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  • Effects of Smoking: A Perspective
    Dziesetuonuo Theünuo Modern College Kohima Smoking has become a common habit for many young people today. Knowing the hazardous effects of tobacco, youngsters consume all the intoxicants to keep up the so call “cool” among their peer groups. Many people like to smoke a lot but today I would like to share some of my opinions to all the smokers. There are three ways of benefits and problem for the smokers. The first and foremost benefit of  smokers is that there
  • Women Empowerment in India: Miles to Go
    Prof Mithilesh Kumar Sinha Nagaland University, Lumami Woman establishes the institution of family life, builds the home, brings up the children and makes them good citizens. Her strength in totality contributes in the making of an ideal family, ideal society and an ideal state. A woman is an architect of society. But according to Hillary Clinton, women is the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world. Despite of honouring and celebrating women on every March 8, on the occa
  • Plight of passengers around Nagaland
    Keyisogong RZ Herie The headline should not sound too exaggerated and may hold true at almost all part of our state for travelers ever since the government ordered the unbolting of certain restrictions on travelling in public transportations subject to certain limit on the number of passengers. It is totally understandable that with the limit in hauling passengers also limits the earning of the driver; however, some of the fares (Rates) can just make your jaws drop down the groun
  • Be bold gracefully – Self affirmation!
    Vitono Haralu (Gugu) I have often thought why we women struggle so much and what it will take for us to walk on the path we choose without many artificial hurdles created for us and with natural conflicts to achieve our even basic dreams to the ones we dream that seemed ambitious for many.  Today, as you read and celebrate International women’s day, I like to share why it is becoming an urgent need to voice and be bold to speak your mind in anything where your heart sc
  • Celebrating International Woman’s Day: Eliminating Cervical Cancer
    Dr Mhasiseno T Belho (DNB) & Dr Emmanuel L Yanthan (MS) Dr Belho’s Clinic, Dimapur  This year's theme for International Women's Day is "Choose to Challenge". It means that a woman is an autonomous individual with all the rights and responsibilities that comes with being human. It also means that women have every right to be assertive about their wishes and aspirations. Since the dawn of human history, women have been active agents in sustaining soci
  • Artificial insemination in pigs: An entrepreneurial success in Nagaland
    Two of the significant problems for any Naga pig farmer are non availability of good piglets and lack of quality breeding boars in villages. For small breeding farmers the maintenance of service boars is an expensive affair. Sometimes, farmers use a single boar for breeding in a village for two to three years which causes inbreeding. Also the cost of breeding is too high in the field. To solve this problem, ICAR Nagaland Centre Medziphema introduced Artificial insemination (AI) technol
  • Package of practices for homegrown chrysanthemums
    Jungshienla Jamir, Dr Ebibeni Ngullie, E Lireni Kikon Modern chrysanthemum commonly known as ‘Glory of the East’ or ‘Mum’ has evolved as a result of endless variation and hybridization. The present number of varieties in the world is about 2000 and in India about 1000 varieties. Mums are classified under two categories: standard and spray type. In Nagaland, most homegrown mums are of spray type. 1. Pruning & Preparation of mother plant: Mums complete t
  • The true mark of greatness
    It is said that some people are born great, some people become great while some have greatness thrust upon them. A person born great would be someone like Prince Charles of England who by virtue of being born into a royal family instantly became famous and heir to a great inheritance and bloodline recognized around the world. A person who becomes great would be someone who despite the overwhelming challenges and odds against and around him is able to achieve success and create a niche
  • An appeal to Chief Executive, Reliance Jio Infocom Ltd, Dimapur
    Thejangukho Yalietsu Medziphema Town Since its August launch in 2010 from the famed Navi Mumbai headquarters, Reliance Jio has progressed and developed at a pace no rival can match and I suppose we can proudly proclaim ourselves, your customers, as being part of the family because we are paying the esteemed company with our sweat-earned wage in exchange for uninterrupted, quality internet service from your end.  In a sentence, the service provider did render commendable ser
  • NLTP ACT 1989: A dose of the past
    Renbemo L Patton Wokha Law, by its nature is not static, but dynamic. Similarly, in order to move forward we should be ever ready to adapt ourselves with the change of time. A law that might have been considered good law decades back may not be a good law today. Subsequently, there is no denying the fact that, the NLTP Act 1989 is no more applicable in the present scenario. I, on my layman point of view would like to make a short reference here, i.e. on march 28, 2013 “His
