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  • Naga IRB in C’ttisgarh: India’s best bet for pulling back the peace process
    It’s reprehensible to read the recent news report on the Naga IRB rampant acts on the innocent civilians in Chattisgarh especially the treatment to the local women. Nothing more should be left now to pull bac
  • Communalism at the edge
    Mayson Kaping (Akhan)The communal problem at its base was more politically-motivated than religiously oriented. The danger is from the communalism and not so much from external aggression, because people tend t
  • Community Initiative To Conserve Bio-diversity
    Nagaland is an area of rich bio-diversity and unique culture. This has eventuated from a narrow strip of mountainous terrain and average rainfall of 2500 mm. Conservation of varieties of flora and fauna would n
  • Layman’s thoughts on Naga Political Movement
    We understand that Nagas are a homogeneous group of people with common origin, history and culture; speaking different dialects but same in temperament, attitude and appearance; scattered over different politic
  • Quest for solution: The Indo-Naga peace talk
    The attempt to contain peoples struggle by the state has always been by use of force but the Naga Movement have aptly demonstrated the failure of militaristic war policy in handling the challenges placed by peo
  • Role of Women in Development
    Jack T. ChakhesangThe role of women has made a transition from traditional roles of daughter, wife and mother to full participation in social, cultural and economic development in many societies over the years.
  • Introduction of Motor Vehicle Act 1988
    K C AngamiBy nature, the moveable properties and assets are more susceptible to risks than immoveable assets. Therefore, Insurance Companies are created to replenish (make-up) the accidental loss of the concern
  • Motivation for Recovery
    The only constant thing in life is change. Change is everywhere. It is there in every individual both internally and externally. It is there in the environment, and it is there in the society, and it is part an
  • On the unsuccessful implementation of prohibition of alcohol
    With due humble submission, we the undersigned are citizens of Dimapur and request you to kindly publish an article in your esteemed daily referring to the subjective and unsuccessful implementation of the ban/
  • Naga Struggle – A brief Account
    Sangamling Sebastian KameiThe Nagas’ struggle for Self-determination has entered a crucial phase. In this defining moment of our political struggle, this appeal is being released to give a clarion call to all
  • Floodgates of illegal immigrants
    Neikolie KuotsuWith the buzz around the Look East Policy, what are the pros and cons of opening the floodgates of illegal immigrants from across the border? Are we too provincial in our mindset towards giving a
  • Let me legitimize my addiction
    Noel ManuelWe are all addicted to something or the other. To possess an addiction is a biological way of responding to life and all that is legitimate and illegitimate around us. It is good to be addicted to so
  • A perceptive dialogue on Naga state of affairs
    “The longer the night lasts, the more our dreams will be”. Nagas have lived through against many odds in the process of political development of not less than six decades. We fought more wars among our own
  • Are you angry?
    Sentilong OzükümLate night news is a poor sedative. All I wanted was the result of the angry crowd behavior at the Nehru Stadium in Guwahati where India was scheduled to play visitors England in a one da
  • Realising the potentials of disabled persons
    Gwazenlo ChungSince last year, the NPSC made a paradigm shifted from exclusivism to inclusivism by inducting disabled candidates to various post through open competitive exam. This is indeed a laudable step tow
  • Double standard policy of Indian govt. in Naga affairs
    The Indo-Naga Political struggle is entering 60 years. The first Indo-Naga cease-fire took place in 1964, however, the wrong political mechanism by the Nagas the NNC leadership did not participate in the negoti
  • NBCC’s Healing and Reconciliation Proposal
    Charles ChasieThe Proposal for healing and reconciliation of the Naga people released by the Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC) on September 29, in Dimapur, one thinks, is a most important document at this
  • Know what you can do for Kohima Orphanage
    Lolano P KhuvungKohima Orphanage, which has been in existence for the last 32 years, was first located at Raj Bhavan area in a Government quarter. When this was washed away by landslides, Zaputuo-ü, who runs t
  • Battle of the mind
    Fratricidal killing amongst Nagas is self destructiveB Thohii HiimaiEndless litany of woes is what the Nagas have been experiencing all through this in the journey of political struggle for rights. Price being
  • Power and Justice from Naga National Perspective
    Today the word “Power” might be defined according to different writers and scholars point of view. Power can do justice and also it can harm Justice. Naga National movement has a unique sense about the Word