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  • Gifting your child ‘identity’
    Noel ManuelEvery child is gifted with an unimaginable potential. The potential is the quality and talent of the child that slowly emerges as the child matures in his mind and body. Apparently, it is from the ad
  • Indifferent attitude towards Eastern Nagas
    Through your esteemed daily I may kindly be permitted to draw your kind attention towards the indifferent attitude of the western Nagas towards the Eastern Nagas in times of hardships faced by them owing to the
  • Human Rights and National Security: A Neo-Nagaland Police!
    Mmhonlümo Kikon There has been various debates about National Security vis-à-vis Human Rights in recent times across not only India but, rather disturbingly, across the western countries. Before the Indi
  • Process for RAP/PAP application needs to be revised
    David LockI am an Englishman who had the good fortune to marry a Naga.  We had our first child last year and decided that it was now time for our son to meet his Naga kin. My wife and son travelled to the
  • The sad plight of 9 IRB
    Considering it as a venue for mitigating unemployment problem, the 9 IRS was raised by the Centre to be deployed as and when called for. In June 2005, the services of 9 IRS were requisitioned in Chattisgarh in
  • Crime vs crime
    Wake to the calls of scrimmage pep talks, grab any daily tabloids and smitten lines that is sure enough to drowned browsing eyesights and haunt every crestfallen good folks will be “ Rape, Murder, Hatred, Chi
  • Dr Shurhozelie’s rejoinder- unfortunate
    I’m pained to read the rejoinder given given by Dr. Surhozelie, which appeared in your daily paper on March 22nd , wherein Dr. Surhozelie opened his mouth on the issue of NU Vice Chancellor’s resignation, a
  • Unemployment: what organizations should do?
    Unemployment remains the most obstinate problem in Nagaland by virtue that our youths aren’t professional enough to see anything beyond government jobs; that parents always seems to be the final source of inc
  • Tax Concession
    Under Section 35 AC of the Income Tax Act for reinvestment of profits in the building of the socio-economicIntroductionIn order to promote reinvestment of business profits in areas where massive capital input i
  • Lost and Gain Policy
    There are 365 days in a year, out of which 120 days are holidays declared by the Government of Nagaland, Viz: 52 Saturdays, 52 Sundays plus another 15 days general holidays.These 120 holidays have no office wor
  • Legacy of Publishing; Toward an indigenous Publishing in the Context of NE India
    Mar AtsongchangerIntroduction:India is known to have some kind of writing since the early centuries however; there is no evidence of their attempt to promote neither literature nor religious teaching to this re
  • On solutions to Naga political problem
    To find a solution to our Naga Political problem an illusion and assumption should not confuse us in any way. Nagas have been struggling for half a century and a solution to this problem is imperative now. Purs
  • Gifting your child ‘Acts’
    Noel ManuelChildren are highly perceptive; more to actions and less to words. Actions have an almost instant and immediate effect on the child whereas words take time. The five senses of any child is more recep
  • Mr. Bendangtoshi and Rev. Kevi castigated, Joel applauded
    Apropos to the articles forwarded by Bendangtoshi and Rev. Kevi who contemplated shock, horror and dismay at the action of the Angami Students Union, I too was shocked at the uncompassionate attitude of the Mr.
  • Rejoinder to eye witness account by Mr. Ochizulu
    The undersigned on behalf of the Post Graduate Students’ Union (PGSU) is compelled to issue this press rejoinder on the article “An eye witness account of 28th Feb incident in NU” where Mr. Ochizulu Ao, P
  • MMENIAIUSF clarifies to Michael Kaita, President ENSA
    Shri. Michael Kaital President, E.N.S.A. has Quoted “YES INDEED WE NAGA PEOPLE WANT TO LIVE UNDER ONE ADMINISTRATION” The statement was out rightly acceptable to the right thinkers of our Naga Society. The
  • Shürhozelie clarifies
    Apropos to a news item that appeared in The Morung Express dated the 16th March, 2006 under the caption, “University teacher’s fire salvo at Shürhozelie” and the same item that re-appeared in another loc
  • Rejoinder to ‘Open letter to Chief Secy and Governor’
    While condemning the news item published in The Morung Express on the 10th of March 2006 under the caption, ‘Open Letter to the Chief Secretary and the Governor’, we the officers and the staff of the Animal
  • Opinion on IRB withdrawal
    It is indeed true that the demand for withdrawal of the elite 9th IRB from Chattisgarh has increased recently. But in my opinion, withdrawing the IRB from the field of action is totally useless and out of quest
  • What are obstacles to peace?
    All of the Nagas want peace. If so, what are the obstacles to peace? At Bangkok, in reply to questions Th.Muivah said, “We want reconciliation and peace. So we sent our men to Naga Reconciliation Meeting at K