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  • Assam-Nagaland Boundary Dispute
    In view of the hearing going on between the state of Assam and Nagaland on boundary issue, and setting up of local boundary commission under the chairmanship of Justice S.N. Variava, Rtd. Judge, Supreme Court o
  • Some definitions, views, statements and objectives on eco tourism
    Agnes Krocha Tourism is changing rapidly as nature, heritage, and recreational destinations become more important, and as conventional tourism is forced to meet tougher environmental requirements. This pre
  • The Changed and Unchanged Cambodia
    Neichu Dz. AngamiIn 1997, when I walked out of the aircraft that landed in Phnom Penh after the infamous July coup, there was complete hush and suspicion all around – ‘don’t say anything now, just get int
  • Open letter to enpo/ensf/engoa
    Through this column the undersigned on behalf of Pungro Area Public would like to bring forward our grievances to the ENPO for immediate clarification sought. That Sir, in pursuance to the undertakings (ceasefi
  • Son appeals on behalf of his father
    It is now a year and two months since the date of the incident in which Rs. 13 lakh went missing from Ukhrul Police RO’s office located within the Police HQ. Most of the people are aware that my father (SL Ka
  • The Ray of Hope for Peace is Waxing
    The earth is a creation of God. So the earth is God’s earth and human races are God’s creatures. God Jehovah is the sovereign Lord over every human life. No power in the world is sovereign before God. Accor
  • The Peoples’ Governor
    Rosemary DzuvichuAs Nagaland’s outgoing Governor Shri Shyamal Datta bids farewell to the state on the first of February, one cannot help being sad at the departure of the best and most intellectual Governor w
  • Let me strengthen my fortress
    Noel ManuelThe fortresses that most of us aspire to build during our lifetime are all about the architectural design and the open space that surrounds it. There are no clauses that compromise with the quality a
  • Conflict, Development and Dignity
    Nehemiah RongFor people to live a life of dignity, honour and respect, it needs an economic prosperity, proper health care, transportation and communication system, quality education system, fearless, fair, fre
  • The unnoticed face at every corner
    Peter Chachei‘It was January 29, around 11 am, I think, when I reached the place. They (those who were undergoing substitution therapy) had already gathered for another day of counseling. The room was crowded
  • HIV|AIDS: A Political catastrophe
    Aküm LongchariThe UNAIDS December 2006 report says the number of people living with HIV in 2006 was 39.5 million, of which 2.3 million are children under the age of 15 years. The report further estimates 4.3 m
  • It is “Vini, Vidi, Vici” for Governor
    Oken Jeet SandhamThe Nagaland Governor Shyamal Datta who is completing his term as Governor in next few days is one who has really contributed his part for the growth of the State. He was closely involved in th
  • Pretty Woman/Girl, Know/Fight for Your Rights
    Women and girls are violated but the fear of stigma of being a victim of this heinous crime silences the scream of the victim. While on the one hand, ignorance of the law that is behind them to give them justic
  • Exploring Violence and Conflict in Naga Society
    Violence and conflict are parts of the living human condition. But the levels of violence and conflict differ in kinds and in degrees from society to society. It is physical violence which draws our immediate a
  • Let me taste my failures
    Noel ManuelWe all love to bask in the glory of our success. And very often we tend to relax on this success longer than we normally should. So much so that we forget to move on in life and this is where our suc
  • From Nehru to Manmohan
    Covering up Indian Forces’ bloody trails especially Dr. Haralu, the first doctor amongst the Nagas. Did he deserve such a death; Nagas tend to forget the past so quickly, but how many families are still hurti
  • Assembly election in Manipur and the confused Nagas
    Jubilate KazingmeiThe word “Ideology’ was first used during the French Revolution to designate the science of ideas. Karl Marx and Lenin used this word in a very specific context and is now used in sociolog
  • People’s role in election
    A. KaisiiThe advancement of science and technology is enormous and its impact is being felt almost on daily basis close to your door. Neither a slave nor wealthy person or black and white can freed from this wa
  • Wind of Change!
    Aküm LongchariThe situation in the Naga society has spiraled rapidly, destructively and aggressively into a deeper crisis since the turn of the New Year. It has moved with such great pace in such a brief time,
  • Let us fight against the unseen forces
    Rev. L. Suohie MhasiWe have first of all to fight against the unseen forces which impede the success of the efforts of the people for peace and unity such as degeneration, the power of darkness and jealousy.Deg