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  • A Vision for Cultivating Champions
    Dharma Dhaj SonowalKushiabill, DimapurSports transcend the realm of mere physical activity; they weave themselves into the very fabric of a society, shaping individuals and communities. In Nagaland, a state bri
  • Naga Nation
    Zapuvisie LhousaMember CEC, Naga National CouncilThere were yesteryearsWhen others spoke of the virtues of the NagasTheir integrity and broadminded plansThat were inclusive of each other.They came from separate
  • Defusing the Tension: NBCC Stand on the New Normal
    Rev Dr Zelhou KeyhoNBCC General SecretaryThe tension between theocentric and anthropocentric institutions has always existed. Christians have always understood themselves as living in two kingdoms: the kingdom
  • Like the Slumdog Millionaire… But is it written?
    From One FYUGP Student to AnotherDanny Boyle’s Academy award winning film, “Slumdog Millionaire” brings the story of Jamal Malik, an 18 year-old orphan from the slums of Mumbai, who is about to experience
  • Arms race: ‘In the name of ‘defending the borders’
    Dr John Mohan RazuIsrael is showing its military supremacy over Palestinians from all sides—land, air, and water.Usingits arsenals since 7th of October, 2023 against the Palestinians ruthlessly.Likewise, Russ
  • ‘Kezol-Tsa Deadlock: Appeal for Grace of Sanity in all of us’
    We believe one of the distressing concerns of our people right now is the sensitive Kezol-Tsa deadlock situation involving some of our Tenyimia tribes.Jesus said: “He who is without sin among you, let him be
  • GoI should adopt calibrated policies for FMR and border fencing
    Ngaranmi Shimray New Delhi With great promise and hope the BJP central government had modified the “Look East Policy” stating that looking towards the east is not enough. It should be “Act East
  • Madness and Progressivism
    Dr Nsungbemo EzungWokha TownThe liberals’ definition of a progressive society/world had already driven humanity to a state of madness and confusion. The liberals’ quest to undermine the nature of human gend
  • Why selfish..? Selfish is the driving force of life
    Kadilin GangmeiTetso College, ChümoukedimaInnately selfish, humans are a manifestation of self-interest itself. From birth, individuals navigate life's complexities, maturing and advancing with each passing da
  • International Women’s Day
    "Man can never be a woman's equal in the spirit of selfless service with which nature has endowed her"..... Mahatma GandhiRev Fr C JosephCounsellor, St Joseph’s College (Autonomous) JakhamaIntroduction: The e
  • Leadership in Nagaland
    Nukhosa ChüzhoKohimaNagaland has experienced few positive developments since attaining statehood in 1963. Ground-breaking institutional reforms such as, communitization of elementary education, rural healthcar
  • The Naga Rhapsody
    Ever since the Nagas submitted the Naga memorandum to the Simon Commission way back in 1929, the Nagas have been on a roller-coaster journey. Since that time, Nagas have been living in a milieu of hope, expecta
  • Primary Motifs: Better Democracy
    Monalisa ChangkijaReligion is a difficult subject but it impacts enormously on an individual’s life, which dictates and determines her thought processes, the way she looks at life and those around her and wha
  • Preservation of Language, Culture, and Traditions
    Dharmadhaj SonowalKushiabill, DimapurAcross the globe, a symphony of voices sings in a multitude of languages, each carrying the weight of history, tradition, and unique perspectives. These languages are more t
  • Extreme Poverty in India Now History
    Mithilesh Kumar Sinha, Senior ProfessorDepartment of EconomicsNagaland University, LumamiIn India, extreme poverty has become a history. As a result of the government's strong policy thrust on redistribution an
  • Naga national liberation movement ending up as building castle in the air/cloud?
    Dr Nelson VashumDirector, CHSRC UkhrulPity the nation whose people are sheep,and whose shepherds mislead them.Pity the nation whose leaders are liars,whose sages are silenced, and whose bigots haunt the airwave
  • We need to respect Peace brought by God
    ThomasNNC MemberA so-called new NNC group, led by two or three Chakhesang individuals which was formed in the last part of 2023, is using again the Shillong Accord (SA) to get money from the Government of India
  • Prelude to Mlei-ngyi festival
    Kumui NringChairman Jalukie Pumling NkoThe Jalukie Pumling Nko (JPN) brings greetings and announce the advent of Mlei-ngyi festival, which is one of the most important festivals of the Jalukie people, usually c
  • Package of practices of some fodder crops
    The forage production per unit area is a consequence of the interactions between genotypes and environment. A crop environment may be regarded as having two components, the gross environment, which takes into a
  • Sparks of Naga Freedom Movement
    ZK Pahrü PouMission Colony, PfutseroTo presume that Naga Freedom Movement is going to be collapsed by itself or crushed by mighty India is completely wrong.  It has gone through several difficult situatio