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  • Understanding the Naga situation and assiduous support
    While going through the phases of democratic expression of the Naga’s inherent rights, many had experienced bitterness, injustice, humiliation, and untold miseries. The living Naga Soul is a witnesses and his
  • Rejoinder
    This is in response to “Baseless allegations on Neutral Forces” in certain dailies by the respected Commandant, 90 Bn. CRPF posted at Bokajan. To substantiate and prove that the allegation was true and neve
  • Let me erect my family
    Noel ManuelA friend of mine once asked me the name of the institution where I worked. After a deep thought I responded that it is the ‘FAMILY.’ Amused by what I told him, he couldn’t help, but ask, what I
  • Social Institution and Responsibility
    U A ShimraySocial responsibility is one the great assets of humanity. It manifests love, caring and collectiveness. A sense of social responsible is not sanctioned by the society but evolves with the conscience
  • Blow your horn before you pay your bills
    N. ArheMuch has been said and heard about the recently concluded Hornbill festival; whether it’s the ecstasy of the rockers or the agony of the local traders, one has been a witness to wide-ranging opinions.
  • Something to Rejoice or Not in 2007
    As New Year is here people all over the world greet one another with different signs. This year we have lots of greetings and it overflows in our Naga nation. We are glad to see all this new beginning on Januar
  • Education and New Economic Policy in the context of NE India
    (Paper presented at the national seminar held at Shillong from December 9-10, 2006)In this paper I wish to argue that the defective educational policy in the country in general and North East in particular is n
  • Time for Change
    Hito JimoWe cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. – Albert EinsteinIt’s time for change. Nagaland doesn’t need some minor adjustments or cosmetic change. Nagaland
  • Quality Education: Back to Basics
    Presented at the Seminar on Quality Education at Patkai Christian College , Nagaland sponsored by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) 18-19 December 2006.Tuisem A. Shishak, Ph.D.Founder Pri
  • Events during Hornbill week: Some ‘Eye Openers’
    Susan Waten NagaI don’t know how successful I’ll be, but I’ll try my best to set aside that which comes naturally to me (i.e. skepticism and satirical humor) and try to see the sunny side of things. What
  • Rev. Dr. Clark: His contribution towards fostering peace in the Ao Naga Hills
    Anungba SanglirIn July 1888 two Ao villages, Mongsenyimti and Longkong, was raided by a combine force of some trans-dikhu villages. The report about this aggression was brought to Dr Clark by some people belong
  • Let me discover my gold
    Noel ManuelThe talents that lie within us are phenomenal and waiting to be explored. Like the gold digger, who does not know the precise location of the gold, we too do not know the exact area where are our tal
  • Reminiscing 2006
    Vishii Rita KrochaWithout a word of goodbye, perhaps the year 2006 will silently slip walk away, making a stop and closing the door of the year that was. Time has already warned us of this and it will pass even
  • Prince of peace
    In the beginning was the WORD and the WORD was with God and the WORD was God. This very WORD became flesh and dwelled among us (John 1 : 1, 14). As Isaiah described about this WORD that He is Wonderful, Counsel
  • Are we Nagas only Christian by name?
    It is pleasing to note that the DMC had ordered for the closure of all the wine shops in and around Dimapur. But how far the mandate of the DMC will be abided only when we view that there are wine shops in and
  • Why is that place so attractive?
    He slowly walks past the house and talks to people shyly. The others watch him and whisper something and he roughly knows what they are saying but moves on to his destination.One by one they come and sit down.
  • Peace with pulls and props (3ps)
    Innately, every human desires peaceful environment, wherein, he feels free to work, progress, prosper & excel.  No one wants to live in a state of fear, uncertainty & tension caused by either physi
  • Naga Hoho vis-a-vis Naga issue, Kevi assault
    The coming together of the Naga Trible organisations including the United Naga Council (UNC), Naga Students’ Federation (NSF), Naga People’s Movement for Human Rights (NPMHR), Naga Mothers Association (NMA)
  • Make 2007 a year for ‘Reconciliation and Solution’
    As a concerned Naga, it is genuinely felt that killing one another must be stopped immediately because it only increases suspicions and bitterness which has ultimately divided the Nagas to the point or no retur
  • Electoral politics and Naga issue
    B ThohiiAs the 9th General Election of Manipur draws closer, the political climate in the four hill districts of Manipur is beginning to get overcast by cloud of apprehension. One prays a bad patch does not lie