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  • Gifting your child ‘Parenting’
    Noel ManuelWe all love our children very much. Be it another’s kids or your own, we share a very personal attachment with them. Our relationship with our kids evolves and strengthens through the gift of ‘Lo
  • Views on anti-conversion Law
    India is a country inhabited by people of different religions, castes and language attributing to its richness and vivacity, as also its diversity. In this scenario of diversities, what is of outmost importance
  • View of an elderly citizen
    There has been confusion created in the minds of the public concerning the unaproportianate- acquired wealth/assets by N. Rio after he assumed the office of the Chief Minister, Nagaland.As an elderly of the sta
  • Spirit of Naga: Penalty of ignorance
    H Lolly BashuIgnorance is bliss. A person who does not know anything has nothing to worry; and a person without an aim is sure to hit the target. Ignorance may be a blessing in the divine natural setting of thi
  • A salute to uncle Yongkong
    Kaka D IraluAs it was in the case of my grand uncle A.Z.Phizo; so also in the case of my uncle Yongkong; though I have lived fifty years in this world, and though his village is just a few kilometres from my ow
  • A little lesson in English for our journalists of Nagaland
    I feel very uneasy every time I see our newspapers pictures of players being introduced to the chief guest of the opening and the closing functions of various tournaments in the state, because the captions of t
  • Clarification on harassments on NH 39
    This is to clarify on the above write up appearing in a local daily of 26.4. 2006 and other local dailies of Nagaland by Khriesazo Huire, President and Zokho S.Venuh Gen. Secretary Phek Collegiate Forum. On the
  • Do the right thing in the right way
    In the interest of general public of Mon district, I would like to highlight the grievances of general public created by a haphazard development. To promote the cause of undeveloped district and most backward a
  • ‘Wires, wires, bulbs, bulbs everywhere, but not a sight of light’
    Where to start and how to end regarding the condition of power supply in Nagaland and Dimapur in particular? (The commercial hub of Nagaland). Once I had gone through a news item where it was written that Nagal
  • New syllabus and its undesirable effects
    The launching of new syllabus by Nagaland University for the present degree students’ has many undesirable effects.1. Non-availability of most prescribed text books, especially for major papers.2. No clear sy
  • Any which way, but reconcile
    Seemingly everyone, every organization and every authority had construed that the eventful home coming of the collective leadership of Isaac and Muivah, in the year 2005 would be the last lap of honour for the
  • On tortured girl
    Going through the daily news item of a cop and his wife’s ill treatment on a minor girl (help mate) on 25/04/06, has prompted me to pen down my reaction as a Christian.With no hesitation I also declare that I
  • Tagore’s visionary and the Nagas
    The vision of Rabindranath Tagore in his poem quote “Where the head is held high” may not be applicable to the pedestrians of this state capital city even if one is so determined. God has bestowed upon the
  • Being Too Naga?
    Valley Rose H HungyoThe term “Too Naga” is a recent development. In my whole 50 years of life, I’ve never heard this term “Too Naga” until recently. When I heard this term, it was mentioned by some ve
  • What is the Naga or where is the Naga?
    Nagas need to have roots to grow, legs to walk, wings to fly. Each and every Naga, by virtue of being born as a Naga should be committed to reform, restore and defend God given NAGALAND. If the Nagas do not res
  • When we look back to Nagaland
    The Nagaland got its statehood in 1963 with special provision as a result of the 16-point agreement of 1960. In those days no one talked about democracy, yet it was exercised in full swing in the state. But tod
  • Comments on ‘The most evil people’
    I would like to air some of my personal views regarding an article which has appeared in your paper a few days ago. As it has stirred up considerable interest on a section of the reading population, I felt that
  • Gifting your child ‘Joy’
    Noel ManuelA smile can enliven anyone’s day. It can transform a colourless situation or stressful condition to that of a colourful canvas of living, which actually envisages the true essence of life. The gift
  • Three Year DAN Governance 60th A/C
    Kiphire – Pungro home of Shri.T.Torechu Yimchunger Hon’ble MLA 60th A/C and Chairman DPDB whose caliber and leadership quality in office as people’s representative from this constituency to the state has
  • A call to all Dear Naga brethren
    We have been offering daily prayers for our Naga leaders and the Naga nation as a whole. It’s a rewarding experience to know that God is answering these prayers. Praise God! Let’s all take a share in t