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  • NH- 39 a gradual improvement
    The really very pathetic condition of national highway-39 has being improve to some extent due to the minor repairs being carried out few weeks back in and around Senapati-Karong town area. Thanks to the genero
  • Letter to the Vice Chancellor NU
    While so much importance has been given to education and to the student by the parents, the caliber of NU appears to have gone short of our expectation. The NU has Okayed for the students to get admission in BA
  • Technology advancement and rape
    A minor Muslim girl was raped again on May 24 at Grace Colony, Dimapur by a Kuki boy of 18 years old by the name kachien. According to local papers, the rapist first attempted to rape the mother of the girl at
  • Is it Christianity or Churchanity?
    Glad that Nagaland is a Christian majority state. I am also a Christian in God’s though my religion is Heraka. Here I would like to convey an episode of an unhappy experience from our Christian brothers.Shri
  • What Do You Choose Today?
    Nehemiah RongNaga Society is a struggling society for self-determination and freedom. Its past more than fifty years of  history is never a pleasant story of peace, fairness, and justice but of bitterness,
  • Identity of the Zeme Naga
    Prior to the formation of the Zeme Council (NEI) in 1978, we never look buck but progressing in our activities year by year up till today. We are proud people created by god, having our own beautiful dialect wi
  • Gifting your child ‘the steering wheel’
    Noel ManuelEvery child needs to have a steering wheel in their life to ensure that they remain on the right track to a productive and meaningful life. A steering force guides every object and living thing
  • Speech of Mughali Achumi, NPFNK in South Korea
    Withee Mission International hosted the Mission Conference for 2006, on 2nd June.Many church leaders attended the conference. We are thankful to Rev. Moon for his moral and physical support for the national sal
  • ZSUN on governor’s concern on unemployment
    This is in reference to his Excellency’s deep concern over unemployment on the 1st Day of 10th Nagaland Legislative Assembly (NLA) Budget Session where statistics reveal that 44,960 unemployed are swimming in
  • After 10 years – North East India Will Be
    R.B. Thohe PouThe North Eastern States of India have rich resources and in the midst of rich resources, the people are poor and just depending on nature. The total population of North Eastern states according t
  • Rejoinder to citizens for PIL against mishandling of PM’s package
    Our attention is drawn to the above-mentioned news item appearing at the Morung Express 03/06/06 by some citizens of Kohima. To the well-concerned citizens of Kohima, we would like to ask you how LSU was organi
  • Reasons behind ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ Results of Schools and Colleges
    After the recent declaration of results so much have been written and talked about the results and admission in schools and colleges of Nagaland. Therefore, I too feel obliged to share my personal opinion and o
  • World Environment Day: Desert and desertification
    Botovi ChishiWorld Environment Day, commemorated each year on 5th June, is one of the principal vehicles through which the United Nations stimulates worldwide awareness of the environment and enhances political
  • The old Dimapur: May you forever live
    Towards the end of the Second World War, the then Dimapur town had a small police station with one OC near the present East Police Station. A small dispensary with a doctor, a compounder and a nurse besides, a
  • When DC also starts making false promises
    The students as well as the general public of New Eden, Namgailong, Zingsho Katomei and Nepali part-I villages of Senapati are facing untold misery owing to absence of even a good suspension bridge across the B
  • Solution lies under the banner of Christ
    Personally speaking, since 1950 my grown up life has been passing through the years of Nagas’ independence movement up to date. Since God has been so gracious to me in keeping me alive and in good health, I h
  • Maintain accountability and responsibility
    Through your esteemed daily I would like to mention that as we are well aware of the benefits provided by the private cellular services providers operating in the state. Here the Private cellular service provid
  • A strong nation requires a dynamic Judiciary
    A strong nation require high intellect legislature, efficient executive and dynamic judiciary. The recent consultative meeting on the subject matter, separation of judiciary from the executive sponsored by the
  • Separation of Judiciary
    Judicial behavior has been receiving notice and attention much later in our state compared to any place in the world. Practically, the essence of Democracy has been lost in our state due to the very structural
  • Rejoinder - Private Schools shine but Government Schools results nil
    Just to supplement why private school excels-toppers but vice-versa the Government Schools nil results. In accordance with the comparative study pertaining to the set ups of private institutions- no political i