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  • NSCN/GPRN on memorandum by Action Committee of Ao Senden
    This is with reference to the Memorandum submitted by the Action Committee of the Ao Senden to the Collective Leadership of NSCN against the assassination bid on the life of Ms.M.Imtila Jamir. Expressing our co
  • Open Letter to Department of Technical Education
    Why make careless errors?The JEE (technical exam results) announced dated 29th June,2011 by Department of Technical Education needed clarification.1. Why there was no mentioned of tribe(s) name in the some list
  • The Nagas must reunite
    •-I am a Naga from Heimi Region, and have been living in Thailand since 1988. As I am a Naga and have an interest to learn more about our Naga national affairs, I have attended many times in the reconcili
  • Representation to Collective Leadership NSCN/GPRN
    Sub:   Memorandum Against the Assassination Bid on the Life of Ms. M. Imtila Jamir, Registrar of Co-operative Societies, Nagaland (Rtd.). Sir,We the undersigned, under the aegis of the Ao Senden,
  • Mass social work in Kohima—team effort
    •-The administrator, advisory committee members and staff of the Kohima Municipal Council would like to thank all the colonies of Kohima, DEF Kohima, 4th NAP Thizama, specially the president and colleag
  • Clarification from Chief Election Commissioner of Nagaland please
    •-It is becoming very difficult to understand the nature of photography for electoral purposes. Many citizens of Kohima and Dimapur town have taken photos in their colonies in the towns.  But they ar
  • A Nod of Approval to NSF
    •-It is once again a great deeds of Naga Student’s Federation on Goodwill tour in reaching out the Naga people for the upliftment of the Naga Society and Younger generation. NSF pursuing to bring
  • Incompetent airline operations in Dimapur
    •-From what I hear in my blog and other sources, rescheduling has become a regular news item in our local newspapers. It is ironical how passengers naturally anticipate the flight timings to be reschedule
  • Music Task Force Lauded
    •-Music is an integral part of the life of the Nagas. The Nagas sing and rejoice when they are happy, lonely and sad, during celebrations and also at work. The Nagas sing with indigenous musical instrumen
  • World Blood Donors day
    •-The Medical Superintendent, MO i/c blood bank, Doctors, Nurses and  staff  of District Hospital Dimapur  would like to express our profound gratitude to all past blood donors, Colleges, C
  • Federal Government of Nagaland clarifies
    The Ministry of Rali Wali is constrained to issue this rejoinder to clarify the allegation leveled against Zhopra Vero, Kedallo, FGN and Brig. ( Retd.) S. Singya, Kedahge, FGN under the caption “ The frau
  • Responsibility Of Every Citizen
    •-Recently I came by a city bus from BOC to Razhü point Kohima and some of us gave Rs. 10 (due to no Rs. 5 change) to the bus conductor as he collected the fare .While getting down from bus I aske
  • Should Not Judges Keep Themselves At A Distance?
    •-It is surprising to know  that the Chief Justice of Madras High court invited Ms. Jayalalitha for a tea party  at his residence, on her becoming the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. Obviously
  • A Word Of Appreciation To Britt Nicole And Tracy Darlington
    •-The last May 29,(Sunday) publication on Faith Leaf of the daily esteemed publication of The Morung Express - 'BRITT NICOLE INTERVIEWED by Tracy Darlington' Touched Me. I encourage people to go after the
  • Open letter to GM, Airtel NE India
    •-Through this column I would like to place some few problems faced by the Common people (Who are so ignorant about using the Airtel Services). Being your valued Customer, I would like to request you t
  • NPCC counters Rajya Sabha MP Khekiho Zhimomi
    Shri. Khekiho Zhimomi is known more for Sugar Mill VRS Scam (in which he is charge-sheeted) and thea Industrial transport subsidy scam than being a Rajya Sabha MP. His lengthy discourse to paint Congress as ant
  • Suggestions to VC regarding early declaration of B.A. exam results
    •-We, some of the Final Year B.A.III Year students under Nagaland from various colleges of Nagaland, being aspiring candidates of various competitive Examinations of 2011 would be required to produce our
  • Who will police the Police?
    •-Nagaland a dry state, where the sale of alcohol is restricted and the law enforcement agencies (Police) are suppose to check and control alcohol sales, but to my surprise  that alcohol is available
  • An Open Letter Of Appeal To The Chief Minister Of Nagaland
    Hon’ble Chief Minister, •-I salute you on behalf of the few surviving would War II veterans from Nagaland. Sir, may I draw your kind attention, the miserable accounts of the lives that those WW
  • Eradicating rape & murder
    •-The Indian sub-continent is noted for rape and murder particularly of women and girls. Everyday everywhere across the country, particularly the national capital Delhi is known for crime against women wi