  • A Nation with God or Without
    Dr Aaron Lungleng International communities have seen many peoples' struggles over land and its sovereignty. Prior fights for justice were exceedingly faced with blood baths rather than a friendly departure. But after the Second World War, majority of world powers has changed its views in solving the problem of rights to self-determination in a much matured approach of ever relational binding. The much speculation on the impending Indo-Naga political settlement is not only co
  • Check excess fares being charged by drivers and conductors
    Meren Pongen Naga Kohima  This is an earnest appeal to the concerned departments once again to keep a check on the excess fares being charged by the drivers and conductors. This is in regard to the happenings in Kohima. The price rate of a seat in the bus is Rs. 10 but due to the pandemic SOP, a passenger is compelled to take dual seat for which he/she pays Rs. 20 which is understandable but some buses have been charging Rs. 20 per passenger though there are dual passenger
  • Requirement of LPG outlet in Burma Camp
    Shiloh Kath UNB-Naga Colony, Dimapur I would like to draw the kind attention of concerned IOC Marketing Division Officers that the LPG consumers have increased very highly in Burma camp area that the consumers are facing so much “Difficulties” in getting their gas filled.  It is noted that K T Gas distributor situated at Purana Bazaar is assigned the distribution of gas for the whole of Burma camp which consists of municipality ward no 3 & 22, and about 9 Govt
  • Different Realities Co-Exist
    School and shopping in Nagaland in times of COVID Louise Shishak Chümoukedima As a teacher and a parent I applaud the Nagaland schools as they struggle to provide ongoing education to the young of our land but request the Nagaland authorities to stop sending mixed messages. COVID has claimed lives and surely we need to protect our vulnerable. But there seems to be little expectation for health advice to be followed unless you are in school, which is very confusing.  
  • Media in Nagaland: Challenges and Opportunities 
    Monalisa Changkija To a great number of people across the globe - even in the rest of the country -it may come as a surprise that we celebrate 175 years of media in the North East of India today. It may even come as a surprise for a lot of people in this region. But most certainly not for people, who have grown up in or have been closely woven into the Northeastern societal roots, academicians, media practitioners and media watchers of the generations that made history and were in t
  • People mental health issues deserve care, understanding and pathways to healing
    Diethono Nakhro First of all, I convey my appreciation to the Dimapur District Legal Services Authority, Prodigals’ Home and Women Helpline for coming together to organise this much needed workshop. Although mental health is a very important component of overall health, there is very little recognition and awareness of mental illness and mental health disorders in our society. Stigma and lack of understanding are also major barriers to people with mental illness seeking hel
  • Law In Motion - 27: Cyber Crimes - 1
    Rupin Sharma, IPS A Short Journey: It was in 2001. My elder daughter was about 7 (seven) years old. I had been to the UN Peacekeeping Mission in Bosnia and from my savings I had purchased a Personal Computer, a printer and a scanner and added a basic mobile phone to my arsenal. However, the full dimensions of the scope of ITC (Information Technology Convergence) had still not dawned upon us.  My wife had to send some message to her parents – some documents. We got i
  • ‘Last Light of Glory Days: Stories from Nagaland’
    Book Review by Vishü Rita Krocha  “Let us turn into flowers then! When we bloom people will gaze at our beauty and have joy always…” - The Angami Naga folk tale of Hutuo and Teguo It is almost time for ‘Hutuo’ and ‘Teguo’ to start blooming again. Somehow, the sight of these blooming trees has always reminded me of Avinuo Kire, a storyteller par excellence. And now, it won’t just be the season of ‘Hutuo’ and &l
  • Only repentance will get us anywhere
    YL Jami IAS (Retd) Kushiabill, Dimapur God is not coming to people who merely seek his benefits. He is coming to people who seek his face in a real sense of life originally. In the Old Testament, when a person refused to show you his face, he was deliberately turning away from you. Ancient orders of the church practiced “Shunning”. We can brag on our accomplishments or we can ignore our inadequacies, but no matter what we do, only repentance will get us anywhere with Go
  • NEP-20 and Child Education – Part 2
    Pankaj Sinha Organizing Secretary, JSSN Dimapur The child education is a great national service. There is no selfishness in the service of child education. Service consists of dedication and sacrifice. Child is the heritage of society and nation. We have to serve child education in this sense. It is the duty of every citizen to contribute as much physical & mental energy as possible. Therefore, to serve in this area, suitable people should be supported. Similarly, cooperation o