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  • KBBB’s clarification on AIS program implementation
    In response to the article “Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan a failure in Mon” which appeared in The Morung Express page 7, dated 8th August 2006, the KBBB would like to clarify the misreported charges labeled against
  • The skit depiction
    We the undersigned would like to draw the kind attention of all in connection with the recent hoola-boola which appeared in some local dailies about women society staging a skit depicting honorable Prime minist
  • Statement of support
    Men are born free. Every human being has the right to express his or her thought into action. Nagas are precisely doing that by democratically resisting the Meiteis’ act of cultural aggression.Meiteis/Manipur
  • Naga entrepreneurs in the making
    Hats off to the Morung Express for bold initiative in news reporting. We live in a time when frustration and despair loomed large on the minds of the people especially the young ones, due to widespread alleged
  • Stop cheating Nagalim
    True national leaders use their independence days to spell out major policies to take their nations forward progressively. In this light, it is painful to learn that people like Adinno Phizo chose to talk silly
  • An appeal for protection of freedom of religion
    In a joint meeting of Moya Village Youth Organisation (MVYO) and Moya Village Council on 9th August 2006 Shri. Khamong & my family have been expelled from the citizenship of Moya village for being the membe
  • Let me humble my pride
    Noel ManuelNever forget to greet people, while on your way up in life, for you never know, whom you have to acknowledge on your way down. Pride has a number of definitions. The positive side could mean a person
  • This Suffering Must Stop
    Jack Chakesang PhekThe bloody war of upmanship and false superiority in Nagaland and the mindless incidents of terror, inhuman attitude and brothers killings brothers is not hidden from anyone. The present soci
  • A letter to concern Nagas and especially leaders
    Dear Sirs, concerned citizens and leaders of the Naga. I am a preacher of Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour, the creator of the Universe. This letter I am writing at last, because at first I thought that it is
  • History of Taekwon-do
    Yimkongniken Aonok, 2nd DegreeNagaland Taekwon-do Federation Ever since man first walked the earth, he has been using his hands and feet for self defense. These physical actions eventually gave birth to ma
  • Naga Independence, what it means?
    •    Naga formed Naga National Council.•    Naga declared Independence (1947)•    Naga historic plebiscite (1951)•    Naga
  • Central Forest Nursery for production of high quality local species
    Dzüvinuo Theünuo & Ruopfülenuo HouzhaHaving realized the economic value and environment role of trees, people of Nagaland have during the last few decades brought large areas under forest plantations. Th
  • Support Affiliation of Schools to NBSE
    Nagas are one, and it has been the desire and aspiration of all Nagas to develop and grow together as a free people. But the Indian Government has constantly tried to keep Nagas distant from each other. One div
  • Who is accountable for corruption in Nagaland?
    It is observed with great did-satisfaction, the attitude of the Government towards corruption/scandal that has rocked the state recently. The attitude of the government of “wait and wait” until things goes
  • Misuse of people’s representative
    Enough is enough, and being the elected people’s representative Imkong L Imchen should think first for the state and not his son and family first. As a government himself, he should know what is the allotment
  • Separation of judiciary from executive
    K. Hrili DavidOrigin:Montesquieu, a French scholar, first conceived the principle of separation of power. He found that concentration of power in one person or a group of persons resulted in tyranny. . He there
  • Support affiliation of schools to NBSE
    Nagas are one, and it has been the desire and aspiration of all Nagas to develop and grow together as a free people. But the Indian government has constantly tried to keep Nagas distant from each other. One div
  • Rejoinder to ASRU surprise checking
    In the matter of the Akuluto Range Students’ Union who undertook a surprise checking of all the government offices in Aluluto Town, published on the 28th of July 2006 in a local daily and again in another loc
  • Let me lose my anger
    Noel ManuelThere are various forms of expression. Each form enables us to convey a message. If the smile is considered the most pleasant form of all expressions, then the anger, perhaps, is the most volatile am
  • 2,23,778 names removed from 2001 Census Report
    John Basho PouDelhi based journalist2,23,778 of Indian citizens inhibiting in the Three Sub Division namely Mao-Maram, Paomata and Purul Sub-Division of Senapati District, Manipur have been deprived of their Co