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  • Far from being a gentleman
    The universal understanding is that no human being, howsoever high or mighty, has the right to enjoy the fruits of another being’s labour.With the same understanding, and with the belief that it is high time
  • The questions of integration
    Ashon ChamroyMany ethnic groups of North-East India are institutional embodiments of plural societies in which different sections of community with their distinct religion, culture, and language live side by si
  • The Nagaland State Women Commission: An analysis
    Rosemary DzuvichuExpert member, National Commission for Women, NewDelhiThe passing of the Nagaland Women Commission Bill on the 25th August2006 by the Nagaland Legislative Assembly heralds the start of a new ch
    Professor Timothy KapingBecause of her wrong policies, instead of being one of the world’s economic superpowers, India is a land of poverty and beggars. Even after 59 years of self-rule and massive assistance
  • On Quit Notice
    It is a known fact that some thing is going wrong in the concept of Naga society because outward action is the photo of inner concept. Had there been no wrong concept, killing one another would not have taken p
  • Clarification to Forest Officer rejects ARSU charges
    Apropos to the rejoinder that came up in Nagaland Post on 24th Aug 2006 under the caption “Forest Officer (Hokishe Chishi) Rejects ARSU Charges”. The Union has taken a serious note of the officer’s accusa
  • Quit Notice and the Deeper Issue
    Charles ChasieThe sharp polarization that has been happening in our society for quite sometime is an issue of grave concern for all of us. Now, with the “quit notice” issued by NSCN (K) to the Tangkhul comm
  • Utter lack of foresight and wisdom
    Close on the heels of the “Quit notice” by the NSCN- K where I share my reservation as to the nature of its intent which is blatantly communal, unity and reconciliation being the desired goal of every Naga,
  • My disappointments with Naga leaders, NGOs
    I am totally disappointed with our Naga leaders and NGOs for their lack of insensitivity towards our fellow human being. So much so that I am beginning to take an extreme view of our people. Last few days in th
  • NPFNK condemns ‘quit notice’
    Nagas have borne the pains and sufferings cruelly bestowed upon us by the Indians for the past fifty-nine years. During these past years we fought back bravely in Unity. The dearness of our Nation and our Ident
  • The Eastern Nagas condemn NNLDM President Susa Nuree
    We the Eastern Naga people condemn Mr. Susa Nuree and disown his works.1.    The National League for Democracy in Burma (NLDB)is formed to bring Myanmar under the rule of Military Junta. The
  • Superseding Education department?
    Just as Pontius Pilate had washed his hands in front of Judeans, Imkong Imchen had washed his hand infront of his cabinet colleagues on the 5th of August 2006. But let us see how clean his hands are now for he
  • NLA Assembly Session making a public menace
    With due respect, I would like to bring to the notice of the public of Kohima the capital of Nagaland about the traffic regulations manned by the Traffic Police Officers and personnel who are tirelessly perform
  • Does not the disabled count?
    K. KhiungtsukiuWith the passing of four major legislations by the Govt. of India (viz. The Mental Health Act, 1987; the Rehabilitation Council of India Act, 1973; The Persons With Disabilities (Equal Opportunit
  • A view on the improvement of working system in the Nagaland Civil Secretariat
    As a result of heavy fire from the opposition bench in the last Assembly session the government of Nagaland has of late taken up a special action plan to improve the working system in the Nagaland Civil Secreta
  • Who are Peace Makers?
    Peace making is not professional or a selected, elected or appointed commission to work for. It is spontaneous, instinct and inherent for a true believer of Christ. I believe that no one who is not born again c
  • Someone is trying to damage my name
    This is in reference to a write up which appeared in The Morung Express dated August 15, 2006 under the column “Write Wing” and headlined “This suffering must stop” by one Jack Chakesang, Phek. It also
  • Let me visit my mind
    Noel ManuelThe most beautiful organ gifted to us by God, is undoubtedly the mind, synonymously known as the brain. It is a gift like no other. It is the major organ of the central nervous system and the control
  • ‘Quit Notice’ warnings from history
    About 95 per cent of the Nagas are Christian. Out of this, most of us personally know the living God and He, too, knows us. The earth is the Lord’s, and everything thereof. This means the earth is Christ’s,
  • Naga Solidarity Group on ‘Quit Notice’
    The Naga Solidarity Group vehemently opposes the “Quit Notice” issued by the National Socialist Council of Nagaland (Kaplang) on 17 August 2006 for the following reasons:    1.First, issuance of a