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  • Message for Peace among the Nagas
    As our family mourned thirty days from 19th January to 19th February 2012, for the untimely death of our beloved Son V.Ghukato Assumi, who was assassinated on 19th January 2012, by his old comrades, I could not
  • There is no Backward Tribe in Nagaland State: A.Z. Jami
    In the erstwhile British Naga Hills District, the Angami, Aos, Lothas (Kyong) and the Sumis (Sema) figured prominently in the records. But after the formation of a separate State of Nagaland, every tribe whethe
  • Response on Mon, Phuktong and Tuimei villages on allegation
    The three villages i.e. Mon, Phuktong and Tuimei villages expressed their surprised on the allegation that appeared in several papers on three (3) villages over the unfortunate killing incident of NNC (Home Gua
  • NPF Kohima Division charge CLP Leader Tokheho
    The outburst of the Leader of Opposition Shri Tokheho is nothing but an indication of his frustrated and desperate situation. We are compelled to issue this press release in order to make the people understand
  • 'Failure of the Administration in the state capital'
    The headlines which read " 'KOHIMA VILLAGE YOUTH ORGANIZATION' 'DEMOLISH SHOPS IN KOHIMA SUPER MARKET' ", that appeared in one of the daily local paper on 14th Feb 2012, got hold of my attention about the exist
  • Dear Local Traders Union, Super Market Kohima (LTUSMK)
    Every house owner has the right to ask his/her tenant to shift or move out. Whenever the owner wants his house renovated he can ask the tenant to shift somewhere else or move out. Remember every building commer
  • Everyone is expert in defending oneself
    A well known song lyrics (Abbatou) of my village reads, “you don’t smell your own excreta, but smell others excreta – eat my excreta, eat my excreta.” Indeed it is true, when I shit or dispose my excret
  • A view on Dimapur
    The town of Dimapur has never been busier. Mega constructions (mega because many Nagas invest almost everything they have in land and buildings), traffic snarls (assisted by some unruly people on wheels), massi
  • Senior NNC Member Questions Zhopra Vero
    The Ministry of Information and publicity of the original NNC/FGN had already clearly shown about the treasonous character of Zhopra Vero thrice through local dailies. But Zhopra Vero is still shamelessly steal
  • “Open letter to Nagaland Timber Traders Union”
    With due respect, Nallong Village authority would like to express our psycho pain and suffering borne by the general public of Nallong Village, Nallong Lun Progressive union representatives and all of our well
  • Illegal Immigrants: What Naga Youths are Saying
    Ever since the alleged gang-rape of a Naga woman on February 6, the youth community in Nagaland have been vigorously discussing the impact of immigration and illegal immigrants in the state. The following are a
    (Fought Between Kikrüma Nagas And Britishers in 1851.)K. Puroh , Formerly Associate Prof.(Pol. Sc.) Kohima CollegeIn the Middle of 19th century, a very significant and historical battle field took placed
  • A Murder and few Questions
    “Class 9 student stabbed woman teacher inside the class room to death”. I was unable to react to the shocking news as the incident took place in a country where teachers were regarded next to God. I know an
  • Local Traders Union clarify stand on Kohima Super Market building
    The Local Traders Union, Super Market Kohima (LTUSMK) is compelled to issue this press statement to clarify the stand of the Union on the Super Market building Kohima matter, where the demolition work was carri
  • Four golden rules for writing effective RTI Applications
    We often sit down to draft an RTI application in an angry and unrealistic mood. When we write RTI applications, our focus should be on getting information. Instead, we are thinking about stopping some wrongdoin
  • Towards building a stronger & better Nagaland
    The newspaper headlines for the last few days has become very intoxicating as two of the senior most Naga politicians, who are not only lawmakers of the Naga society but also philosophers having achieved the ho
  • Open letter to the Hon’ble Chief Minister, Nagaland
    Sir, With due respect  we would like to express our appreciation and concern for the work of ‘Construction of Integrated Housing and Slum Development’ at Sweba/Viswe under the scheme JNNURM by the
  • Revive us Lord in the midst of Killing and Hatred spirits
    Today we see Nagas champion for sovereignty struggling for position, power or for Naga’s will it makes us seek  much deeper but the bottom line need to redress properly. Naga people are not happy and eve
  • Y. Wangtin Naga Response
    On revelation of the secret conspiracy hatched among some of Leaders in Khehoi Designated Camp for my assassination two years ago (before 7th June 2011, NSCN split), I am so surprised and wonder how many Leader
  • Shining Down Through the Ages
    Rüsoma is a northern Angami village situated at about 8 kms from Kohima. This village would have probably remained unknown and uninteresting to many people under normal circumstances. This is so because Rüsom