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  • Rio solves the biggest challenge of AKM 2008
    The biggest challenge for Mongsenyimti Village to host 2008 Ao Students Conference (AKM) was the heavy financial burden of widening and blacktopping the approach road from National Highway No. 61 to Mongsenyimt
  • NPSC vis a vis Disabled Aspirants
    In spite of all the well-trimmed words/phrases that have been in used since the legislation of PWD Act, 1995 emphasizing on empowering the disabled, building up infrastructures for over all inclusion of disable
  • Office of Profit
    Vaprumu DemoJust as we, the Nagas, are getting (perhaps over) used to terms like unique, special or exceptional’, we seem to be heading towards a unique system of parliamentary democracy. This time our popula
  • Backyard poultry rearing introduction
    Backyard poultry rearing for the people of Nagaland is not a new thing and since the days of yore, this has been a practice and a part of our life, culture and tradition. Not only for food, but livestock and bi
  • Parliament (Prevention of disqualification) Act, 1959 (Act of 10 of 1959)
    While debates and opinions are being drawn dawn from various intellectuals on issue of Office of Profit, it is also important to have a look on the contents of Central Law relating to removal of Parliament Prev
  • Clarification to PGSU’s reaction on effigies burning
    The PGSU’s reaction to the CRDK Kohima press release which was published on March 29 under the caption “PGSU reacts to report” in local dailies wherein its stated that PGSU could not able to comprehend wh
  • Protest on IRB withdrawal
    The demand for the withdrawal of 9th IRB from Chattisgarh by various organizations, politicians, citizens and the wives of the IRB Jawans protest towards the government is a shameful thing on the part of the Na
  • Open letter to Chief Minister
    Through this column, I on my behalf as well as a concern citizen would like to highlight the step-motherly treatment towards the Tuli “Nagaland Pulp and Paper Company Ltd”, and the plight of the inhabitants
  • Naga ‘Piece’ Process
    I am constrained to write openly after giving a deep thought, thinking both from the heart and mind, that we Nagas have become a victim of ‘Narcacism’ (A Syndrome / disease where a man falls in love with hi
  • Nagaland - a No Go land
    Where is the government? Where sleeps the administration? Who will look after us? Miscreants comes to the town, encircle it, tell us to vacate the area, carryout extortion, fratricidal killings and above all th
  • Gifting your child ‘Possibilities’
    Noel ManuelThe gift of possibilities is the air that we breathe around our kids. As much as we parents and teachers have certain expectations of our kids, they equally, have definite expectations of us. They tr
  • A reply to ‘Bitter pills: Irrational and hazardous’
    This is in reaction to your front news on 3rd April, 06, regarding the uselessness of certain drugs of standard manufacturers, like Glaxo, Pfizer, Himalaya, Ranbaxy etc.I am in medical practice including govern
  • Jamir clarifies: Together Nagas can overcome
    One P. Modoli of Senapati district has responded to His Excellency SC Jamir’s opinion that Nagas should work out a political framework with the Government of India which can protect the future of the Naga peo
  • Cure for AIDS
    K SaniEven while the whole world is seemingly grappling with AIDS and spending millions of money to find a cure for AIDS, two of our very own ‘traditional doctors’ has allegedly found a cure for AIDS (highl
  • On office of profit
    I have down pat a legendary saying of the Yimchungru (Naga) by the so called Office of Profit that “bears fart and fright themselves and run to their heels.”The Pandora’s Box opened by the oppositions see
  • Why Holy Cross alone?
    In apropos to the news item that appeared in the daily local English paper “Morung Express” on 01-04-06 titled “Holy Cross School cross over holiday”, I make a rejoinder to state that the news item was
  • SC Jamir and economic sovereignty
    Appropos to the news item carried by some local papers on S.C. Jamir’s “First important comment on the protracted Naga political problems after being appointed to the gubernatorial post in July 2004...” t
  • Performance of Doyang Hydro Electric project
    The editorial with the caption “Power that disturbs and frustrates” in one of the leading English local dailies dated 11.02.06, which was repeated in the following day’s issue also, stated that in respect
  • 2006 Assam Election and Regional Implications
    U A ShimrayFor the last ten years, Indian democracy experienced coalition governments ruling at the Centre as well as States. The fall of National Front pave way for the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance’s
  • On burning of effigies
    The Post Graduate Students’ Union is amazed by the press statement of the CRDKK dated the 20th of March 2006, which was published in all the local dailies condemning the burning of effigies by the PGSU, which