Is Chelsea Clinton’s husband headed for a breakdown?

Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky have made a huge show of togetherness since rumours of a split rocked their marriage earlier this month. But it seems the couple's efforts have been in vain, as friends are now claiming Mr Mezvinsky, 33, is on the verge of a breakdown.
A source who claims to be close to the couple told the National Enquirer: 'There's fear Marc is headed to a mental hospital. In public, Chelsea is taking Marc everywhere in an effort to show everybody that they're happy together, but behind the scenes he's depressed.
The magazine reported that the Clintons have been encouraging Mr Mezvinsky to cut ties with his father Ed, a former Iowa congressman who served time in prison for fraud. Mr Mezvinsky Jr's half-sister, Margot, told the publication: 'The things that have happened to Ed since this whole Clinton situation took place are unthinkable. He's been treated in a disgusting way by everybody involved and he's very upset.'
A neighbour of the 74-year-old in Wellsville, New York State, said he was 'destroyed' by his son's behaviour. 'He has lost weight and appears dishevelled,' they told the magazine.
The reports would explain the former investment banker's unusual behaviour of late. Eyebrows were raised after he quit his well-paid job at the end of last month to go snowboarding for three months - without his wife, 31. The daughter of the former President Bill Clinton and current Secretary of State had planned to stay in New York while her husband spent three months in Jackson Hole ski resort in Wyoming. But shortly after details of their temporary separation emerged, Mr Mezvinsky was spotted by his wife's side in New York, her wedding ring clearly on display.
A spokesman for Ms Clinton denied that the couple's marriage was in trouble, and series of public appearances followed, including a gala event at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum last week. When a reporter at the party asked her details about her outfit, Ms Clinton told a reporter: 'I'm wearing a bracelet. It was a gift from my husband.'
The couple married on July 31 in a ceremony estimated to cost $5million, that was dubbed by the press as 'America's Royal Wedding'.