Chümoukedima village youth caution hunters; face penalties upto Rs 1 lakh

CVYS reiterate ban on hunting, fishing & foraging of vegetables 

CHÜMOUKEDIMA, MARCH 1 (MExN): Chümoukedima Village Youth Society (CVYS) has reiterated its ban on hunting, fishing, foraging of vegetables, fodder or wood collection and any other activities that deplete the flora and fauna under Chümoukedima Village jurisdiction.

In a public notification, the CVYS has cautioned that defaulters/hunters if caught violating the resolution will be sternly dealt with, and a penalty of not less than Rs 1 lakh will be levied depending on the severity of the act. 

Carrying of firearms inside the village jurisdiction is also strictly prohibited. All types of firearms intended to be used for hunting in the village jurisdiction will be confiscated and processed for license cancellation; unlicensed firearms/air rifles or any other hunting tools will be confiscated and destroyed on the spot, it stated. 

The CVYS also issued stern warning on starting wildfire by any individuals or parties while informing that it will impose the severest action and levy a punitive fine of Rs 5 lakh or more depending on the severity of destruction. Further legal action will also be initiated upon the culprit(s), to be booked as per provision of the law.

With the old Chümoukedima heritage village becoming a favoured site for trekkers, picnic parties and visitors, CVYS has appealed the visitors to maintain and care for the heritage site and public amenities. It lamented that it is weary of the alarming trend of vandalizing/ defacing monuments and public rest houses by miscreants and warned that such impetuous acts will not be tolerated and any person if caught in such act shall henceforth, be sternly dealt with. Visitors are directed to dispose of their waste/trash responsibly in pits/waste bins, especially plastic waste.

Further, CVYS appealed to denizens to adhere to cautionary signboards put up within its jurisdiction, including speed limits and prohibition of underage driving inside the village jurisdiction. 

Given the rising criminal activities of robbery, drug peddlers and public nuisance, loitering inside the village jurisdiction without genuine reason after 8:00 pm is restricted, it highlighted while informing that youth volunteers on duty have been instructed to halt and enquire, and therefore, commuters/visitors advised to cooperate with the youth volunteers.