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  • “Honesty Is The Best Policy”
    ThsesongIn breaking our silence and yet in a move of patience with all faith and hope for peace and goodness, the Yimchungrü Tribal Council (YTC) is compelled to issue the following statements without any mali
  • Suggestive Measures for IR Battalions and Police in Nagaland
    Below are some suggestions in regard to NAP (IR) battalions in Nagaland and in the interest of all concerned and also to elicit the opinion of the general public to the questions pertaining to NAP (IR) Battalio
  • An Escapist Reverie
    Keyicaulang MeruI was totally engrossed in a book about the Nagas of the olden days, written by a German, which literally got me preoccupied in the world of my own fancy and imagination. The simple and idyllic
  • Appeal to the NSCN collective leadership
    It is the fervent appeal of the concerned citizens upon the Collective Leadership of the NSCN/GPRN to seriously evaluate the unfavorable repercussions that may result through the participation or involvement of
  • Right attitude leads you to success!
    What is “attitude”? Attitude is our inward feeling expressed by our behaviour. Attitude is our outlook to life, based on our past experiences. It is that which draws people towards us or repels them. When a
  • Life is… to Enjoy!
    REMEMBER the sheer joy of waking up to find all your loved ones well and alive and kicking to see another dawn? The pure smile of joy that begins in our hearts and reaches the crinkled corners of our eyes trans
  • Village Guards in Longleng District
    Longleng, one of the latest districts created in the year 2005, was previously a sub-division under Tuensang district. It is mainly inhabited by Phom, though there are a few villages inhabited by Konyak as well
  • Role of the Village Guards in Tuensang District
    Tuensang District is the largest and the easternmost district of Nagaland, a state in North-East India. Its headquarters is Tuensang. Tuensang is one of the original three districts, along with Mokokchung and K
  • Nagaland, the Land of the Nagas and not the Animals Centurion
    Human beings and indisciplined wild animals cannot live together in a small state like Nagaland. Wild animals like Elephants and Rhinos cannot accommodate along with the farmers in a place like Nagaland, where
  • Response to Rev. Seksim Kasar, General Secretary, CNC, GPRN/NSCN (IM)
    Reverend Saksim Kasar, General Secretary, CNC, GPRN/NSCN (IM) has written about the Peace March in Kohima on January 27, 2007 under the caption, ‘Hypocrisy and prejudice must be shaken off if one is to correc
  • Hard times come easy
    Abemo Shitiri“Don’t tell me this is a difficult problem, if it was not difficult, it wouldn’t be a problem.”When I think of my childhood days, my life simply revolved around school, plays and friends. I
  • A thought for Mr. Kughalu Mulatonu
    Of all Mr. Kughalu Mulatonu’s toilet-paper imaginations rolling out for over a decade, the one which appeared in the local daily on Feb. 20, 2007 under the caption “NSCN(K) says rival in no-win situation”
  • Allegations or counter allegations cannot bring back the dead
    Who killed? Which weapon was used? Was it a sophisticated one or an old spear? How many bullets were fired? Was it accidental or intentional? Which faction was involved? No answers to such questions can bring b
  • Resurgence Of the Village Guards (2003-2007)
    (A DIPR Feature)The period starting from the year 2003 witnessed an unprecedented achievement that has brought about a massive transformation both in the mindset of the VG personnel and the VG Organisation. The
  • Illegal immigration, emerging a major problem in Nagaland
    Peter ChacheiThe concentration of illegal immigration of Bangladeshis from the neighboring state of Assam into Nagaland is emerging as a major problem in the state. Despite serious security and political ramifi
  • Women discouraging Women’s Empowerment
    K. Filip SumiLike a man that is human capable of thinking, feeling and doing things, a woman is also a human being having her own ability to think, feel and do certain things with no amount of inferiority in he
  • Tapping our Resources –Part 2
    Kedi HaraluI still remember vividly my discussion with the previous HOHO President, Late Horangse Sangtam, when we had representatives of all tribal HOHO’s and the Naga council, to discuss our nations future
  • Unsung Heroes
    The deployment of IRB at Naxalite infested area in Chattisgarh and the shocking aftermath is a breaking news for all and sundry. Men by their dozens have lost their lives in landmine explosions, scores have lef
  • Phek Public action and its ramifications
    Chivotso NienuThe events of the past several days have proved beyond doubt the power of the people when citizens of any place, state or country mite for a common cause as has happened in the case of Phek Town.
  • Community Conservation in Nagaland
    Neema PathakAn Introduction:Nagaland state of India bordering Burma, is occupied by about 15 different tribal communities. Each of these communities is culturally distinct from the other and occupy different pa