Weekly Poll Result

    Some of those who voted YES had this to say:• Yes, because they have the knowledge and experience of how to govern. Without the bureaucrats the government CANNOT function. But without the CM, Ministers and MLAs, the government can function normally. This we can see during President’s Rule in our state. Who then is running the government? The power of the bureaucracy is to check and balance the powers of our elected representative. Theoretically, powers are to be shared betw
    Some of those who voted YES had this to say:• Yes, in other country people use social media to learn and bring changes in their society but we Nagas are far behind. • Yes, many young folks still unaware the purpose and benefits of social media.• Yes. There clearly has been a huge rise in various pages and groups that entertains tribalism, post provocative pictures or character assassinate people they dislike/hate (confession zones). Also, there are several groups that
    Some of those who voted YES had this to say:• Yes, Their tireless effort has made them to be lawmakers continuously.• I should say yes, that they do really care about their image in front of the public. But the problem is they do not know and understand the real feelings of the public, and so as a result they do not know how to respect and trust the public. They have their calculations all wrong. In reality they do want respect and trust of the public, but they don’t
    Some of those who voted YES had this to say:•    Yes, Because it’s a different like country•    Yes, the simplest of reason, "productivity" More daylight, more working hours.•    Yes, India being a huge country, East, Central and west India should all have different time zones.•    Yes, definitely. Some countries even have more than two time zones. The issue of time is not about whether
    Some of those who voted YES had this to say:•    I think so only for a very small minority of people.•    For me I can say yes.•    Yes, Christmas is being celebrated to its fullness. But I do not know whether it is in a good sense or in a bad sense. We are taking everything for granted these days. Even the violence that occurred is being taken for granted. We forget that there is a God who will be our ultimate judge. ̶
  • Is a vibrant human rights culture needed for a just and peaceful Naga society?
    Some of those who voted  YES had this to say:•    Absolutely. Without our social, economic, political and cultural rights the meaning of being a Naga gets lost. Our Naga identity is only a means towards our human rights. Unfortunately, the human rights situation is not very good and the human rights organizations are not strong enough to tackle the situation. Most of the problems we face today in Nagaland are about the lack of human rights.•  
  • Are you satisfied with the planning and performance of Hornbill festival 2011?
    Some of those who voted  YES had this to say:•    Great job! but definitely could have been done better•    The Hornbill festival can become a festival for Nagas to really shine and bring out the best of their cultural and traditional heritage. The Hornbill festival can actually do wonders. It can be the uniting factor in bringing all Nagas together to participate in this grand festival. It is surprising that the NPF government has so far
  • Are citizens of Nagaland doing enough to ensure that our towns and villages are clean?
    Some of those who voted  YES had this to say:•    Given that Nagas do not have strong public hygiene it is laudable that private citizens are taking steps to clean their colonies. This must be appreciated. It may not be enough, but at least it’s a start. •    Individuals are trying to do what they can do, but it is not organized and this is the problem. Things like cleanliness and hygiene is a public matter and no matter how much ind
  • Should the Govt hold a Public Referendum to decide whether Prohibition should Stay or Go?
    Some of those who voted  YES had this to say:•    This may be the best alternative for the govt. At present, the Church and the mothers are not willing to lift prohibition, on the other hand the Govt just does not have the guts and the b*** to remove the prohibition act on their own, and on the other hand the bootleggers are making tons of money because Nagaland is a wet place in a dry state. There is alcohol flowing everywhere and no one to check it. At this
  • Has basic infrastructure been developed sufficiently well in Nagaland?
    Some of those who voted  YES had this to say:•    Yes, we have seen hundred, hundred new govt building and thousand km new road under DAN govt. Congress govt rule our state 20 years but we have not seen any development not even 20 new govt building, not even 100 km new road. When Congress govt rule our state congress govt always blame others because of law and order there is no development in our state. Congress cannot fool Naga people. Naga people know who is
  • Are Nagas spending too much time and money on rock concerts, fashion shows and entertainment?
