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  • My Dear Grand Uncle and Me – A Naga
    “I have come again,” says my grand uncle as he enters the kitchen, the most happening place. He took the village bus. I have always admired his adventurous Naga spirit. Ours is the first house he picks when
  • Nagas As A Society
    As is proven that “Man is a Social Animal” it is obvious and inevitable that we Nagas too, whether rich or poor, enlightened or ignorant, strong, powerful or weak, good or bad, have to live as a society and
    “E-WASTE” many people might have heard it for the first time or might have come across it but ignored it?????? Have you ever wondered if your mobile phone or computers can also be harmful if not dispos
  • Prospective of Naga Women
    Jubilee Shangrei     The recent news item in The Morung Express “Shocking; Rape Case Settled for Rs 25,000”, has reminded me of one of my debate in my M. Phil class with one of my non-tribal
  • NSCN (IM) ‘refuting the irrefutable’
    On the evening of 30th June 2009, GPRN/NSCN Leacy, late Pfithu Pochury was arrested by IM cadres and as a result of excessive torture; he died in their custody early next morning. Refuting the irrefutable is th
  • An Assault on family ethics
    The recent ruling of the Delhi High court legalizing homosexual acts among consenting adults seems to be the beginning of a malicious attack on our age old family values and ethics. Discussing on the consequenc
  • NSCN (IM) condemns July 3 incident
    The NSCN/GPRN expresses serious concern and vehemently condemns the unabated illegal activities and the incident that occurred on 3th July 2009 at Ao Khel near Dhilai gate at 4:25 am where the house of Mr. Rome
  • Length of Service
    Views and opinions on the demand to fix 33 years as the maximum length of service by the NSF has been regularly appearing in local dailies after the government enhanced the superannuation age. The stage for fin
  • SWINE FLU: A pandemic
    Chonbenthung S. KikonInternee (B.V.Sc & A.H)The 2009 flu pandemic is an A (H1N1) pandemic and a global outbreak of a new strain of influenza A virus subtype H1N1, identified in April 2009, commonly referred
  • Get High on Life
    “If you want to get high, get high on Life”, sings Setso on 26th June, the International Day against Drug Trafficking and Illicit Drugs. The song still keeps coming back to me as I think of all those who lo
  • NSCN questions ‘unnationalistic attitude’
    The NSCN/GPRN strongly questions the persistent unnationalistic and malicious attitude of the so called National workers for its total indulgences only with vindictive and malicious intentions just to tarnish t
  • Daring to speak the unspeakable: Child sexual abuse
    Bise Peseyie & Asen Jamir Woch I was six years old. He was a distant relative who babysat us after school. He would take us to this open meadow where we would spend our afternoons crawling about lookin
  • Rejoinder to statement issued by Mamnab Hegue
    At the very outset, I am issuing this rejoinder to clear and enlighten the confused mind of the high sounding writer Mamnab Hegue, Secretary, Inlanders League, Peren who has been made to believe the concocted a
  • On Naga Reconciliation
    It is known fact that the reconciliation of different factions of the Naga Militants/Undergrounds is the need of the hour of the people of Nagaland.The United Naga Democratic Socialist Party (UNDSP) a political
  • If Nagas Be For Us, Who Can Be Against Us
    Though Nagas are divided into different Administrative Units, the spirit of a Naga never wavered. It is the general feelings of all Nagas irrespective of tribes and boundaries that, ‘If Nagas be for us, who c
  • Genesis & chronicles of Intangki forest
    Way back in 1921-23 the then British government approached Beisampui village for acquisition of the Intangki forest. The villagers gave their comment and assisted them in the survey which took a couple of month
  • Intanki forest is not a donated land
    Most of the Nagas including intelligentsias without knowing head and tail about the “Intanki Reserved Forest” thought that it was donated by the Zeliangs with the believe that there is no land without owner
  • A response on Intangki Issue
    This is an advice to Tsunthiu Yimchunger, Advisor, Western Yimchunger Hoho on his rejoinder on Intangki issue in some local papers dated July 3, 2009. Tsunthiu talked too much of Nagas of Nagaland without reali
  • GPRN/NSCN on death of Tissary Region Leacy
    On 9th June 2009, IM Hd. Chaplain Shem Jajo ordered the Nagas to undertake a 5 day prayer fasting to prepare themselves for new Nagalim. On 15th June, all local dailies flashed the declaration of Chairman SS Kh
  • Intangki Land Dispute Drama: A Silent Spectator’s view
    An article by Mr. Joel Nillo Kath titled “Land And Western Sumi Hoho” that appeared in Morung Express (24th June 09) ends with a suggestion that right thinking Sumi religious leaders should come out of thei