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  • Reality bite - maturing
    Vekhozo NyengaA new day is supplemented to your life, and you found yourself no more in an age full of silliness and laughter galore, called “sweet sixteen”. You instigated to comprehend that you have to pu
  • “David Ward Tenders Resignation and Disbands Naga Vigil”
    I wish to place on public record my intention to resign as International Co-ordinator of the Naga Vigil HRG and henceforth discontinue my activities in the territory of Nagaland.These are for purely personal an
  • Youth and ICTs: Agents for change
    The impact of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is tremendous in present day world. ICTs plays a crucial role in the increasingly globalize world. In context of North East one can think the SMS cam
  • What next - for the daring ninth: A million dollar question!!!!
    Kedi HaraluWhenever troops return after a period of war, becoming battle hardened, and always having a sense of alertness and suspicion, for war turns a person into a different character and the real person wit
  • A personal view on the issues at stake in the present Angami youth agitation
    Kaka D IraluAs a concerned Angami and Naga writer, I attended the Angami Youth Organisation (AYO) and Angami Students Union (ASU) meeting held on August 22, 2007. Youth leaders from all Northern Angami, Souther
  • Court drama snarls Myanmar-India romance
    Jessicah CurtisOn nearly all counts, India-Myanmar bilateral relations are on the upswing, with fast-growing military, trade and investment links. All, that is, but on one count: the unsettling revelations emer
  • On the Youth Employment Summit (YES) Campaign Tour
    Kezungulo-U Kromefor YES Campaign Arguably nature’s favorite child, the land of the Nagas basks with uncontainable natural wealth, which can strike one with new awe every time one ventures out and journe
  • Naga-Assam (Ahom) boundary
    M. Imyu LongcharNaga and Ahom lived a good relationship before the British occupation of the whole areas.  Nagas lived on a free land even before coming of the Ahoms. Ahoms invaded this fertile land of Bra
  • Personal reflection on present Naga situation
    It was a hazy day on August 14 this year a vestige of Naga nationalists gathered in my village local ground and unfurled the Naga national flag coinciding with the Open Soccer Championship under the auspices of
  • Rejoinder on the voice of Rev. T. Shishak
    All may not agree to the voice of Rev. T. Shishak but all will agree that Nagaland is on the sick bed and needs healing: the sooner the better. Towards this end, confession by an individual tribe or faction is
  • Lynching in peacetime
    Oken Jeet Sandham The lynching of wayward underground cadres by mobs in Nagaland is not new. Such incidents had happened in the past in Wokha and Mokokchung. But the fresh lynching of three cadres of the N
  • PALLIATIVE MEDICINE: a ‘Curtain raiser’
    Dr Victoria Seb Khing, MBBS, FIPMDimapur,Nagaland.….I write this article here about the basic facts of Palliative medicine owing to the awareness of the need of it here in our State where the number of termin
  • Tell me….Who is not Vulnerable? Who is not at Risk?
    Think and Act Before it is to late!“Almost all of my friends do it, so I also go for it sometimes. There are many girls/women who never say “ No”. With them , anytime , any place, anything is fine. Just g
  • A thought for Nagaland ‘Vegetable Villages’
    Cabbage Farming is Viable only for a Generation Introduction:The articles “Horti expose brings vegetable farmers closer: Year-long horticulture expose launched in State”( The Morung Express dated 30 Ma
  • Story-telling and peacemaking
    B. ThohiiFor us Nagas in our impassioned concern in our (Naga) political problem we tend to over-concern with the blow hot and cold policies of our adversary, but we infrequently bring to the picture our own in
  • Need? Educating tribesmen By? Community leaders
    Like it or not, we Nagas are no less communal than the RSS or Bajarang Dal people are. We use it under a euphemism though. Civil society had no greater task before her than educating respective tribes-folks. We
  • Assam and Nagaland border
    K.C Angami, KohimaIt is known from the Ancient history of India that the sub continent India came under the British colonial rule from the second half of eighteen century and British administration rule was fir
  • Freedom as servitude
    The word freedom has an evocative magic of its own. Often, the contemporary cultures romanticize it with a strange mix of lofty ideas and cloudy aspirations, where everything is made to ring genuine and authent
  • Culture & Heritage is a good servant, but makes a terrible master
    Kedi HaraluAs I was going through a teaching one thing that kept popping up was “Culture & Heritage” and being a Naga I am proud of my Heritage and my culture, plus every book written on either the Nort
  • Why so many Bible colleges in Nagaland?
    Rev. Dr. Nuklu LongkumerPrincipal, DBCAs per the recent statistic, there are 13 (Thirteen) Government Colleges and 37 (Thirty-Seven) Secular Private Colleges in Nagaland affiliated to Nagaland University. There