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  • GPRN/NSCN on Dec 27 incident at Khamlang village
    In the afternoon of 27th December 2010 at around 1.45pm the Naga army uprooted the one and only camp belonging to the NSCN(IM) gangs at Khamlang village under Changlang district and recovered a huge cache of ar
  • Nagaland needs a new vision and a new Earth
    Thepfulhouvi SoloNagaland has come to need a New Thinking; a New Mentality to bring a New Heaven and a New Earth to the Society. There do seem the people have a common desire for political Peace but no seriousn
  • Dialogues on Indigenous Culture & Environment
    Recommendations To The Various Aspects Of The Nagaland Biodiversity Rules (Nbr), 2010Free Trade Agreements and IPRs on BMCs1.    The BMCs are very much related to the Free Trade Ag
    Moamenla JamirNational Women’s Education Center (NWEC) Japan was founded about 30 years ago with the collective effort of Women in Japan who approached their Govt that they need a separate center for learning
  • Onto the Future: FNR
    Prelude:Those who are engaged in travelling the Journey of Common Hope can empathize with one another as we retrospect into the early days of the journey. Without romanticizing, one can asseverate to the journe
  • Y Wangtin Naga on 4-point Draft
    Wangtin Naga cautioned a write up of Naga Hoho of 27-102010 recommending few suggestive points. An appeal to the Indian government agencies for release of Naga political prisoners from their different custodies
  • FNR not doing enough: NSCN/GPRN
    A joint Council meeting of the Steering Committee Executives and the Cabinet Kilonsers held on the 29th Oct.2010, at Hebron in which the members made a threadbare and along drawn out deliberation on the current
  • “The Longest Queue Overnight At Nagarjan”
    The once or twice daytime queue in a week or two for a single LPG cylinder on a hot sunny day in Dimapur is a usual scene, and doesn’t seems to disrupt the daily lifestyles of Dimapurians. For everyone it is
  • Chaga Gadi
    Chaga Gadi/Ngee is the biggest festival of the Liangmai Community. It comes annually in the month of October. The word ‘Chaga’ means ‘festival’ ‘Gadi’ means ‘big festival’. The month of October
  • Naga Youth Front on politicians
    Sometimes in history, people who have been blessed with leadership, willfully adopt positions of untruths for selfish considerations. There is no uniformity on what happens to their political career or social s
  • Jhum Cultivation is not an Evil Practice
    I would begin with the question "Is Jhum Cultivation an Evil Practice"? One of the Recent article published by the counter current on "Food Freedom: An Inerview with Vandana Shiva" will respond to what some peo
  • Formulation of Consensus Public Proposal
    This is not to claim any credit, but the fact is that it was Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee which initiated “talks without pre-conditions” in the later part of 1990. After long persuasion, Late Rajiv G
  • Aolemba: The Incredible Bamboo Craft Artist
    Susan WatenAolemba Longkumer’s commitment to bamboo art makes one sit up and wonder about many things. His pictographic book “Soul of a Bamboo” was released by Sri N. Rio, our honorable Chief Minister dur
  • Rejoinder to assault of 3 minors
    Apropos to the news item which appeared in local dailies on the assault of 3 minors by police personnel and the owner of a restaurant, I would like to clarify that the whole story and circumstances has been twi
  • A Picture Of The Pre-Shillong Accord Scenario
    Sergeant Major Pezangulie on guard duty was the first to see the Indian army desperately trying to cross the Dzuza River in search of General Viyalie Metha’s camp in the jungles of Viphoma. This was in the fi
  • Backyard Poultry Farming with Improved Chicken Variety
    Traditional backyard poultry farming was in practice since the time immemorial. It has a good potential in our country especially in rural areas of North Eastern Hill region to improve the socio-economic condit
  • GPRN/NSCN flays Telegraph report
    The Telegraph in its N.E section Dt. 25th October 2010 carried an article about the vendors shutting shops to protest extortion. While the correspondent for Nagaland may have filed the article with the best of
  • To identify the original Naga national worker from each tribal level in order to honour them
    In continuation to bring together all the different factional members of the Naga National workers into one Naga Political roof, it is found that the some of the Naga National faction leaders have declared thei
  • A Call for Inclusiveness
    The Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR) finds it pertinent to once again clearly assert its position that we stand for inclusiveness and acceptance of all Nagas based on the historical and political rights of t
  • Sex, lies & authenticity
    Nagaland newspapers must be more responsibleComing across report published in newspapers about the “so call video of two Naga girls being stripped naked in by Assam police” and reading the reactions in conn