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  • A dream of possibilities
    Ngukato G Chishi Dimapur  Constructive Role "Life is a revelation each day" I feel that as an amateur journalist i am an ambassador of revelation. I like to play a constructive role, not only the darker side on moon that has to be unveiled but the brighter aspects of life too need to highlighted, more so, When the world is reeling under the blows of cynicism. I want into the light the act of altruism and charity, the works of art and creativity the paragon o
  • Sorry state of affairs: Have we gone to the dogs? 
    I Longkumer Dimapur  Very frequently, we come across news reports in the various Nagaland dailies as well as on social media about extortion and multiple taxations. As it is, they’re already bad enough and detrimental to our economy’s progress, what is even worse is that non-Nagas are involved in these activities. There could be no worst insult than this to the people of Nagaland. More often than not, it is found out that these non-Nagas are under the patronage of
  • No More Freebies
    Let me begin today’s discourse with the story of a king who inherited a big kingdom from his father. Since he inherited a kingdom rich in wealth and mighty in name, he was respected and considered great and mighty by the people. But overtime, this king became lazy and became so accustomed to the compliments, praises and respect showered on him by the people. He did not think about enlarging his kingdom and making it bigger and more powerful. He also did not think about multiplyin
  • COVID-19: Decimated the dignity of the dead and the living
    Dr John Mohan Razu Humans, by and large, have the tendency to take care of their bodies well and keep them fit. For humans, the body-frames are the ones that instantaneously captures the attention and thus forms opinion. This is why everyone irrespective of gender want to nurture their bodies well by protecting and keeping each and every part of the body fit. Take for example, gladiators, soldiers, commandos, models, security and law enforcement personnel their very body structure p
  • Network, electricity and online class problem
    Sir,  The current pandemic has caused to the shutting down of educational institutions and so online classes were introduced. For some reason it is good that the institutions are trying it's best for the educational continuation but also there are problems being faced by the students. From my personal experience I raise this problem. There are many towns under our state that has poor network connection and electricity problems and so students face problems like: 1. 
  • 'New Education Policy will bring rise in demand for tailored courses'
    Anupam Sinha IANS The New Education Policy (NEP) has infused a new wave of optimism with the vision of strengthening the education system, branching out into varied dimensions of skill-based learning to empower the Indian youth with the new age dynamism. The policy has arrived at the most appropriate time, when India is all geared up to redefine itself as "Atmanirbhar Bharat". The newly envisaged framework aims to provide a holistic development for the learners that is
  • Delimitation, by Tribal Integrity?
    Kekhrie Yhome On 28th February, 2020, Union Ministry of Law and Justice issued an Order to ‘readjust the division’ of State Assembly and Lok Sabha boundaries in the Union Territory of Jammu & Kashmir, the States of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, and Nagaland—with 2001 Census as the base year—although the cacophonic resistance everywhere is for 2011 Census.  A week later, the same Ministry announced the formation of a Delimitation Commission&md
  • An appeal to Delimitation Commission on Delimitation Exercise in Nagaland
    L N Konyak Senior Citizen, N U V, Dimapur The Govt of India by an order: a)    Notification dt. 11th Jan, 2008, the delimitation exercise basing on 2001 census in 4 NE states was postponed by the govt due to prevailing Law and Order problems in the region. b)    Superseding the above order of dt.11th Jan 2008, a fresh notification was issued on dt 28th Feb’ 2020, to resume the delimitation exercise in 4 NE states stating that law and order
  • Life Moves On
    Themneivah Sitlhou Life is like a flower that blooms and dies. Life is like a fog in the morning which can clear any minute. Life is like a colourful rainbow full of experience, and ups and downs. Is life already determined by God even before we exist!!? This is a controversial issue. I won't bother in proving either side of it. However, I want to say that life is a journey and death is our final destination on earth. Every day is an experience of our life. There are problems to
  • To sustain the Naga Saga
    Jack T Chakhesang The Naga people as a whole have now reached a stage of anxiety, apprehension as well as hope for a lasting and respectable solution to the decades-old Indo-Naga issue thus paving the way for enduring peace and development. Whatever views may have been regarding  it as a law and order problem, insurgency, secession, even threat to overall Indian national integration and the like, even the Government of India (GoI) has officially accepted this as a political
  • Children and Screen Time Effect: A Pandemic Concern
    Rev Dr Vetso Koza & Kariu Kamei Koza Centre for Integrated Counselling Services (CICS) A few parents comment that their children have become busier with the online classes than during the pre-pandemic when children used to attend physical classrooms. Their screen time has drastically increased during the Covid-19 lockdown with classes and recreations going digital particularly in the urban setting. There is increase in cases that children are easily agitated, angry, and moody;
  • Common skin infection in pig
    Veterinary Hospital Kohima The skin is the largest body organ and forms a barrier between the animal and its environment. Skin disease in pig can adversely impact production by causing a significant decrease in the growth rate and feed efficiency and thus result in economic losses to the farmers. Some common skin infections in pig are briefly discussed below for the awareness of the pig farmers. 1. Greasy pig disease - caused by a bacteria, usually infect pigs of 1-8 weeks of age
  • Impact of pandemic on School education 
    Through the columns of your esteemed daily, I would like to bring to the notice of the government and the people regarding the school education during the pandemic. With personal experience and from my own perspective, I believe that serious education cannot be done using  method. Students figure out a lot of their medium struggle. Thought it is safer to stay home and continue studies through online class, this method is only helpful for those students staying in towns and cities.
