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  • Naga Hoho acting President Keviletuo Kewhuo speaks his concern about HIV/AIDS
    “If we do not take HIV/AIDS seriously, we are going to face a huge catastrophe in a few years time”. In a deep and compassionate conviction, the acting president of Naga Hoho, Keviletuo Kewhuo lamented the
  • Suitably employ the brave hearts
    Referring to the recent shocking news of suicide by a Lady Army office, Lt. Sushmita Chakarvorty, we have few poignant questions before us. Well, unlike males, females are characteristically much weaker, both p
  • The Administration of Justice
    Vecito DozoIt is true that the administration of justice by judicial process meant an alien to our culture and practice. In most of the primitive societies we found when a wrong was done against an individual h
  • Give Naga Artists a chance
    By the grace of God and the utilization of talents, today Nagas are in a competitive race in all aspects. But sadly, we are too good to depress and discourage our own people.Nagas are undoubtedly music lovers a
  • Open letter to the Chief Manager, SBI Kohima
    Through the esteemed paper, I on behalf of the valued customers of SBI Kohima while appreciating the good services given to the people of Nagaland, would also like to draw the attention of the authority. What t
  • Rally for Peace and Justice
    Friends,Today, we are in a defining moment of our history. The struggle has brought forth a new situation to take a decisive political action. We, the present and the future generation of the Naga nation, march
  • The Dark Side of Peace
    Tungshang NingreichonThe belief that history, the grandeur of the Naga struggle will deliver what is sought instills hope. 58 years of bloodshed, lost of lives and living, accords and agreements, commitments an
  • Milestones of Developments in 2006
    The DAN Government has just recently celebrated its three years in power. The achievements of the DAN Government can be assessed by the public. In the year 2006 alone, the month of June many projects have been
  • Open letter to the Deputy Commissioner Kiphire
    With reference your order No. 5/2000-01 303, dated Tsg the 8th of August ’05 and the order No. Est 13/2005-06/1558 dated Kiphire the 11th August ’05, in respect to the census awardees, we the ANSTA Kiphire
  • To play in God’s team
    Dr. Thamsing D. LamkangIf you are asked to play in the World Cup, you might probably choose to play in the Brazil team, not because they choose you but you choose the team. They are well established, well recog
  • India’s delay tactics – it could prove fatal (for her)
    Nine years of Cease-fire, innumerable rounds of talks, many promises and not a single concrete step taken! Almost everyday the media never fails to bombard the public – old and young, rich and poor, educated
  • Remembering God in World Cup
    Dr. Thamsing D. LamkangDuring the football World Cup of 1990 in Italy, Argentina and Romania were playing: Romania was winning the match, and just before throwing a fault, Maradona, the famous Argentine~ player
  • June 18 Observation – why Nagas are against it
    You have heard it with your ears, you have seen it with your eyes and you have read about it in the papers. And now I want you to recollect and remember. Let me tell you this that the Meiteis are naturally exce
  • Critical note on separation of the Judiciary from the Executive in Nagaland and the objection thereof
    The Naga traditional Justice system is based on the Naga Customary Law, with slight variation of customs from one tribe to another. But all customary court derives its strength from the principle of the fear of
  • Problems and solutions to CNRI
    The CNRI Nagaland chapter was formed randomly in the month of January 2005 after the visit of the former D.G. of CAPART. Mr. Shaptareshi (IAS) to Kohima, Nagaland at Japfü Hotel. However the executive official
  • God’s controversy with Nagas
    Nagas of the Christian state, Nagas of the Missionary Land, Nagas of the Nagaland for Christ:The Almighty God, the Creator and the Sustainer of the Nagas has a Controversy with them- a Terrible Question:What ha
  • Factors leading to child labour in Nagaland
    Kahoni Y Yeptho3rd PrizeSt. Paul School, DimapurChild-Labour is the employment of children of less than a specified legal age. The movement to regulate the child labour first began in Great Britian at the close
  • Factors of child labour in Nagaland
    Sulito Chishi (Cl IX)2nd PrizeDelhi Public School“Honor and shame from no condition rise, act well your part, there, all the honor lie”Child Labour is a harsh reality, fostered by socio economic and histori
  • Role of Student in eliminating Child Labour
    Anubha S Nair (Cl IX)1st PrizeHoly Cross School“A child is not a vase to be filled but a fire to be lit”. With this saying, I, Anubha S Nair of Class IX from Holy cross School present myself to you; But of
  • Misunderstanding within Lotha Students Union
    The recent hustle and bustle within the LSU draws our attention as a member of the Lotha Students’ community. The so called ‘PM’s Package Casualty’ and the unconstitutional dismissal of the LSU executiv