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  • Animal Stories
    Easterine IraluPeople say that the bear is a stupid animal. He built a platform in a tree and went to sleep in it. Then the rain fell on him and roused him from slumber.He sat up in the tree and muttered to him
  • Should UGs influence Indian election & civil bodies?
    The question of whether undergrounds should have an indirect say in the Indian elections and influence the civil bodies is a hot debate in the underground (UG) and overground set ups where there are underground
  • Communal harmony in Dimapur: A hindu viewpoint
    In the beginning, I wish to appreciate the Christian Forum Dimapur for convening Inter Faith Meet and giving me the opportunity to put forth my viewpoints as a representative of the Hindu society in Dimapur on
  • The making of Naga Nation
    Recognition a condition precedent for a new Indo -Nagalim relations  Moa AsoHisory tells us that prior to 1947 -1950 there was no recognized Indian nation as such. The name ‘India’ is also of recent or
  • Interrogating Contemporary Naga Youth and Social Change
    U A ShimrayEminent Sociologist called M.N. Srinivas remarked that: the subject of social change is vast and complex. Indeed, social change is an inevitable and continuous phenomenon. It is a conventional method
  • Of election, governance, and change in Nagaland
    Tsutsowe Kupa“Change we can believe in,” read the catchphrase on the speaker’s stand, as also on the placards of the cheering supporters of Barack Obama, an Illinois senator and Democratic presidential ho
  • Reconciliation for Peace or Pieces
    Naga society has been hearing the echo in our hills and vales for Peace, unity and reconciliation for many years between especially between NSCN. Today these words have become hotchpotch because the national le
  • Political mess- whom to blame?
    Vihepu YepthoNagaland is known for its longest state under President Rule (PR) in the country (1975, 32 months). The series of political explosion and political drama that took place some months back landed in
  • An appeal to the voters of Pughoboto division
    Once again an opportunity has come for us to choose our representative. It is our duty to caste one’s own vote by secret ballot system; no one knows whom you are voting but it is an appeal to all the voters t
  • Nagas and the Pursuit of Blind Progress
    Tezenlo ThongBecause of its widespread use and seemingly obvious connotation, the term ‘progress’ has become commonsense and its legitimacy is assumed in everyday discourse. Sydney Pollard argues that “mo
  • A Review of Abraham Lotha’s History of Naga Anthropology (1832-1947)
    Paul PimomoChumpo Museum Publication, Dimapur, Nagaland, 2007. Rs. 250.History of Naga Anthropology (1832-1947) is a short monograph on writings about Nagas by British colonial administrators and ethnograp
    S VarahFighting for the land robbing the people, fighting for the people robbing the land, fighting for tax cum oneness sounding freedom bell or living to accept meaningful sacrifice? We can make enemy out of d
  • Going the distance for love
    Vishii Rita KrochaI see red is the flavour of the month. Everywhere there is this tinge of it that reminds me of something lovely. And yes, I also know love is certainly the reason why there are a lot of nice t
  • Towards adequate power availability for Nagaland
    Like many other states in India, Nagaland continues to suffer from inadequate availability of power particularly during dry seasons. News media and members of the public have, of late, strongly highlighted this
  • The Battle closer Home
    Mijito ChishiThe progressive culture heralded by globalization has conspicuously entered our households and the individual. There has been enough rhetoric on globalization per se but it is the attendant ‘prog
  • Is the Mighty Cong playing into the hands of the Regional Govt?
    Kedi HaraluThe complete turnover with the Congress Party in Nagaland was the introduction of PR Rule first and then the unthinkable distribution of Party Tickets, which has broke up whatever previous unity and
  • Employment and Craftsmen Training
    Lolano P. KhuvungA DIPR FeatureHeaded by the Director and functioning under the administrative control of Commissioner & Secretary, the Directorate of Employment & Craftsmen Training oversees manpower p
  • Ghost of “Controversial Census Figure” and Delimitation
    U A ShimrayThe valley based population of Manipur state who antagonize Delimitation Commission proposal is “relieve” at the moment. The Union Cabinet decided to exempt the state from the proposed Delimitati
  • Article 356 – Shall we scrap it?
    Article 356 of Indian Constitution states that President, on the advice of Prime Minister, can dismiss a state Government on account of failure of the latter in terms of financial and Political performances. &n
  • Investment in artistic lives - A fair exchange?
    Susan Waten NagaLatit Kala Akademy, the prestigious art institution from Delhi held its first National Art Camp & Festival in Kohima between 12 to 19 Dec., 2007 at State Academy Hall. 26 select artists from