Churches in Nagaland are most influenced by, and why?

1. Biblical Teaching: 

•    I don't know about others, but my church is based on Biblical Teachings!

•    In Kohima many good anointed churches are coming up. Those who work through the Holy Spirit and not based on some human knowledge or understanding.

2.    Tribal culture: 

•    The churches in Nagaland are most influenced by tribal culture and tradition. This is one reason why the Church is parochial and rigid in its understanding of the society. The church instead of submitting to God's authority seems to be bowing down to the law of the land. No wonder the Church is failing.

•    Tribal politics and culture continues to influence the Church in Nagaland. The village and range politics even decides who becomes the pastor. For the Church to become the Church of God, it must free itself from the clutches of tribal influence and materialism.

•    Punctuality and dedication is the reason for this.

3.    Materialism: 

•    Materialism. Those who donate even by unethical means are valued more. Donations after donations are making the people corrupt and making the poor feel even more poorer.

•    Materialism ... Irony that people have started competing and fighting even for the post of a pastor etc soon in the near future there'll be election voting and campaign for the post of pastor in the church . Shout out to Nagaland for Christ. Wake up and change yourself. Remember it's about faith in Christ

•    Especially in town churches.

•    When driving high end cars, wearing designers clothing and building biggest churches are we not materialistic?

•    Have you seen any poor pastor? If Christian values are given Nagaland would have been a corruption free state, flourishing in development and people will be extremely friendly and helpful to one another.

•    The spiritual leaders should be able to distinguish between professionalism and spirituality?

•    Factually no resources for Nagas. We survive depending solely on government salary. There is wide gap between rich and poor. Our social standard is artificially too high. Corruption is at the top level. The rich and the famous influenced the church. We have to sincerely pray for change.

•    Increasing trend in fund-raising activities.


•    The congregations influenced by three heads as mentioned above also influences under three stages of life: Children/Teenagers- Adults/youth-elderly people/old age. Recently Biblical teaching become little advance in church preaching.

•    By flesh and not by spirit 2) By society norms of standard and not by unity 3) God portrayed as a tyrant, you obey or you thrown into the pits of hell while it’s clear that he and we are in a relationship as of a family where love conquers. If we understand the Biblical words properly we will find how cool and loving is our God, it teaches us to be in control rather than to be controlled or manipulated. Off topic but felt the options did not clear questions.

•    The poll should have included a fourth option or even multiple options which are amalgamations of all the three aspects and various other aspects giving rise to a range of gospels. Even within the so called community of Christian believers, we have various denominations or schools of thoughts and Bible schools which according to the bible I have read so far, do not have any references. When the bible has itself warned us of false prophets and false teachings, we are yet to realise this and strengthen our faith based on spiritual growth and work for Salvation. We have been told that Salvation is secured, but the Bible says, "many are called but only few are chosen". We have many many denominations claiming the gospel, but again, the Bible says "Go away from me, I do not know you". We have been told about David and Goliath, but never warned about the path that Saul took, who we know was chosen to be the people's representative but later on found it impossible to let go of the worldly authority and riches. Paul said to the believers in the regions he proclaimed the gospel, "Just as I lived like Christ amongst you, live like me" (No living example to look up to for me personally). Bible again says, "For I tell you that unless your righteousness exceeds that of the scribes and Pharisees, there is no way you will enter into the Kingdom of Heaven". "Like a thief of the night" is not a biblical warning on our lives going to face untold miseries but a reminder of the return of our Saviour and that we ought to work for our Salvation every day of our lives and not only on a SUNDAY. It's not what the world is doing or doing to us, but it's the "Wolves in Sheep skin" within our own community of believers that we ought to be wary of. We can go on and on and on, but rather "READ THE BIBLE FOR SPIRITUAL WELFARE DAILY just as you eat food daily for bodily welfare".

•    Politics?