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  • Rejoinder to the item, APMC – ‘Daylight Robbers’
    While appreciating Mr K Kathuzah, 4th Mile, ginger farmer for making a very good assessment of what is going on at the Agri-Expo Site, 4th Mile, regarding purchase and sale of ginger by the APMC, Kohima, we fee
  • Role of NGOs in Disaster Management
    Lolano P KhuvungIndia is one of the disaster prone countries in the world. In view of its sub-tropical location, long coast line and the tectonic history, India is vulnerable to major natural hazards such as ea
  • Peace Education for all in North East India
    Nancy Moirangthem Peace education is a diverse and continually changing field, responding to developments in society and, to some extent, to the advancing knowledge and insights of peace research. As pract
  • Serial Scenes of Wars
    (History From an eyewitness of Sakraba village)Yu-wan BomiOur world had undergone severe attacks from galaxy with asteroids comets and other things that hit and the humanity had struggled seeing battles, war, b
  • Burning issue of Delimitation
    Policy makers will pass away, but implemented policies will remainKedi HaraluThe Delimitation Commission, regarding delimitation taking place only after a decade has stirred the hornets nest, for some districts
  • The Veneer and Horror of Friday the 13th
    The last time that Friday the 13th bothered me was some 15 years back when I as a 10-year-old kid saw the horror flick “Friday the 13th”. That same hair-raising, traumatizing feeling got the better of me on
  • Spring Rain and Septic Tanks
    Agnes Krocha The April showers we’ve had recently, I’m sure, had refreshed every living creature wherever it had fallen. With water scarcity becoming a constant problem especially at this time of the y
  • A Tickling Thought: Alcohol
    Who has placed a ban on alcohol in Nagaland through Prohibition Act? Who has endorsed the state policy on alcohol and fought for it tooth and nail? Who has supported and raised its voice in line with the state
  • Quo Vadis Nagas ?
    Ng. MuivahO Nagas, know that your name was Naked. From the nuclei of Nagas Club, you became Naga National Council. The seed of Naga Nationalism was sown through the length and breadth of Nagaland under the lead
  • There’s Something Clichéd About Naga Idol
    Limalenden LongkumerMokokchungI have said this before and I say it again – westoxication deters the Nagas from embracing the mundane modern exigencies for concrete and permanent advancement. We are so much we
  • Government facilitating women development
    Dzüvinuo TheünuoThe Government of Nagaland, through the Directorate of Women Development has the mandate of uplifting women to function as equal partners and participants in the development process. This new
  • NSSWB highlights welfare schemes for women in Nagaland
    Morung Express FeatureThe Nagaland State Social Welfare Board (NSSWB), set up in 1958 under the Naga Hills, Tuensang Area, has been implementing various programmes of Central Social Welfare Board (CSWB), New De
  • Philosophies, Psychosis and Power crisis
    What do you think is the purpose of life? Different people will promptly provide to this query with diverse and probably contradictory theories which they have so well and firmly conceptualized in their mind ou
  • Check With Your Spirit
    Imti JohnRegardless of race, economic status, social standing, ruling or opposition, majority or minority, Hindu or Muslim or Christian, good or bad; I am interested in every person on this earth and I want to
  • ‘Tri-Party Survey Commission for Delimitation’
    SL Z SangtamThe Kiphire District has a population of 101432 (one lakh one thousand four hundred and thirty two – 94718+6714 [Kuisam population]) according to 2001 census. It has two Assembly seats i.e. 59 A/C
  • An evening of Forgiveness and Hope
    The above Caption seems to be elusive and deceiving for a reader. This Caption has drawn someone as well as been a blessing to a few families who have been victims of Naga factional supremacy struggle. This wri
  • Response to ‘House Tax vs Census’
    Apropos to the article ‘House Tax vs Census’ by Neivor Rutsa that appeared in local dailies, wherein comparison has been made between Tesophenyu, the biggest village in Rengma, and some Western Angami villa
  • Self-Esteem...
    N. Longshio YanthanShalom Rehab. Centre, ChumukedimaYou can’t touch it, you can’t see it and you can’t hear it, but it affects how you feel, it’s there when you look at yourself in the mirror and its th
  • Nagaland’s Houses of Healing
    Teresa RehmanThe sermon is in progress at a Dimapur church. People from all walks of life, dressed in their Sunday best, listen with rapt attention to the pastor as he speaks of HIV/AIDS, the safeguards to take
  • Rengmas all for two A/C seats
    The Delimitation Act which is now the hottest topic in the state is being discussed and debated in every nook and corner of Nagaland. Some supporting it and some opposing it, which I feel every Tribe/District h