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  • Illegal immigrant issue a threat to future survival
    Oken Jeet SandhamThe issue of illegal immigrants in Nagaland is not new. This has been there since long time back. The influx of illegal immigrants had been time and again discussed in many fora and this writer
  • NSCN (IM): Respect the Cease-Fire
    The main purpose of the cease-fire between the Government of India (GOI) and the National Socialist council of Nagalim (NSCN) is to facilitate for a purposeful political dialogue between the two entities to bri
  • Scrolls of Strife: The Endless History of the Nagas
    Published by the well-known Rupa Publications, India, the book is more of an exploration of the Naga mind and psyche by the authors, Dr Homen Borgohain and Dr Pradipta Borgohain, in a father and son collaborati
  • Nagaland Pensioners Association responds
    Response to publication by Shri. L. Odyuo Retd. Joint Director Treasuries & Accounts and Chairman Eramo Okho (Senior Citizen Forum) Wokha on Pensioners’ Identity Card in the Local Daily paper ‘Nagaland
  • NNC clarifies on Rali Wali statement
    The genuine NNC have to clarify once again to make it very clear that the one so called Rali Wali of NNC/FGN is the real duplicate NNC/FGN. To tell the fact they are the real Shillong Accordists who committed t
    It is a known fact that there are Duplicate NNCs and Duplicate FGN in Nagaland. Such groups led by the renegades have been creating all sorts of trouble in our societies by extorting money and intimidating the
  • Why ban Pre paid Mobile service in the state?
    Nagaland Government’s decision to ban pre-paid Mobile services in the state by the end of this month is indeed one of the poorest decisions that anyone at the high office would ever take. I don’t think that
    In a spirited exhibition of Nationalism, 31 National workers of Phom Region, 14 civilian workers and 17 Naga army personnel joined GPRN/NSCN en-bloc on 9th April 2012. GPRN/NSCN has received and acknowledged al
  • Nagaland, land of most corrupt and disparity under NPF-DAN government
    Whether one like it or not but without fear or prejudice, it is essential to keep on highlighting the   issue of corruption, the dreaded social disease always for creating general awareness of the people l
  • GPRN caution 29 Assam Rifles for harassment
    The GPRN/NSCN expressed innermost resentment over the surprised and unauthorized raids carry out upon official of GPRN by the 29 AR, Nihokhu post, under the command of one Major Samanda at the wee hour on 11th
  • Human peace rests on human ethics towards God
    Human life is incomplete morally and spiritually without relationship with God and the law of relationship with God which is human ethics towards God is “KNOW GOD, BELIEVE IN HIM, FEAR HIM AND OBEY HIM.” Th
  • Constitutional Recognition of Nepali Language
    It was a moment of achievement for the Indian Nepalese (Gorkhas) when on 20th August 1992 the constitution of India gave recognition to Nepali language in the eight schedule of the Indian constitution, for them
  • The Story of the Three Brothers
    As a young boy growing up, I had always loved and enjoyed listening to stories narrated by elders, parents, uncles or for that matter anyone. The stories could be legends, biblical stories, war stories, histori
  • Green gold to dust
    Many will remember the frenzied rush to grow teak in the late eighties after words spread that the foothill and plain areas of the state were ideal for growing them and that a single tree would in 20 years time
  • Who needs jurisdiction when we are being murdered?
    The growing menace of illegal immigrant Miyas in Nagaland has reached a dangerous point. The recent step of the Naga Council Dimapur and Public Action Committee formed from various NGOs such as women Hoho, Trib
  • Post mortem – opinion
    Apropos the notice and order to remove of churches issued by Deputy Administration Regional Institute of Medical Science – Imphal vide Nagaland Post 2nd April 2012.In the past hundred thousand precious lives
  • A comparative study of American and Naga democracies & their patriotism
    We all know that America is not a nation in the strictest sense of the word- nation. It is a fact a nation of nations. It is also a historical fact that the founders of the present American nation were not the
  • Zeliangrong on change - A way-forward
    This proposition and appeal is made with warmest greetings to all the organisers, respected leaders of AZSU, Public leaders, students and people of Zeliangrong on the auspicious occasion of the 21st AZSU Confer
  • Obligation of a Christian in the political office: MARK 10: 42-45
    Yumri TaipodiaBangaloreThough politics is not everything but there is almost no sphere of life that is directly or indirectly affected by politics. We cannot escape from political life in society. Also, believe
  • Nagas, the second Israel shall be saved
    It wouldn’t be a new thing for the Nagas and other Christians in India to have heard of the words such as “Israel in India” “Second Israel” and “Blessed People” labeled to the spirit worshippers t