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  • Doing a job you find meaningful is great – until it consumes your life
    Andreana Drencheva, King's College LondonSecuring a job that you find meaningful – work that you think is significant and value positively – may be one of your most important career goals.But there can be a
  • The value of observing the Naga National Days
    ThomasNNC Member The Nagas firmly and steadfastly stand as a sovereign and independent nation, and marching ahead to reach our destiny, that is for recognition of our sovereignty by the world, is the value
  • The Party-less Government, a matter of concern
    Tali Longkumer (IAS Rtd)Kohima The concept of a partyless Government in a Parliamentary Democracy should be a cause for concern but much less a cause for celebration. Partyless Government in a Parliamentar
  • Somebody’s Hand
    Ailung Avennoho PhomDuring my college days, I used to walk few kilometers everyday to reach my destination. The road were all pothole ‘dusty in the sunny and muddy in the rainy’. In the hot summer days as I
    "A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take." - Cardinal MermillodRev Fr C JosephCounsellor-St. Joseph’s College (Autonomous) JakhamaIntroduction: The term Mothe
  • The Endless Embrace: A Tribute to Mother's Love
    Kambui DangmeiSocial Activist In the vast expanse of human emotions, there exists a bond that transcends all boundaries, defies all logic, and illuminates the deepest corners of the heart – a mother's lo
  • How Can I Be a Godly Mom?
    Emily Van DixhoornLigonier “Love them,” our wise pastor advised me. In all my reading about discipline, schedules and developmental stages, he pointed this new mom to what mattered most: love (1 Cor. 1
  • Mother's Day: Honouring Mom's Unmatched Bond
    Chuba YimchungerTuensang Mother’s Day is more than just a holiday; it’s a heartfelt tribute to the remarkable women who have shaped our lives with their boundless love and selfless sacrifice. On this s
  • Builders of Love
    Mothers are everyday heroes, whose love is beacon guiding our way.Whose presence is a comforting embrace.Whose smile brightens our darkest way.You are the world’s architect building foundation of love and und
  • To mothers…
    Longrangty Longchar AmmaI know, I would still be that child in your eyes, That straddling mother hen. ForeverI know, and I see the future of the children. And I know, how you see your byes. Forev
  • Mother’s Garden
    ToshimatsungSoft whispers at early day, A mother’s warm embrace, The dusk’s giver of my way. Tracks leading to loving base, Her garden’s comfort stays.Wind whispers dance, Playful
  • An appeal to the churches to pray for Indo-Naga Political Talks
    National Socialist Council of Nagalim (NSCN-IM)Greetings to all brothers and sisters in Christ in the precious name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ! At the very outset, we would like to give a short h
  • Keeping Humanity Alive
    Niketu Iralu KohimaI thank the organisers of this occasion for the honour and privilege given to me to speak on the subject for today.  Yet, needless to say, I am keenly conscious of the responsibilit
  • My Take on Turning 22
    Imkongakum ImchenDept. of Political Science, Modern College, Piphema I'm going to turn 22 soon.It's a weird age, this.You're young, you're wild and you have so many ideas. And yet at the same time, yo
  • Children's Mental Health Awareness Week May 7-13 2024: Addressing bullying in Schools
    Niutoli TuccuRehabilitation Psychologist Children's Mental Health Awareness Week is observed from May 7 to May 13, focusing on the mental well-being of children and adolescents. As a psychologist, I have r
  • Knocking on Heaven's Door
    N Kakuto ChishiAkuluto TownEditorial cartoons are satires. It must and should depict the ills of our society, be it in politics or religion, social or in individual lives. The kind of outburst or intolerant vie
  • Plebiscite Day should not be used for an evil intention
    ThomasNNC Members The FNR (Forum for Naga Reconciliation) lead by Dr Wati Aier seems to be working for reconciliation, but contrary to its objective, practically he created many factions by inviting them t
  • Is studying theology the first or the last option?
    Inahoto Chophy, Youth Pastor Ikishe Village Baptist Church, ChümoukedimaSome years back, many people were encouraged and inspired by the news of a young lady who topped in HSLC board exam (Nagaland) who c
  • Youth Delinquency and Crime
    YimtiyongdangJail Ward, KiphireTaking cognition of the current scenario our Nagaland is a failed state. Rampant corruption, unemployment, extortion, nepotism, jealousy and tribalism to name few, it is at highes
  • 'Authority' and Hoi polloi
    Witoubou NewmaiIt appears today that the people need to rediscover the ‘purpose’ together by forgetting the binary of the ‘authority’ and the ‘grass-root’ for a while.  The culture of ‘trickl