embrace
    Dr Brainerd Prince External signs that are either worn or inscribed on the body, serving as identity markers, primarily make visible one’s identification with a particular tradition, religious or otherwise; for example, the cross that Christians wear ornamentally around their neck. Another example is the sacred white thread composed of three cotton strands (janeu or yajñopavītam) worn by Hindu boys after the Upanayana ceremony. These same signs are also utilized to dis
  • Prudent to regularise doctors who rendered service during COVID-19
    Kahoto Zhimomi Dimapur The recent recommendation of the Government of India to regularise and give preference to doctors who rendered service when called for during COVID-19 crisis is laudable. When COVID-19 was at its peak last year, many doctors have responded to the call of duty and enrolled to rendered their professional service when their service was needed the most.  The Government of India, having realised the importance of their services during the peak of the cr
  • Mother an ocean of love 
    Fr Dr P S Varghese Often heard about the word  "Ocean of love !" Undoubtedly, every mother is an  "Ocean of love." Immensely enriched experiences: by the tender touch,  by scolds wrapped with love, by prayers wet with tears, by the sacrifices made for each child, Never can be forgotten. Ocean is so deep,   So is Mother's love, Deeper than any ocean!  Ocean always speaks to the shore  with never ending tides. An
  • Illusion of Digital Inclusion in the Post-COVID-19 World
    Kaveh Zahedi Inter Press Service We are living through a decisive moment. The COVID-19 pandemic’s devasting impact is reaching every corner of the world. As we look back at this period, we will see history divided into a pre-COVID and a post-COVID world. And a defining feature of the post-COVID world will be the digital transformation that has permeated every aspect of our lives. Chief Technology Officers can say that the pandemic has done their job for them, accelerating
  • Spare the roads
    Z Lohe The Phek District is fortunate to have three roads of 2-Lane category under SARDP, namely, Chakhabama-Chozouba-Zunheboto Road, Pfutsero-Sakraba-Phek Road and Kohima-Chakhabama-Pfutsero-Chizami-Jessami Road. Of all the developments, road is one of the first indispensably basic needs of the people without which no real progress in other developmental areas can follow suit.  These roads when successfully completed will remain to be the lifeline of the District. These major
  • Law in Motion: Cyber Crimes – 10
    Rupin Sharma, IPS Since there are a large number of IP Addresses – both public and private, there has to be some system to manage or administer this. Let me briefly address this aspect in various dimensions.   1. How are the IP addresses managed? IP addresses are managed by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), which has overall responsibility for the Internet Protocol (IP) address pool. The IANA distributes the large blocks of IP addresses to regional bod
  • Crop diversity of Nagaland and its conservation and registration through PPV & FRA
    Harendra Verma, S Theunuo, D J Rajkhowa & B K Kandpal Nagaland is situated in the North-eastern part of India and has a geographical area of 16,579 sq. km. (6,401 sq. miles). It receives an average annual rainfall between 2000 mm to 2500 mm. Due to the varying physiographical and geo-climatic conditions, the state is gifted with a rich biodiversity comprising of approx. 2,431 species belonging to 963 genera and 186 families. The biological diversity also includes 867 traditional
  • Rita’s Prayer and Plea
    Tungshang Ningreichon With death gripping the cities one can get desperate foraging for hope and stories which promises that ‘this too shall pass.’ Rita Shimprui, a mother of a five-year-old daughter, works in a Delhi hospital as a Lab technician. Her prayer to God has been to use her to serve others while she has the strength to be a channel of blessing. This is not unheard of, but rare, especially during a time when COVID-19 is devouring lives and bringing great hum
  • Naga Hills in the 19th Century
    Thepfulhouvi Solo, IFS Retd  Former Principal Secretary, Nagaland The history of the neighboring Kingdoms of the Ahom and Manipur in the 19th century, affected the NAGA HILLS so much that a nano account of the kingdoms may do well for a short preface to the Write-up of the history of NAGA HILLS in the 19th century. To make the nano account clearer, only the causes of anarchy and turmoil in the two kingdoms have been brought out. The causes are: primogenitor system of succes
  • The many dimensions of giving
    ‘Giving’ is a virtue and every religion advocates and preaches about it. Every parent teaches their young ones about this virtue and tells them to share their belongings like toys or eatables with their siblings and friends. Everybody would love to feel and talk about the beauty of a generous heart and no one likes to be around a selfish miser who does not share anything but likes to keep everything for himself. It is also said that the virtue of giving is at the very heart
  • World Press Freedom in an age of remoteness
    Raghbendra Jha Inter Press Service Edmund Burke called the press the fourth estate, the fourth pillar of democracy, with an oversight role on the remaining three pillars – the legislature, executive and the judiciary. In an ideal world, this fourth estate would have unimpeded access to the other three pillars so that the citizenry could be kept informed at all times. This freedom was conceived to be so sacrosanct that many countries have included it as a fundamental right, e.
  • Internet restrictions harm the press & public alike
    Michael De Dora Inter Press Service  When Myanmar’s military seized power from the elected government in February, one of its first actions was to further squeeze the already restricted free flow of information in the country. It obstructed news stations, temporarily shuttered phone and internet access, and blocked social media platforms. Since then, things have only worsened, with dozens of journalists behind bars, news organizations charged with crimes, and military
  • Press freedom vital in the fight against the pandemic
    Sibahle Zuma Inter Press Service  Access to accurate information is vitally important during the pandemic, so that people can understand how to protect themselves and their families, and to hold their governments to account for their response to the health emergency. But it is clear that many governments are instead working to hamper the flow of information. Many governments have used the pandemic as a pretext to crack down on the ability of journalists to do their jobs.
  • Spyware threatens press freedom’s privacy imperative
    Jonathan Rozen Inter Press Service  Spyware’s repeated use to target journalists and those close to them poses an existential threat to the privacy required for press freedom to flourish. Without the ability to privately communicate with sources, conduct research, and compile information, journalists are hampered in their ability to keep the public informed and hold the powerful to account. “The spyware attack revealed to me that regardless of where I am and wha
  • World Press Freedom in an age of remoteness
    Raghbendra Jha Inter Press Service  Edmund Burke called the press the fourth estate, the fourth pillar of democracy, with an oversight role on the remaining three pillars – the legislature, executive and the judiciary. In an ideal world, this fourth estate would have unimpeded access to the other three pillars so that the citizenry could be kept informed at all times. This freedom was conceived to be so sacrosanct that many countries have included it as a fundamental rig
  • Law in Motion: Cyber Crimes - 9
    Rupin Sharma, IPS Having briefly examined the Private IP Addresses let us round up the topic of IP addresses and then examine the internet Routers and the Public IP Addresses. However, let me take a few points about the Private IP addresses before that. Knowing whether a communication is coming from a private IP address or a Public IP address is the starting point of an investigation for the police and the ‘aam aadmi’ in cyber-crimes’. 1. How does Private IP
  • Responding to Death, Suffering and Theodicy
    Dr Brainerd Prince It was not too long back that I was working with one of my students on the themes of suffering and theodicy. The theoretical discussions we had and the many theories we explored have indeed taken on an existential twist with the second wave of Covid in India. In the last few days, we have seen people literally drop dead around us. Not a day goes by without the death of someone we know in our social networks. Death is no longer a stranger. All of us either first-ha