Child scientist crafts birth of a green car?

Newmai News Network
Kohima | December 30

Child ‘scientist’ from Maharashtra, Sanjana has crafted an innovative pollution-free vehicle what she explained to be the ‘Fuel Cell Vehicle’ (FVC). The FVC is, according to her, a vehicle motored by hydrogen generated from sewages. Showcasing her project on the third-day of the ongoing 16th National Children’s Science Congress at Living Stone Foundation Higher Secondary School in Dimapur, Nagaland, she explained that the FVC can generate electricity by chemical reactions between hydrogen and oxygen. The electric motor is activated by electricity generated by the reaction.

Acclaimed by evaluators including teachers and students from other states, she dwelled on the workability of her project stating that high pressure hydrogen and liquid hydrogen tanks are used to make the car run. On the matter of refueling and the type of fuel to be used, Sanjana said fuels such as hydrogen, methanol and gasoline could be used. Fuel for cell vehicles from hydrogen gas stations which are yet to be introduced, may also be used, she said.

An interesting feature of the FVC is that, it does no emit harmful exhaust gases and that it releases only steam. It does not discharge carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, hydro carbon, carbon dioxide or particulate matter.