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  • Self–Determination: The Naga Context
    A Paper Presentation at the 22nd Conference of Naga Students’ Federation, Punanamei, 8th – 12th May 2007 Ahu SakhrieISelf-Determination simply means the desire of a people to have a particular system o
  • Why is Hokheto Sumi digging up old bones?
    Reply to the President NPCC on his accusation of NagalandMP (Lok Sabha)Human nature is never satisfied, for there is bound to be a speck on the others’ eyes. It is also human nature to point out faults of onl
  • Post Modernism, Anti-Culturalism and Contemporary Culture
    X.P. MaoIn this paper, I propose to argue that contemporary culture is really anti culture; it is against all norms and standards of culture by any stretch of the imagination. Further, I wish to maintain that p
  • Plight of Christian Workers
    Whether we like it or not, today many Christian workers are paid an unthinkably low salary – so low that a skilled labourer earns much more. They can hardly have ordinary meals with that salary, leaving nothi
  • Pragmatic approach to school education
    A careful look at the education system, particularly at the school level, makes one wonder how much of what is being taught in schools is worth learning. I am sure many would agree with me that some of the subj
  • Youth unemployment in the Naga context – what is the way out?
    Dr. V. Mepfhii-oToday the problem of unemployment has become a deadly disease that threatens to disrupt our society, our state. Many of our Naga youths have become a disgruntled lot. If the youths of today beco
  • What ails Naga Youth?
    Kevi Z. SavinoWe are convinced beyond the shadow of doubt that education (any education) will make a person employable. Yet every year, hundreds of Naga youth with fancy degrees join the educated unemployed bra
  • ‘Since time immemorial, we are Zeliangruang’
    Rejoinder to the letters of Romeo Gangmei and Kuki Inpi President NagalandG.G. KammeiRomeo Gangmei, Social Worker, Dimapur, in his letter on indigenous issue, published in the Morung Express, May 3 mentioned my
  • ‘They are Funny’
    One Yato of the home affairs of Burmese-occupied Nagalim and one Pikuto of the ceasefire supervisory board (any intelligent Naga must be finding the nomenclature insulting, for the word “ceasefire” has no a
  • Save Nagaland
    David SeraNagaland is facing difficult situation. There are many pressures acting on the state simultaneously. As part of a developing nation, it is essential that the development and progress of the state must
  • Mokokchung: Civilisation defined
    There is a paradisal feel to this place, a sense of orderliness, neatness, humility, aesthetics, independence, and devotion to workSyeda HameedI stood on the porch of the state guest house on a crisp Saturday m
  • Enabling the right to information in Nagaland
    Wonchi V. PattonThe structure of any democratic nation is built on a foundation based on its actions and reactions to public activity and public tolerance. Information as a resource is fundamental in determinin
  • Motley Wisecracks or whateveryoumaycallit
    Limalenden LongkumerHello folks, it’s me again, the bucolic Naga rustic from Mokokchung.Well, assuming you’re still single, would you marry for “political reasons”? Would you dare to see our sisters pos
  • Vertical Reconciliation must be demonstrated by Horizontal Reconciliation
    In a world that is fractured into so many warring factions, where the ‘other’ is looked upon with suspicion if not with open hostility, the message of reconciliation in Christ needs to be proclaimed by the
  • Musical Chairs: The main cause for DMC crisis
    Kedi HaraluDimapur, being the economic hub of Nagaland, should be having a powerful Municipal, lacking nothing materially, for the amount of funds which Delhi can sanction, is far greater then our state budget.
  • Naga Cultural Dance
    With appreciation to the article “The Need to Standardize the Naga Cultural Dances” by one T. Penzii, which appeared at the Morung Express dated 12 May, 2007, page 7, I would like to add some points which w
  • Nagas in dilemma stage
    I am just a layman. Today I want to speak the truth in this writing. I am not favouring or supporting to any underground faction or community. After reading the story of the fiery Sunday at Wungram colony on 22
  • Is the culture of death devouring us?
    The memory of the gruesome murder of Hriini Hubert and Mohini Martin, two innocent, young, lively, school children still keeps coming to my mind. Those images that were published in the papers are still fresh.
  • Sharing each other’s mistakes for healing
    “The path of the just is like sunshine. But the way of the wicked is like darkness which makes man stumble.”Man likes to make tall talks and promises, but subsequently fails to do even a small thing; wants
  • Just thinking aloud
    After actively serving the nation for two years in Nagalim and a year in Bangladesh, it was my good fortune to have had the opportunities to be with the Collective Leadership from 1997 till 2001 mainly in Thail