Chang apex orgs discusses LS election abstention with various stakeholders

Morung Express News
Tuensang | April 16 

The apex tribal organisations of Chang community comprising Chang Khulei Setshang (CKS), Changsao Thangjam Setshang (CTS), and Chang Wedoshi Setshang (CWS) held series of meeting with various stakeholders on April 15 to discuss the election abstention in Eastern Nagaland. 

In the first session, various Tuensang-based unions and hohos, including Tenyimi Union, Ao Union, Sumi Union, Lotha Hoho, and Gorkha Union were briefed on Eastern Nagas' aspirations and the decision to abstain from the upcoming Lok Sabha Election 2024 within the Eastern Nagaland jurisdiction. 

The apex organisations informed the attendees that the abstention aims to express dissatisfaction with the failure of authorities to fulfil promises. In turn, the attendees reportedly pledged their unanimous solidarity and cooperation to the cause.

Meanwhile, the second session was attended by representatives of political parties in Tuensang District/Division - NDPP, BJP, RPI (A), NPF, and DCC, where the attendees highlighted on pertinent issues surrounding the upcoming election.

The President of CKS also urged political parties to respect the resolution adopted by ENPO, advocating for abstention from participating in the said election. 

President of ENSF, President of CWS, and ENPO also endorsed the plea, stressing on the significance of unity and adherence to the resolution. 

In response, political party representatives pledged full ‘support and committed to honouring’ the resolutions put forth by CKS and ENPO.

It was followed by a joint coordination meeting attended by presidents and officials of All Ward Union Tuensang Town, all ward leaders, and sector/colony unions under Tuensang Town.

The coordination meeting unanimously agreed to strongly uphold the ENPO resolution to abstain from the ensuing election. 

Representatives from the Eastern Nagaland Peoples’ Organisation (ENPO) and Eastern Nagaland Students’ Federation (ENSF) were also present during these deliberations.