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  • Let me fill my bucket
    Noel ManuelDependency is a disease that causes laziness, idleness and incompetence. We all love to follow and seldom wish to lead. We enjoy being told what to do and rarely do something, without being told. We
  • Manipur: Never Ending Story...
    U A ShimrayImphal city is the only State’s capital situated in the vast valley [except Dispur of Assam] in the North Eastern region. The tiny Manipur state manifests unique physical features and socio-cultura
  • Quit notice and voice of the people
     The Memei Hoho with the deepest sadness and seriousness draw the attention of the NSCN (K) group of Kilonsers on the Quit Notice (Q N) served to the Tangkhuls residing in the Nagaland state.The Tangkhuls
  • Rejoinder to Quit Notice for clarification
    Fellow National workers NSCN-K, your contributions towards the Naga Nation is indeed notable and acknowledge by the Naga people, and it is recorded in the annals of Naga history of struggle against the alien ru
  • Rejoinder against Churches Colony
    Through this esteemed daily we the general public of Middle Point Colony would like to state that it is known to all and sundry that the Middle Point Colony is a Government Recognized Colony established in the
  • Stop smoking cigarette/tobacco for better health
    What about smoking/use of tobacco? It was not known in the time of the Bible. Tobacco is not mentioned anywhere from Genesis to Revelation. It wasn’t until Sir Walter Raleigh imported it from tobacco during t
  • Democracy down the drain?
    Allen ImsongNo system is devoid of defects and when something somewhere goes wrong, opinion flows. As such, we share talks as to whether democracy is relevant to Naga Society. But I think the problem lies in ou
  • Let me open my doors
    Noel ManuelI’ve often heard people say that when opportunity knocks, allow it to enter or else it may never come by again. Opportunities indeed, don’t come by very often. They come without warning and
  • The Grand old Man of Model Higher Secondary School, Mokokchung
    He gave his selfless-service for 23 years in moulding and nurturing the students for a bright future. He is none other than, “The grand Old Man of M.H.S.S, MKG” Sir. Bendangmayang. Time has gone long, since
  • These Hills Called Home: Stories from a war zone
    Sanjay (Xonzoi) BarboraProf. Ao modestly claims that “memory…picks and chooses what to preserve and what to discard” and that this is compounded when one is dealing with someone else’s memory of unadult
  • Naga Solidarity Group denounces Quit Notice
    From Naga Solidarity Group’s vantage point in the international community we stay committed supporters of Naga people’s sovereignty. We resolutely consider that this can be achieved through continuation of
  • Rejoinder to NSCN-IM for Christian socialism
    The recent article in the local media issued by the NSCN-IM “Christian Socialism” made me reflect on what this is all about. The question I asked myself is that, is there such a thing as Christian socialism
  • Little story about Assam Rifle from a “Layman”
    Much has been said and much has been written about Assam Rifles of Nagaland “Friends of hill people” and this has been proved exactly according to the works discharging by them.Every morning in a sweet mood
  • Rev. Nitoyi - down the memory lane
    Dr BSR MahapatraIt is one year since Rev Nitoyi left for heavenly abode. Those who knew him remember him like me and feel that he is still with us.An eventful career of a man of God came to an end on 20th Augus
  • The Years of Women, Youth and Farmers
    Jack T. ChakhesangYouth means not only young age; it means the prime, the bloom, the green years, the tender years of one’s life. Youth is a term that embraces us from the cradle to young manhood, and sometim
  • Far from being a gentleman
    The universal understanding is that no human being, howsoever high or mighty, has the right to enjoy the fruits of another being’s labour.With the same understanding, and with the belief that it is high time
  • The questions of integration
    Ashon ChamroyMany ethnic groups of North-East India are institutional embodiments of plural societies in which different sections of community with their distinct religion, culture, and language live side by si
  • The Nagaland State Women Commission: An analysis
    Rosemary DzuvichuExpert member, National Commission for Women, NewDelhiThe passing of the Nagaland Women Commission Bill on the 25th August2006 by the Nagaland Legislative Assembly heralds the start of a new ch
    Professor Timothy KapingBecause of her wrong policies, instead of being one of the world’s economic superpowers, India is a land of poverty and beggars. Even after 59 years of self-rule and massive assistance
  • On Quit Notice
    It is a known fact that some thing is going wrong in the concept of Naga society because outward action is the photo of inner concept. Had there been no wrong concept, killing one another would not have taken p