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  • Zeliangrong Baudi (N) reflexes
    Gwanphun GangmeiThe ZLR-Baudi is composed and formed by the people and for the people of Zeliangrong   people living in Nagaland.Its Objectives being social welfare, justice and development of the people a
  • Rejoinder to ‘NPF lacks Political Sagacity’
    Apropos to the article written by Oken Jeet Sandham with the “NPF lacks political sagacity” which appeared in the North East Herald on October 17 2005, the Nagaland People’s Front is constraint to issue t
  • Kudos to the Dimapur Municipal Council team
    The members of the Dimapur Municipal Council (DMC), under the chairmanship of Y. Vikheho Awomi, within the past few months since its inception have done some exemplary works which needs to be acknowledged and a
  • A visit to Civil Hospital Tuensang
    The Civil Hospital of Tuensang is facing lots of problems, right from the shortage of Doctors to proper sanitation, basic medical equipments and medicines. Moreover since there is no one to check or voice again
  • How can the youth Develop Leadership Competence?
    Dr Aola ImchaLeadership is a process by which a person influences others to accomplish an objective and directs the organization in a way that makes it more cohesive and coherent. Leaders can carry out this pro
  • Harvest rituals and ceremonies
    Sothing W A ShimrayRituals and ceremonies are an integral part of every human society, be it primitive or modern. Ritual is a set of behavior with the sequence established by tradition. Tradition refers to the
  • Erünyie - Thürinyie
    The nomenclature of the word “Erünyie” derives from the Chakhesang Khezha dialect “Erü” meaning Paddy and “Nyie” means ‘Festival’ which means paddy festival also in Chokri dialect “Thürinyi
  • Mokokchung NPF Youth wing grateful
    The NPF Youth Wing Mokokchung Division would like to express our profound gratitude to all those for the successful conduct of the Inter School Literary Competition held at Mokokchung on the 4th of Oct’05. Th
  • Overcharge of Taxi fares
    On behalf of the students’ community I would like to highlight some of the problems that are faced by the students’ throught your esteemed paper.That Sir, I would like the attention of the Taxi Drivers Unio
  • Manipur Media: Quantity or Quality!
    U A ShimrayTelevision and cable network have reach many households. Today, media revolution turns incredible market in the world of business. For the North Eastern region, Television first came in 1982 (Thanks
  • Projection of shallowness in Naga’s Christianity
    The letter written by one, Kedi Haralu, requesting the government to “allocate” some money for Pastor Benny Hinn’s ministry comes as no surprise for the kind of Christianity that most Nagas practice. It s
  • Rejoinder to ‘LVSU appeals to CDPO Sanis’
    In reply to what President L.V.S.U. Shri. N. Mhabemo Mozhui, report to Nagaland Post which is dated on 09-10-05 (Sunday Issue). I would like to clarify my position clear through this rejoinder to all the reader
  • Road map to Naga integration
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading the article ‘Road map to Naga integration’ written by Ao Yemen Chang carried in your news daily October 4 issue. It was well written piece giving a voice for many Nagas as well
  • Negligence at Imkongliba Memorial Hospital, Mkg
    It is not wrong to say that we all came to this world but to die. God our Creator has created us and it is His own wish that He take us again at His own appointed time. In fact, to die is a universal truth.But,
  • Naga Integration Movement: A Historical Perspective
    U A ShimrayBefore free India formally inducted her Constitution, Manipur had already drafted Manipur State Constitution Act, 1947. In Constitution drafting, Maharaja of Manipur, Bodh Chandra Singh, invited Hill
  • Mercenary attitude
    The brutal killing of two civilians and three NSCN cadres by the Meghalaya police deserves more than the mere lip-service of condemnation. The issue stands at the core of our engagement with the Indian State an
  • Clarification to Heraka Pailei Baudi
    In response to the article of Heraka Pailei Baudi appealed to Chief Minister Nagaland which appeared in some local dailies on 6th and 7th Oct. ‘05. We the Women Welfare Society Jalukie Town would like to clar
  • Poetry and its Clichếs
    “A word has a power to convey a world of information and to act as a spell upon the feelings, there is no need of sustained fiction, often no room for it”Atongla RothrongPerhaps, no person can be a poet, or
  • Grace through the Kripa foundation
    Setso LiegiseThe word ‘Kripa’ in Sanskrit means ‘Grace’ and it is such an apt word because recovering drug addicts/ alcoholics know that if it weren’t for the grace of God they would not be where they
  • Where is the chairman’s say in this?
    Referring to some local dailies, where Thungdy Chang, Chairman TTC stated that the GI pipe is more appropriate for hill areas, which indirectly supported the PHED in connection with gravity water supply to Tuen