Civil societies discuss frequent breakdown of law & order

Dimapur, May 9 (MExN): As decided at the ‘emergency sitting’ which was held on May 2 between the Naga Council, DNSU, Women Hoho and Sumi Hoho Dimapur a public coordination meeting was held on Saturday, May 9 at Lotha Hoho Ki, near DC junction, Dimapur. The meeting thoroughly deliberated on the frequent break down of law and order in the town and the many ‘unhealthy practices’ that goes on unabated detrimental to the positive progress and peace of Dimapur. 

Savi Ligiese president of the Naga Council Dimapur chairing the meeting called upon all who have attended to bring forth their views and suggestions thereof. The house discussed at length the rising rate of crimes in the town and the grim reality of abductions, extortions, shootings and illegal collections that has become the order of the day since the many years past in Dimapur. Reminding the order issued by the district administration, an interesting but important issue that was put forward is the current trend of “bandhs and strikes” called at will by organisations on the pretext of protesting on “each and every issue”. Such practice, the chairperson of the meeting reminded, is taking its toll on the “economic wellbeing” of the commercial capital of the state. 

One concerned senior citizen of Dimapur and a former president of the apex Naga Hoho lamented the “non presence” of any representative from the municipal council and any of the concerned MLA’s within it. The menace of illegal collections taking its toll on the business of the town he brought to the notice of the house that there are 106 legal and illegal unions of all sorts in Dimapur alone. Illegal collections or to be more appropriate “taxes” enforced by such unions has contributed to a great extend to sharp rise of price of essential and non essential commodities. Thus, he called upon all right thinking citizens to check such illegal practices since, he surmised, the consumers or the end users are bearing the brunt. 

On the May 2 shooting of two student leaders the president of the Sumi Kiphimi Kukhalu (SKK) appraised the gathering on the stand taken by them regarding the incident. To prevent such incidents from recurring he called upon all to pressurize the government to strictly enforce the Cease Fire Ground Rules. Meanwhile, the SKK were assured of unflinching support by the house in their fight for justice.

President of Naga Women Hoho Dimapur called for a healthy representation of women in all spheres of the social spectrum.   
Unlike other public meetings in the past, today’s coordination meeting also saw in attendance representatives from ‘non local’ bodies and ‘bankers’ who are often the target of anti social elements. 

Bringing forth the grievances faced by the ‘minority communities’ the president of Dimapur Muslim Council brought to notice one interesting but questionable action. It was regarding the issuance of “temporary identity card” (whatever that is) by a certain body of Dimapur to non locals. He lamented the fact that they are treated as “outsiders” even after being associated with the place for the past many decades and their valuable contribution towards the development of the town. He reminded that some “minority communities” have been here for the last hundred years.  

Besides several representatives from prominent, tribal hoho’s, students’ bodies, DB\GB joint forum, Gb’s union, , business community, bankers, Bengali community, senior citizens and various civil society bodies of Dimapur shared their views and grievances during the course of the meeting. However, the DMC and the respective MLA’s within the municipal jurisdiction of Dimapur were conspicuous by their absence. Meanwhile, the district administration was represented by the SDO (C) Dimapur and the SDPO Niuland as observers.

The meeting it was learned will form a coordination committee that will function as a common platform for all headed by the Dimapur Naga Council. The suggestions and proposals will be compiled and put forward to the government for necessary action.