    Some of those who voted  YES had this to say:•    Value of money is still unknown•    How we entertain ourselves is a personal issue but when our form of entertainment has affect on the larger society, than it is no more private it becomes public. The kind of programs that we are having has very little societal value. If we are to promote concerts, shows and other forms of entertainment it must be done well, should be result oriented and c
  • Do you believe that Nagaland is the ‘corruption capital’ of India?
    Some of those who voted  YES had this to say:•    It is the best question i have ever heard ...Nagaland beats all in that category.•    The actual amount of misappropriations may not be as high as some other larger states. But when you consider the percentage of funds that actually gets utilized for their designated purpose, Nagaland will quite easily be the most corrupt state.•    Yes, at least in other places, the pe
  • Is Naga society prepared for foreign investors to come into Nagaland?
    Some of those who voted  YES had this to say:•    Yes Naga people are. law & orders, providing security assistance, vigilance, must be from the GON•    We have the manpower now... No country or state was ever ready for the investors to establish a business but let them in and tackled whatever problems or short comings they had as they progressed. Waiting for the right atmosphere or circumstances is not the right approach. I know that w
  • Are Naga leaders dwelling too much on the politics of grievances rather than fostering the politics of aspiration and hope?
    Some of those who voted  YES had this to say:•    Dont the Naga leaders realize that people are getting frustrated. The Naga society including churches, independence movement, and the people in general are getting more and more corrupted and also the core values are being destroyed. Unless the leaders now focus on the future, how do they expect the people to follow them. The new Naga generation is more aware and educated and is tired of the way that the older
  • Do you feel the Nagaland government is doing enough to fight rising crime?
    Some of those who voted  YES had this to say:•    Yes, maybe, but the more they try the more these criminals get tougher and skillful. If our society comprises of only Nagas, it will be easy to control crime and criminals, but remember 60% of the crimes in Dimapur involves non-local and business related. So one could imagine who could be behind all these crimes. Better check the breeding places of criminals, then things will be better.•    
  • Is the Nagaland govt doing enough to ensure development reaches all sections of society?
    Some of those who voted  YES had this to say:•    Yes, its obvious•    Well, judging by the building that are erupting everywhere, it sure seems like the govt is being kept busy. So in one sense from the govt point of view, they will argue that they are getting down to all sections of society. Whereas from the people point of view, this may not be development at all. But lets just say the govt is at least trying to do something, though it
  • Is the Naga public ready to forgive the past and work for a shared future?
    Some of those who voted  YES had this to say:•    Yes Nagas must forgive the past but must never forget the past. It is very important that Nagas should never forget the past, but learn from the past so that we do not repeat the mistakes again in future. But at the same time, Nagas must forgive the past because there is no future without forgiveness.•    Yes, because it is by forgiving that one is forgiven.•    We toge
  • Should the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) be repealed by the Government of India?
    Some of those who voted  YES had this to say:•    Yes, if India is a real democracy than it should have repealed the Armed Forces Special Powers Act a long time ago. In fact it should never have been passed in the first place. The Indian Parliament introduced this Act to suppress the Nagas and look what it has led to. It has caused only more problems for India.•    This draconian act has brought nothing but more killing. It is one of the m
  • Do you support the decision that there should be one Naga National Government?
    Some of those who voted  YES had this to say:•    Yes. There should be one Nagaland, one Naga national government, only one Tax.•    Yes, this is just the kind of news the Naga people have been waiting for more than 30 years now. This will surely boost the confidence of the Naga people and most of all it should the public a much needed break from all the illegal taxation that was being levied on them. Now that they have agreed to form only
  • Can Anna Hazare's campaign make a difference towards fighting corruption in Nagaland?
    Some of those who voted  YES had this to say:•    Yes it will encourage the educated youngsters to fight against it more courageously but it will be in vain because our leaders are stubborn. They stick to where they stick  no matter how much we try, it will just fly away in the air. •    Hindus and Muslims seem to be more morally conscious than Naga Christians. We seem to be okay living with corruption.•    Yes it