  • The question of dignity and Naga Independence
    Buno Iralu Sechü Zubza The promise and the likelihood of Nagas being granted political Independence from India has occupied prominence in the media and many serious conversations since as long as the mind can recall. It is ironical, if not more awkward, that India, the largest democracy in the world has had the audacity to keep the Nagas and their rightful privilege on tenterhooks for seventy-four years – the longest known struggle for independence by any nation. It puts
  • Cultivating the common ground
    The Naga peoples’ political unity in purpose finds strength and solidarity on the common ground of its historical and political expressions of Naga rights and aspirations. The foundation of the common ground includes the Naga Memorandum to the Simon Commission on January 10, 1929, the Declaration of Naga Independence on August 14, 1947 and the Naga Voluntary Plebiscite on May 16, 1951. Together, this common ground guides and provides the political and moral underpinnings that aff
  • Churches to the rescue
    Imlisanen Phom Dimapur By the time this article is done reading more number of corona positive case would have been added to the already existing number. The Recent attack of Coronavirus has taught us that not only the state Government but the Church also must be prepared to assist in such emergency situations. It was comforting to see many churches in Nagaland donate Cash and other items to fight corona.  Questions like what is the role of the Church in such epidemic out b
  • Sensible reasons for inking pending Indo-Naga political issue
    Thepfulhouvi Solo I don’t know the reasons why the supposedly finalized draft of the agreement between the GoI and the NNPGs has not been inked so far. Are the reasons for not inking the draft lying with the Government of India? Or it is with the NSCN-IM? If I correctly remember, the Working Committee (WC) of the Working Group of 7 NNPGs has quite some time ago made known the principles of their Draft Agreement with the GoI in the public domain. I also read them and would t
  • A brief sketch on life of Rev Dr K Imotemjen Aier
    I Anungba Sanglir During one of my many meetings and conversations with Chubatemjen, former Minister Nagaland, I expressed my desire and eagerness to meet Rev.Dr K.Imotemjen Aier one day if God willing. Chubatemjen is the co- brother in law of Rev Dr K Imotemjen Aier and he willingly made arrangements for our meeting. As planned, one day I went along with my son to visit the wonderful family of Rev Dr Aier and were warmly welcomed by his wife Arenmongla Jamitsur of Ungma vil
  • Solar energy for the future
    Rebecca Gurung The Oxford dictionary defines the term 'sustainability' as "the property of being environmentally sustainable, the degree to which a process or enterprise is able to be maintained or continued while avoiding the long-term depletion of natural resources.”The definition of the term sustainability goes indeed well with the phrase 'solar energy for the future.' Sun is our most reliable source of renewable energy accounted for as a universal f
  • Rashtriya Poshan Maah: An all-out drive against malnutrition
    Abhishek Dayal Director, PIB Imphal The 3rd Rashtriya Poshan Maah (3rd National Nutrition Month) is being celebrated this month across the country in the backdrop of the raging Covid19 pandemic and economic downturn. In the grim scenario, it would be appropriate to note that the perennial problem of malnutrition, especially among women and children, has been a persistent and debilitating reality in many parts of our country.  In 2018, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched &