Chief Minister calls for self reliance, promoting Naga human resource

Chizokho Vero
Kohima | February 10

Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio today discouraged the trend of hiring laborers from outside and stressed on the importance of employing local youth. Rio said that it was time we encourage our youth to take up technical jobs before it is too late. Speaking at the 37th anniversary of Nagaland Contractors & Suppliers Union (NCSU) here today, Rio said they are registered contractors, for which they must use professional Naga engineers and technical professional and architects. 

“Promote Nagas, train them, we cannot continue to import labors from outside”, he said and lamented that “we don’t want to do anything” while claiming to be “unemployed”. We have to do whatever job is available and stop pondering on things which are not possible, he said. 

“It is time that we encourage our youths to take technical jobs otherwise it is going to be too late”, he further added.

“We want to accelerate development as we are still remote and backward, we want the state to come up as a developing state”. In this, he requested the engineers, contractors and suppliers to understand the government’s position so that justice can be done to the state. 

Rio said that it is appropriate to remember and recollect how the Union was formed 37 years ago while also paying rich homage to the legacy and dreams they had while forming the union.

“The accent today is based on the quality and innovativeness of work in the midst of stiff competitions due to the demands of growing urbanization made possible by the liberal funding of the Central Government”, he said. 

In this, he urged upon all the members of the NCSU to be well aware of this mandate and translate their works in line with the high expectations of the society at large. “People expect you to do quality job”. Henceforth he said the government has decided to execute works based on quality control only.

Stating that contractors are the most privileged class of people in the society, Rio said that they have another challenge on their part which is social obligation. Rio said one can make things change “if your strength is put together specially in sponsoring the youths in fields like music and sports and in promoting and developing our state so that our society can grow and become known.”

Maintaining that we are not poor because we lack natural resources, he said that it is due to our lack of attitude and right mindset and added if we set the right attitude towards the government and the citizens we “have a future”.

The Chief Minister also expressed confidence that the contractors will not only be fully geared up to face the challenges that lies ahead of them but will, with renewed dedication and vigour strive to provide quality workmanship in all their undertakings.

Minister for Roads & Bridges G. Kaito Aye in his speech asserted that successful contractors can be achievers, adding that if there were no achievers there will be no history but if there were achievers there will be a history. He appealed to them to partner with the government and struggle, fight and work together for the progress of the state.

Regretting that there are two organizations within the family of contractors, he appealed to them to come together under one umbrella.

Referring to the representation submitted by NCSU to Chief Minister pertaining to pending bills, the Minister said it should be authentic, adding that payment will be made only if it was genuine.

NCSU President Pele Khezhie said the NCSU established in 1975 is a non political organization and is committed for purely socio- economic development towards achieving economic self- reliance through its motto “Dignity of labour.”

One of the main objectives of the Union is to develop and promote the standard and quality of professionalism in undertaking contract and supply works. The Union stands firm to ensure that all contract and supply works of the state government departments are awarded or allotted to NCSU registered members only which one of its important directive principles.

Khezhie appealed to the State government to create maximum attention in the field of contract and business so that we can catch up with the rest of the world.

Er. Dr. Vikuotuolie Angami, Engineer-in-Chief NPWD, Viu Belho and Er. Chanbemo Lotha, President Federation of Nagaland State Engineering Services Association also spoke on the occasion.

Earlier, the programme was chaired NCSU organizing committee convenor Povotso Lohe while vote of thanks was proposed by NCSU general secretary John Kath.