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  • Nagaland Development: A Perspective
    Col. Retd Neipfupe Venuh Member, Collective Leadership, NSCN/GPRN The situation of Nagaland is increasingly critical to analyze and its implications in society complex. Whereas the gift of land and its cust
  • My Humble Response to WC: NNPG LEADERS
    Rev Seksim Kasar General Secretary, CNC I thank God and to the leaders of WC and NNPGS for their prompt response to my press note issued the other day. I hope this is a good deal of interaction which will u
  • ‘Understanding the ailing Naga generation’
    (Response to Reverend Seksim Kasar, General Secretary, CNC from WC, NNPGS signatories) We thank you for your advice to us and our supposed advisors, while responding to our statement, “UNDERSTANDING TH
  • Commercial poultry as an industry in Nagaland
    Dr N Mhonchan Shitiri According to Credit  Rating Information Services of India Limited, consumption of broiler meat and eggs is seen rising to- 5.2 lakh tonne ( up 11-13% on-year)and 150 billion (up 6-
  • Manipur’s tragedy: An eye-opener
    Monalisa Changkija The Manipur crisis ~ nay, the Manipur tragedy ~ continues and normalization is yet out of sight. It is too early to talk of peace in that beleaguered State, not just because the blame game
  • NBCC Youth Sunday
    Since July 4, 1982, the NBCC Youth Department has been observing Youth Prayer Day where young people come together and pray with creative worship on Sunday morning. This year, the Youth Department has launched
  • An advice to the advisors and leaders of WC: NNPGS
    Rev Seksim Kasar General Secretary, CNC I wonder if the 9 signatories of the article “UNDERSTANDING THE AILING NAGA GENERATION: WC; NNPGs” really understand the meaning as written by one ghost w
  • Indigenous Beekeeping on the Turtle Island
    Rae Monroe (Narragansett) Cultural Survival  Native Americans in the east, also known as Eastern Woodland Peoples, as many other Tribal Nations throughout Turtle Island, understand that the new year be
  • PM Modi - A Global leader on a road not travelled before
    M Chuba Ao BJP National Vice President The story of the fall of the Congress party and its 'further decline' must draw the attention of the students of politics. On one hand Prime Minister Narendra
  • The Feminine Disgust
    Thejazhazo Medom Porterlane, Kohima Women should read only 33% of this article.  Is that too much, or too little?  Faced as we are with women representation moving at the speed of watching a
  • KEEPER OF STORIES: Critical Readings of Easterine Kire’s novels edited by KB Vieo Pou
    Published by Highlander Press (2023) Review by Kevileno Sakhrie  With its wide variety of readings and unique thematic groupings, Keeper of Stories: Critical Readings of Easterine Kire’s novels
  • Open letter to WC, NNPGs 
    This is the second clarification made to all concern and to the Working Committee, Naga National Political Groups based in the state of Nagaland (WC, NNPGs) from Federation of Haomee regarding the misconception
  • Understanding the Ailing Naga Generation: WC, NNPGs
    (This statement do not, in any manner, vilify, implicate or accuse the larger section of conscience driven Tangkhul intellectuals, professionals, Church workers, Civil Society members, common man and well-wishe
  • Over-centralization of power in one place leads to abuse of power
    Dr John Mohan Razu Democracy whatever maybe its shade, essence, and confluence, it ought to be moderated, regulated, and directed, failing which the consequential impact will be horrendous. One may call demo
  • From Protectors to Partners
    Transforming VGs for a Resilient Frontier Naga Territory Dr Aniruddha Babar Dept of Political Science, Tetso College As I set foot in the picturesque landscapes of Frontier Nagaland, I was captivated by
  • Repatriation: The Naga Process
    Learning from Mon District   Kuvethilu Thuluo, Manngai H Phom, Rev Dr Ellen Jamir & Dr Dolly Kikon Overview The Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR) has been facilitating a process to develop
  • PM Modi's US visit - A Litmus test of 'old ties' and New Friendship
    M Chuba Ao  BJP National Vice President  Development, Democracy and Diversity and possibly in that order marks the significant journeyof the foreign policy under Prime Minister Narendra Modi. T
  • An important measure of India's progress 
    DC Pathak IANS  Girls making it to the prestigious Civil Services of India represented over one-third of the total of successful candidates this year, putting a stamp on the steady trend of women in th
  • Straight for my heart
    Khekiye K Sema, IAS (Retd) Dimapur From the firsthand feedback being received thus far…it appears that my recent article entitled "THE END GAME OF NSCN (IM) - (MUIVAH'S GANG) published in ou
  • On NPSC Technical Question 2023 imbroglio
    Ngukato K Tsuipu Founding Member and former PSAN Advisor In the summer of 2017,hundreds of aspirants under the banner of Public Service Aspirants of Nagaland (PSAN) supported by ACAUT and CTAN braved the ra